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Students Pursue Growing Undergraduate HRM Program
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SMLR Welcomes Delegates From China and Several Guest Speakers

Students Seek Studies In HR, Contribute to Undergraduate Program's Rapid Growth  

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During any given day, you can walk through Rutgers' Levin Building and find undergraduate students eagerly discussing with professors how to staff, motivate, and develop team members in a work organization. You'd be hard-pressed not to easily identify these same students as studying in one of the university's fastest growing programs-human resource management (HRM).


"HR has evolved and is now a strategic function in the working world. Our programs prepare students to help organizations manage their talent and stay competitive," says Professor Bill Castellano, former director of the School of Management and Labor Relations' undergraduate HRM program and the new director of SMLR's Center For Management Development (CMD). "I am happy to have been a part of the undergraduate program's development. It has truly exceeded our expectations."

Bill Castellano
Professor Bill Castellano


  What began a few years ago as a small program offered solely as a minor has significantly grown over the years.

When the program was launched in fall 2009, there were only 18 students declared as minors. That number currently stands at 220. In fall 2011, SMLR introduced a bachelor's degree program in Human Resource Management and had 150 undergraduate students declared as majors. Today, there are nearly 400 students participating in the program with HRM as their major. In spring 2012, another milestone was achieved--the first cohort of HRM undergraduates received their bachelor's degree.


"I was proud to watch our first group of students graduate with bachelor's degrees in HRM, fully prepared to make their mark in the HR field," says Patrick McKay, chair of the Department of Human Resource Management.


  Christopher Wolff is looking forward to being among the second cohort of graduates in May 2013. Two years ago, he switched his major and had no idea what he was going to do after graduation. He says, "The undergrad program helped me navigate through that process, giving me the skills I needed to obtain an internship at the New York City Economic Development Center (NYCEDC) and excel at it. This resulted in a full-time job offer." Wolff recently transitioned into the position as the NYCEDC's HR coordinator.    


... The huge interest in Rutgers' HRM programs appears to follow industry trends. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2009), the human resource field is projected to grow significantly in the next decade, opening up employment opportunities to those with training in the field. To meet this growth, SMLR is increasing the number of HRM courses and sections that are offered in spring 2013.


Courses in compensation, corporate governance, diversity, and global HRM will continue to be offered and taught from the perspective of the HR professional, manager, and employee. This will be accompanied by a new course that explores the relationship between social media and human resources. Ashe Husein, who has master's degrees from the HRM program and Rutgers School of Communications and Information and is also SMLR's information technology manager,

created and will teach the course. He plans to address current issues surrounding employee and organizational uses of social media. 

"Each day, we're seeing how social media is impacting the human resource profession and our daily lives. Our students must be equipped to address these issues and understand how new technologies for communications affect the working world," says Husein.


... Stefany Rodriguez, a current senior, enjoys the program's components and variety of teaching styles. When she initially applied to the program, Rodriguez thought that she would only need to utilize her superb people skills. She was pleasantly surprised.     


"After attending some of the classes, I realized that HR requires more than just these skills, and the courses focused on more than just HR-related material. I was able to improve my technical, analytical and, most importantly, teamwork skills. It has made me grow not only as a student, but also as a person," Rodriguez says.


Professor Charles Fay 


... This academic year, several

new professors have joined SMLR to address the HRM program's growing student body. They join esteemed, long-time professors, many of whom are among the most published and cited in their industry. Professor Charles Fay is included on the list of skilled professors and has taught a course on compensation for many years. Professor Fay conducts research focusing on the areas of rewards systems, performance management, and human resource information system. He recently became the new director of the undergraduate HRM program and has great pleasure in seeing the program grow.


"Through the years, I have watched many students succeed in the classroom and in their professions," says Professor Charles Fay. "I am happy to see our program evolve and look forward to congratulating many more HRM graduates."


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Issue: # 11   December 21, 2012

As the year draws to a close, let's take a moment to look back at the milestones, achievements, and big stories of 2012. It has been a year of great change at Rutgers that included a new president, a new athletic conference, a new strategic plan, and the medical and health sciences integration.   


SMLR also had many accomplishments, as noted by the updates in this issue. Learn more about these achievements by reading below and, as always, feel free to share our news. Happy Holidays! 

Awards & Achievements
Professors Susan Jackson and Randall Schuler's two global talent management articles are among the top 10 most downloaded articles from the Journal of World Business. The articles are:
Professors Susan Jackson and Randall Schuler
  • "Global Talent Management: Literature Review, Integrative Framework, and Suggestions For Further Research" by Randall Schuler and Ibraiz Tarique.
  • "Global Talent Management and Global Talent Challenges: Strategic Opportunities For IHRM" by Randall Schuler, Susan Jackson, and Ibraiz Tarique.

In November, New Labor received a 2012 National COSH Education/Training Award in recognition of the work and skill that the team has contributed to the local community and the national network of COSH groups. For more information visit www.newlabor.org.     

Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven
Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven


Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven received a grant from the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs (GAIA Centers) at Rutgers to organize an Interdisciplinary Faculty and Graduate Student Working Group on "Capitalism and Democracy in Conflict? Governing Work in the Global Economy." The GAIA Centers will support the groups' activities from January 2013 to December 2014 in the amount of $10,000.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrote a letter to Rutgers Society for Human Resource Management (RU SHRM), congratulating the group on its Outstanding Student Chapter Award. Governor Christie writes, "I join with your families, friends, and professors in applauding all of you on a job well done." The Outstanding Student Chapter Award is the highest award given to the Society of Human Resource Management's student-led groups. ... Read more   


Professor Adrienne Eaton, Professor Paula Voos, and Ph.D. Student Sean Rogers' article, "The Effects of Unionization on Graduate Student Employees: Faculty-Student Relations, Academic Freedom, and Pay," was accepted for publication in the Industrial and Labor Relations Review.

From left, Professor Paula Voos, Professor Adrienne Eaton, and Ph.D. Student Sean Rogers
The article 
concerns the consequences of graduate student employee representation on student-faculty relationships, academic freedom, and compensation.



Professor Jeffrey Keefe recently published several works, including:

  • "The New Great Debate about Unionism and Collective Bargaining in U.S. State and Local Governments" by David Lewin, Jeffrey Keefe, and Thomas Kochan. October 2012, Industrial and Labor Relations Review.  
  • "Public Employee Compensation and the Efficacy of Privatization Alternatives in U.S. State and Local Governments" by Jeffrey Keefe Forthcoming. December 2012, British Journal of Industrial Relations.
Presentations & Events

Rutgers President Robert L. Barchi praised the university's response to Hurricane Sandy. Click here to watch his speech. In response to the storm's aftermath and the people affected by it, the university established the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund and additional relief efforts.


On October 17, the Center for Women and Work (CWW) held a welcome reception for Professor Dana Britton, CWW's new director. More than 60 people attended the event, including faculty and staff from SMLR and the Institute for Women's Leadership. ... Read more.

HR Case Competition
Winners of SMLR's HR Case Competition


On November 10, the HRM program held the final round and award ceremony for its HR Case Competition, in which students were asked to solve real-life HR problems. Seven out of the initial 23 teams, comprised of undergraduate and graduate HRM students, gave their final presentation to representatives from Morgan Stanley. While all finalists received monetary awards and certificates, the winning team, "Team Analytics," has an opportunity to have one-on-one interviews with Morgan Stanley. ... Read more.

From left, Ph.D. student Fuxi Wang, Deputy Director of the Department of Vocational Education for China Jiping Wang, and SMLR Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department Chair Adrienne Eaton


SMLR welcomed delegates from the People's Republic of China on November 16 at the Labor Education Center. The group compared and contrasted China's Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) with New Jersey' education system. Fuxi Wang, a SMLR Ph.D. student, assisted in organizing the event. Several representatives from SMLR and the state of New Jersey were in attendance. ... Read more


On November 14, Bhairavi Desai, a Rutgers 1994 alumna and co-founder and executive director of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, was the guest speaker at SMLR's special event, "Drivers For Justice in The Global City." In a room filled with more than 100 attendees, Desai discussed how she organized New York City taxi drivers through media, political, and grassroots campaigning to drive unfair labor issues to light. The event was organized by Professor Janice Fine and Hyacinth Miller. ... Read more.


Bhairavi Desai '94 talks with students about co-finding the NY Taxi Workers Alliance.

On October 17,  Dean Susan J. Schurman was formally introduced to Academy Award-Winning Actress Geena Davis at Rutgers' Kirkpatrick Chapel. Davis was invited by The Institute for Women's Leadership to talk about gender disparity in the media. ... Read more.   


Dean Susan J. Schurman and Professor Rebecca Kolins Givan's class, Leadership in Work Organizations, provides an in-depth examination of leadership--what it is, where it comes from, and how people develop and exercise it--with a focus on leadership within work organizations, including labor unions that represent workers in the workplace. Throughout the fall 2012 semester, several guest speakers spoke with the class about how they became leaders and shared their leadership techniques.Speakers included: 


Dean Susan J. Schurman and Geena Davis

Dean Susan J. Schurman and Actress Geena Davis   

  • Professor Barry Qualls discussed his experiences leading task forces and helping to shape Rutgers as the university's vice president of undergraduate education. ... Read more
  • Dr. Christine Newman spoke to the Leadership class about the path she took to become the owner of Harlingen Veterinary Clinic and the skills used to lead her staff in a historically male-driven profession. ... Read more
  • Actor Richard Masur shared the lessons he learned while leading entertainment unions. .. Read more.    
  • Conductor Jayce Ogren, who is known for his youth and talent, gave insight into his duties as an artistic leader and shared ways in which he addresses conflict at work.
The latest Rutgers-UMDNJ Update highlights the appointment of top-level integration committees to ensure a smooth and timely integration. Future research collaborations are outlined and the research functional team, which is dedicated to working on research grants and contracts, is introduced. 
In The News
James Cooney

On October 4, SMLR instructor James Cooney was quoted in the Star-Ledger article, "Union County bank violates anti-discrimination laws, former exec says." In the article, Cooney states that "the U.S. Supreme Court has long established that employers can't offer different benefits to people even when they argue there is a supposed scientific basis for doing so, such as requiring women to contribute more toward their pension benefits because they statistically live longer than men. Employers who offer different sets of benefits to men and women also could run afoul of a recent New Jersey law that requires equal treatment of married couples and those living in civil unions." ... Read more.  


On September 30, Professor Rebecca Kolins Givan's op ed was published in the Los Angeles Times. The op ed, "When It Comes To The Workforce, Leave It To The Professionals," analyzes recent strikes, lockouts, and the practice of replacing professional workers during labor disputes. ... Read more. Professor Givan's second op-ed, "Striking Workers Never Take Their Actions Lightly," was featured in the Employment Policy Research Network and Connecticut Post. She writes, "When the workers who can't be outsourced strike ... it reminds corporations nationwide that their success wouldn't be possible without the workers. As a result, strikes play a vital role in protecting workers -- union members and non-union members alike." ... Read more


On November 11, Professor Barbara Lee was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education's article, "My Adviser Stole My Research." In the article, two Ph.D. students sued their institutions over the theft of their work. Professor Lee is quoted as saying, "It can be very difficult for an institution to determine whether the faculty member had the idea and the student developed it, or the student developed the idea and shared it with the faculty member and the faculty member improved it." ... Read more.

Professor Barbara Lee


On November 8, SMLR instructor Mark Magyar's article was published in NJ Spotlight. The article, "Christie Says Critics Shouldn't Blame Him for Romney Loss," highlights the recent presidential election and the political storm surrounding it. ... Read more.


On December 11, Dean Susan J. Schurman was quoted in the Financialist's article, "Scorched Earth: Hostess Bankruptcy." The article assesses Hostess' executives and employee unions unsuccessful labor negotiations, and Dean Schurman shared her expert advice on how companies can avoid similar lose-lose outcomes. "When you have a management (team) with a history of engaging the workforce directly, investing in workers and incorporating their ideas...historically we've seen that it hasn't hurt anyone's ability to engage successfully in hard bargaining on things like wage concessions," says Dean Schurman. ... Read more.  

Rebecca Givan
Professor Rebecca Kolins Givan
Professor Paula Caligiuri co-authored an article with Ahsiya Mencin and SMLR Ph.D. student Kaifeng Jiang titled, "Win-Win-Win: The Influence of Company-Sponsored Volunteerism Programs on Employees, NGOs, and Business Units." The article was recently accepted for publication in Personnel Psychology journal


Professor Rebecca Kolins Givan co-wrote an article with Lena Hipp in the Labor Studies Journal on "Public Perceptions of Union Efficacy: A Twenty-Four Country Study." ... Read more. 


Professors Stan Gully and Jean Phillips are editors of the recently published book, Mastering Self-Motivation: Bringing Together the Academic and Popular Literature by Michael Provitera.

Save The Dates

February 1

SMLR Career Fair 

10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Livingston Hall

Students in the HRM and Labor Studies programs will have the opportunity to meet with professionals from a variety of prestigious industries by registering for this event.  

March 18-20, 2013

International Labour Process Conference (ILPC)

The conference focuses on work and employment relations in the context of the broader political economy, with an emphasis on employee perspectives and theory-led empirical research. Click here for details on this event or visit www.ilpc.org.uk for complete information.  


April 8-12

Health Care Industry Week

This week-long event, organized by the Health Care Talent Network, will provide visitors with a three dimensional view of health care jobs, including educational and job requirements as well as job benefits. Visit  http://www.hctn-nj.org/ for details.


April 27

Rutgers Day 
In its fifth year, Rutgers Day will continue to offer performances, tours, exhibits, and hands-on activities. Stay tuned for information on SMLR's events! For information on university-wide activities, visit http://rutgersday.rutgers.edu/
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