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SMD Inc. Offers Oupiin's New 9391 Series High Power,
Power + Signal,  Blade Style Contact Connectors

With fully automated factories in Taiwan and China, Oupiin takes pride in using the most state-of-the-art equipment available and is considered one of the most modern connector manufacturers in the world. Oupiin's products are used in a wide variety of computer, communication, industrial manufacturing and utility equipment and are currently in use by some of the most respected technology companies throughout the world. 

9391 Series High Power, Power + Signal, Blade Style Contact Connectors Overview 

* Offers solutions for power supplies and host-to-card interfaces.
* Open blade design for greater heat dissipation.
* Very low contact resistance to minimize heat.
* Can be used for both AC & DC power.
* Available in a combination of power and signal.


About SMD Inc.

SMD Inc. Is a Provider Of Electronics And Electrical Components, Services And Logistic Solutions For Commercial, Industrial And Military Manufacturers.We offer a wide variety of products from an authorized supplier base. We provide technical and sales expertise on all product lines and commodities. SMD Inc. is a specialized distributor with a focused product offering.   This has allowed us to be experts in our supplier's product offerings. SMD Inc. offers supply-chain and logistics solutions to a variety of market segments including energy, medical, industrial controls, defense, automotive and transportation services.