The following items were addressed with management at yesterday's Labor Management Meeting:
  • ARTICLE 17 – STAFFING NEEDS -known more than ten (10) hours prior to the start of the shift on which the need occurs shall not be filled by mandatory overtime.

  • ARTICLE 19 - BREAK PERIOD & LUNCH PERIOD- If the nurse is unable to contact the Nurse Manager at the time approval is needed or if there is a documented emergency or if the Nurse Manager is unable to provide relief, the Manager or Supervisor will be notified by end of shift and a payroll notation made. In the event a nurse is required to work through her unpaid lunch period she shall be paid time and one-half (1 1/2) for the missed meal. (If you are unable to reach a manager document on a missed punch sheet and keep a copy for yourself).

  • ARTICLE 28 - WEEKEND WORK- Any employee who is working on a regular weekend schedule, and whose weekend schedule is switched, will be given at least two (2) weeks advance notice of such switch. The employee switch shall be done in inverse order of seniority on the affected weekend.

  • TIME SCHEDULES will be posted for a four (4) week period and for two (2) weeks in advance of the start of such schedule and will not be changed unless mutually agreed.

  • ANNUAL MASK FIT TESTING: Management encourages everyone that has not had their annual mask fit testing or filed out a TB form to please do so. 
REMINDER: JNESO holds Labor Management Meetings with management every month. If you have any issues to be addressed or would like to attend, please contact your Labor Rep Aisha Harrison (below).
For other Union questions or concerns, contact a Local Officer or your Labor Rep. Aisha Harrison:
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