Regular full, part-time, and employees: please check your January 15th paycheck to ensure you received your retroactive two percent (2%) wage increase from August 15, 2020

Per diem wage schedule adjustments are $2.00 per hour, also in the January 15th paycheck.
1. Retroactive to August 15, 2020, regular full and part-time employees covered under the collective bargaining agreement will receive their step increase on their anniversary date, per the Wage Guide.

2. Regular full and part-time RNs above the top step in lieu of a step increase will receive $.50 in the first year

Early retirement: Full-time RNs with 100 points age plus years of service. The first five (5) eligible RNs should notify the Hospital by January 15, 2021, if you are interested in accepting the early retirement lump sum bonus of $12,000.00 for retirement effective April 1, 2021.
For Union questions or concerns, contact your Labor Representative Aisha Harrison: aharrison@jneso.org or (800) 292-0542 x127