Dear Shoals Community,
Being a donor-supported organization means that Shoals Marine Laboratory is connected with a community who are passionate about the oceans, sustainability, education, and science. I believe this engagement leads us all to a life filled with meaning and impact for all of us.  The oceans need passionate, well-informed people as advocates and stewards, and so does SML.
The (603) Challenge is an annual, online-only fundraising campaign that offers everyone the chance to make a gift to SML that will be amplified through one of the many gift matching and bonus challenges. For example, gifts up to $150 will be matched dollar for dollar per donor until the matching funds run out (double your money!). There are also surprise bonus challenges throughout the week that can make your gift go even further. Importantly, If SML can obtain 60 gifts, we will unlock bonus funds just for SML! Gifts in any amount count towards these 60 gifts! The (603) Challenge starts May 19, 2019 and ends May 23, 2019 . Sixty gifts is a big number, we need your help to unlock this gift, please reach out to your SML network to help us maximize support for SML’s mission!
Thank you so much for your help! Together, we are investing in SML’s life changing experiences for our students and our community.