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  Orion Fans has the most extensive line of AC fans, DC fans, fan trays, fan accessories and blowers. With the quickest response, largest available fan inventory, shortest lead times and competitive pricing, Orion Fans will deliver the exact cooling solution you need, faster than anyone. 
AC Fans

Quality products, broad selection, short lead times, competitive pricing.


Orion Fans manufactures and stocks an extensive line of AC fans.

  • All models are available in 115VAC or 230VAC versions
  • *Ask about IP55 or Salt Fog rated fans
  • *Dual voltage available on certain model

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DC Fans

Quality products, broad selection, short lead times, competitive pricing.

Orion Fans manufactures and stocks an extensive line of DC fans.


  • *Ask about IP55 Rated DC fan models
  • These models are salt-fog and/or IP55 rated

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Specialty Fans

Orion Fans manufactures and stocks a variety of specialty fans for your specific applications. From spot-cooling to water-proof to high static environments - Orion Fans has the right solution.


    *    AC Fan Speed Control Unit
    *    AC Smart Fan - Temperature Control
    *    Vane Axial
    *    Water Proof/IP55-Rated
    *    Salt Fog Resistant
    *    High Performance
    *    Sealed Sleeve
    *    SpotCool DIN Rail
    *    Dual Voltage
    *    AC Crossaxial Blowers
    *    Motorized Impeller
    *    All Metal Construction 


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Smart Fans

Orion Fan's "smart" thermally controlled fans and fan trays can reduce energy costs up to 30% compared to similar sized traditional fans. These fans feature a low noise profile for sound sensitive applications and a simple AC input. Smart fan temperature controlled applications include cooling LED/solid state lighting, rack enclosures, data centers, and electric vehicle charging stations.


  • Reduce energy costs by 30%
  • Lower noise
  • Extended fan life
  • Simple to install with no additional extensions

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Harsh Environment Fans

Orion's comprehensive line of industrial AC Fans, DC Fans, Blowers & Accessories are made for the harshest environments.

    *    IP55 Rated AC/DC Fans
    *    Salt-Fog IP55 Rated AC/DC Fans
    *    All-Metal AC Fans  
    *    Louvered Fan Guards

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Fan Accessories
Fan guards - Fan filters - Fan cords - Power cords

For fans and a complete line of fan accessories, all you need is Orion Fans. 


  • Wire and Wire Mesh Fan Guards
  • Plastic Fan Guards 
  • Push-on guards
  • Louvered Fan Guards
  • Filter Kits
  • Cage Nut

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Fan Trays


As the largest fan tray producer, we deliver 3-, 6-, 9-fan tray solutions - FAST. We'll design the optimal fan tray for your application while saving you time and money, reducing your overall product cost, reducing your lead time and lowering your component and finished goods inventory.


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AC Blowers

Orion Fans manufactures a broad range of AC Blowers for industrial applications 

    *    Quality products
    *    Broad selection
    *    Short lead times
    *    Competitive pricing

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DC Blowers

Orion Fans manufactures a broad range of DC Blowers for industrial applications 


    *    Quality products
    *    Broad selection
    *    Short lead times
    *    Competitive pricing

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Power Distribution Units

Orion Fans' Smart Switched PDUs feature outlets that can be sequentially started, controlled and monitored remotely. The PDU monitors the devices plugged into it and in the event of an alert, the user-defined alarm threshold will warn the end-user via email, trap or audible alarm.


  • horizontal and vertical models
  • fits into any 19" rack
  • digital true RMS current meter
  • remote power monitoring by meter, web, SNMP
  • free bundled software
  • http, https, SNMP, DHCP and UDP protocols
  • lowest cost unit of its kind on the market with all of these features
  • ideal for computer data centers and other electrically intensive applications

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Airflow Monitors

The AFM series provides an economical solution for indicating fan or blower airflow. The AFM module operates an optical LED or audible alarm when airflow falls below 8.2 ft/s due to fan filter clogs or foreign materials coming in contact with the fan blade. Field retrofittable for AC or DC fan/blower applications, this air flow sensor protects components like power supplies, PoE midspans and displays in sensitive equipment including servers, telecom switches, medical equipment and kiosks. An AFM Kit is also available including an AFM-01NC, clip, three plastic guards (80, 92, & 120mm), buzzer, LED and holder, switch and power supply.


  • Field retrofittable
  • Mounts via clip or clamp
  • Installs perpendicular to front or intake side of fan
  • Small size - 34 x 17.5 x 7.5 mm (1.3 x 0.7 x 0.3")
  • Operating life: > 100,000 cycles
  • Operating temperature range: -20° C to 50° C

About SMD Inc.

SMD Inc. Is a Provider Of Electronics And Electrical Components, Services And Logistic Solutions For Commercial, Industrial And Military Manufacturers.We offer a wide variety of products from an authorized supplier base. We provide technical and sales expertise on all product lines and commodities. SMD Inc. is a specialized distributor with a focused product offering.   This has allowed us to be experts in our supplier's product offerings. SMD Inc. offers supply-chain and logistics solutions to a variety of market segments including energy, medical, industrial controls, defense, automotive and transportation services.