September 2019
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Subtle though Evident
September, 2019
By Sue Gehlsen, Executive Director
One of my favorite times of the day is the early evening as dusk approaches. I often walk in the evenings and we have many beautiful trails that wind through wooded areas, prairie fields, ponds and quiet places. Walking gives me a chance to gather my thoughts, unwind and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. 
One thing that has been particularly striking to me in recent months is that every day when I walk, there are some noticeable things that have changed. Nature is not quite the same as the day before. 
I start my outside walks in late spring when greening begins and stroll well into the late fall. Every day, I notice changes with the plants, flowers, foliage, water, groundcover, etc. Even though changes may be subtle, they seem to stand out to me. It might be a new leaf, a bud on a plant, a flower that wasn’t there the previous day, a new growth. These changes may go unnoticed by some, but they are present and a response to the environment, and reinforce the fact that change is perpetual.
So it is with our daily lives. Subtle though they may be, changes are continuous and ever present. As we move forward with our RN/CHW partnerships in the clinics, the changes may seem more evident. What does this require of us? Just as the plants and trees adapt to their environment and changes, we do the same. Focusing on moving forward, thinking of possibilities and how best to respond helps move us through transitions. 
Thank you to all for your patience and willingness to move forward with our RN/CHW partnership, helping weave a new role into our care team. While it may be a change, our CHW is an additional strength and team member who will enhance the level of excellence for patients. Our families will only benefit from the attention and presence of the CHW. Their consistent presence at the clinic supports a trusting and safe presence, promotes relationships.
Walk together, notice the changes, offer feedback and suggestions while moving forward. Change is ever present and calls us to respond and adapt. 

Help wanted! We are looking for your participation as we re-establish our Quality Committee, dedicated to patient safety and quality care. 
At a recent board meeting it was agreed that this important group would begin meeting regularly, on a monthly basis to start. We are looking for representatives from our volunteers and our employed staff. If you can spare an hour or two a month and are passionate about quality and safety, contact Sue Gehlsen at 651-287-7712 or Ideally we’d welcome at least one volunteer RN and one volunteer provider. Meetings will have a standing day/time and can be done face:face or over the phone, and possibly online. Your expertise is appreciated!

Save the Date
For nurses and those needing a phlebotomy refresher, please save the date of October 31 for an educational update session. The session will be held in the morning. Details of time and location will be forthcoming!

Welcome and Thank You
Welcome to Carla Scheider, RN, and Ariadna Diaz, CHW, our newest team members!
Carla started at St. Mary’s in July and will be working at the Olivet and Fridley clinics. Carla was previously a school nurse for the Columbia Heights school district .

Ariadna (Ary) is a certified community health worker and worked with Ready, Set, Smile prior to joining St. Mary’s. Ary will be working with the Shakopee clinics. 

Also welcome to Kayla Hanzsek-Brill - Social Work intern working with Cathy Luiken.

Thanks to Carol O’Connor who leaves St. Mary’s for other opportunities in St. Paul, and to Alfredo Lorente as he begins a new journey. Good luck to Rachel Sarrocco who returns to school this fall!

Special Thanks!
Special thanks to our on call nurses who helped with coverage during the past year. As you remember, the model of care that was anticipated for fiscal year 2019 was not implemented, though there had been staff reductions to accommodate that proposed change. As a result, we actually had more patient visits in FY 2019 than in 2018, and our on call nurses truly helped carry the load! Thanks to:
Janis Ollwerther, Ann Fox, Sue Peterson, Jeanne Hannah-White, Molly Ortega, and Karen Kinsella! These nurses provided care in the clinics and helped with care coordination functions in the office. 
Save the Date!
Please join St. Mary’s staff for a weekend of shopping to benefit St. Mary’s Health Clinics at NICHE boutique. From September 27-29th, NICHE boutique will donate 10% of their sales to St. Mary’s Clinics.
NICHE is a women-owned retail shop that specializes in ethically-made clothing from businesses which are 50% or more women-owned. We believe that women are better together and we are always seeking out ways to bring this mission to life through classes, partnerships, and collaborations. 
NICHE is located at 2506 University Avenue West in St. Paul (near the intersection of 280).
Please join St. Mary’s staff for an evening of shopping on Friday, September 27 th from 5pm -7pm. Beverages and snacks will be provided.
   Welcome new volunteers:
  • Diane S. - admitting volunteer
  • Patty S. – RN volunteer
  • Jenny B. - RN volunteer
  • Maggie E. – volunteer at the Mexican Consulate
  • Mary L. - welcome back! Mary did admitting at Pax Christi and will begin at Shakopee in October.
  • Dr. Tom King, MD provider at Shakopee

Good bye and thank you to the following volunteers:
  • Nan Johnson has been volunteering in the admitting role at Park Avenue & St. Matt's Clinics since July, 2016 and has accumulated 180 hours of volunteer time to St. Mary’s.
  • Dr. Daniella Tank has been volunteering as a Provider at Fridley Clinic since 2016 and has donated 85 hours of service to the patients of St. Mary's.
  • DeLissa Mulville, RN has been a volunteer at Eastside Clinic since 2016 and has donated 206 hours to SMHC.
Stories from Clinic
A patient was seen at Eastside clinic whose blood sugar was screened at the Consulate and recommended to follow up because it was high. It was high again at clinic, so we started him on medication and did initial education for diabetes. The plan was that our CHW would follow up in a couple weeks and he would have another appointment in a month at the clinic. Labs were drawn and his A1C came back at 14, much higher than anyone expected. The good news is that he is now receiving treatment, but the even better news is that he got to us in the first place!
Mammo-A-Go-Go Program:
Clinic Volunteers, SMHC along with Park Nicollet is offering free mammograms.
Please see the schedule below or contact Cristina Flood Urdangarin, MPH,
651-287-7767 for additional information.

Assumption Church – Richfield 10/6/2019 10:00-3:00 PM
Risen Savior Church - Burnsville 10/20/2019 12:00-4:00 PM
Park Avenue Church – Mpls. 11/21/2019 9:00-1:00 PM
Carondelet Center – St. Paul 12/5/2019 9:00-1:00 PM
The Ventanilla de Salud's event at the Mexican Consulate with Shriners Healthcare screened 15 children on June 28th which 10 will follow up. A big thank you to Shriners for coffee and donuts. Fairview Hospital also provided fluoride for 38 participants children and adults. Thank you to all who made this event possible
Diabetes Self-Management Program class led by
Adriana Guerra and
Rachel Sarracco,
June 20 - July 18 at Holy Rosary Church.
Free screening clinic - Shriners Hospital
  • Saturday, November 16
  • 8:30-12:30
  • Mexican Consulate - St. Paul
  • 651 771 5494 ext 324 to schedule an appointment

Don't forget to get your flu shot!

Volunteer nurses
Reminder regarding Lab Forms:

All Labs
When completing SMHC Order form for labs, please DO write out each lab ordered by our provider. Then, under reason, write the patient diagnosis(es). 
(This needs to be done even if you have filled out a HealthEast requisition and specified each lab test ordered on that form!)

Park Nicollet Labs
A patient must be registered with Park Nicollet before they walk in for labs. If you are working with a patient new to SMHC, they are probably not registered. (Check facesheet for Park Nicollet MR#). We can handle this from the office, but you’ll need to inform the patient not to go to lab until their RN Supervisor or CHW has called them to get them registered . (The patient can then be instructed to write their MR# on their lab order form.)

Dear Clinical Volunteers, if you are seeing a patient for any reason, and decide during your visit to perform a pap or clinical breast exam for an anticipated mammogram, please keep in mind our MN State Cancer Screening Program SAGE program. Even if the patient was not scheduled for a dedicated SAGE visit, nurses have access to blank SAGE forms in their crate, and with a patient signature on the front of the blue form, and some basic visit/exam information on the back page, we can submit to the MN Dept of Health for reimbursement. Nurses, if you need additional blank SAGE forms, please use your Supply Order form. Thanks! Here are some eligibility reminders:
  • Cervical screening: Ages 40 and up, cervical screening every 3 years: Includes HPV testing. Colposcopies are covered. Not LEEPs. No reimbursement for cervical screening under 40, No exceptions. 
  • Screening mammograms: Every year. Must have CBE prior to mammogram. Includes biopsy, lab work and consultation. Women under 40 will be considered if high risk: symptomatic and/or family history. No screenings for women under 21 regardless of history or symptoms.
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