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Health Care Industry Week's Opening Ceremony at Rutgers
SMLR's Convocation
Ph.D. Students' Impressive Job Offers
Research on Recruiting Global Travelers
State Looks to Prepare Tomorrow's Healthcare Workforce 
NJ Health Care Industry Week - Susan J. Schurman, Ph.D.

NJ Health Care Talent Network organized an industry week in partnership with New Jersey's community colleges and medical institutions
By Andrew Kitchenman, published April 9, 2013 in 

Healthcare has been a wellspring of jobs in New Jersey for more than 20 years.


If that's going to continue, the state must connect its college students with jobs of the future, industry leaders said yesterday.


They were speaking at an event launching New Jersey Health Care Industry Week, a series of events designed to encourage these connections. The series is sponsored by state agencies aiming to link up employers, colleges and potential employees.


Noreen D'Angelo, an assistant to state Health Commissioner Mary E. O'Dowd, sketched a broad overview of how healthcare may change in the future.


She said that with expanding health coverage through the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate and Medicaid expansion, the demand for healthcare services will increase.


"As healthcare changes, so must the skills and knowledge of our healthcare workforce change," D'Angelo said.


Primary, chronic and preventive care will require more nurses, she noted.


"This demand will strain the capacity of those parts of the healthcare system that are already under pressure," D'Angelo said.


She cited a state projection that New Jersey will face a shortage of more than 3,000 doctors - including 1,000 primary-care doctors - by 2020. By 2030, the state projects a shortage of 20,000 professional nurses. Technicians, health aides and other healthcare workers also will be needed, she said.


D'Angelo said advanced practice nurses could help fill the physician shortfall "and improve access and quality as primary care providers, at reduced cost."


The focus of providing healthcare is moving from hospitals to community-based care, D'Angelo said. She also said the state is working to ensure that training programs are based on employer needs. The state also is working to review "licensing and certification processes to eliminate barriers and streamline the system so that qualified candidates can more quickly enter the healthcare workforce."


The event drew other senior healthcare and employment experts, who emphasized the need for employers and colleges to collaborate in preparing the workforce.


"A lot of what we do is think about how to help people get the skills that they need to be gainfully employed," said Susan J. Schurman, dean of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.


Schurman said the state effort has the ability to affect a critical problem in the state - the lack of information available to potential healthcare workers about what jobs are available and what training is necessary and available for those jobs.


Dr. Denise V. Rodgers, interim president of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, said that the university's merger with Rutgers and Rowan universities would create new research opportunities and more chances for staff members to work with healthcare experts from a broader range of disciplines.


State Deputy Labor Commissioner Aaron Fichtner noted that the chief organizer of the week of events is the New Jersey Health Care Talent Network, a state-supported effort to coordinate job creation. He noted that that from 1990 to 2012, the healthcare sector added 180,600 jobs in the state, while all other sectors created 79,800, less than half as many.


Saint Peter's University Hospital of New Brunswick had roughly 25 staffers from different healthcare fields on hand to provide information to students at the event.


Saint Peter's-based endocrinologist Dr. Meena Murthy credited the network with "trying to bring us together to address these needs," by promoting healthcare education programs that are affordable and meet employers' needs.


New Jersey Health Care Talent Network was created by The State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and operates within Rutgers SMLR. Find out more information about this talent network by visiting hctn-nj.org.


Issue: # 13     
May 23, 2013

In this issue of the SMLR Update, we celebrate SMLR's 10th annual Convocation, look back at the many events held this spring, and showcase our faculty's expertise, as mentioned in the press. Take a moment to read this issue and feel free to share our news! 

Presentations & Events


Dean Susan J. Schurman addresses the Class of 2013.


On May 18, SMLR held its 10th annual Convocation at the Rutgers Athletic Center, where approximately 370 students attended the ceremony and graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees from the school. Dean Susan J. Schurman conferred the degrees and was joined on stage by SMLR's distinguished faculty and guests. Student speakers included Frannie Kenajian, Alison Lawler, Morenike "Kay" Sylla, and Steven Stokes. Bill Dwyer, MLER '97, welcomed the Class of 2013 into SMLR's Alumni and Friends Association. ... Read more


Mary Ann Beyster visits the LER class, "Leadership in the Work Organizations," as a guest speaker.
On April 17,

Mary Ann Beyster, president of the Foundation for Enterprise Development, was the guest speaker in Dean Susan J. Schurman's labor studies and employment relations course, "Leadership in the Work Organizations." Ms. Beyster discussed how organizations can give employees the freedom to create the kind of business and environment they would be passionate to work in while also giving employees ownership of the organization and rewards commensurate with their contributions. ... Read more


Professor Teresa Boyer, executive director at the Center for Women and Work, delivered the keynote address, "Navigating the New Normal: Women in Today's Workforce," at the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation's Conference for Institutional Partners on March 15. The foundation supports students in pursuit of higher education. Details from this event can be found on the foundation's Website


Professor Adrienne Eaton and Heather McKay organized the 2013 International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) in partnership with the ILPC steering committee

More than 200 leading international academic researchers, experts, and policy makers came together to present their research and engage in critical discussions on today's workplace during the 31st Annual International Labour Process Conference (ILPC) on March 18-20. Approximately 16 different countries were represented by scholars from the sociology of work and employment, business and management studies, human resource management, industrial relations, and organizational analysis. ... Read more


On May 9, Professors Doug Kruse and Lisa Schur presented the results from their 2012 national post-election survey on disability and polling place accessibility to the U.S. election Assistance Commission (EAC) in Washington, DC. Professors Kruse and Schur designed the survey, which was funded by The EAC, and discovered that 30% of people with disabilities encountered some difficulty in voting at a polling place in 2012, compared to 8% of people without disabilities. Click here to view the presentation.


On May 20, Professor Jessica Methot and CMD's Peter Methot jointly presented ways to leverage social networks for job growth at the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ) meeting. "As job seekers, it is vital to understand how organizations are using these tools, so that you can best navigate through the recruitment and selection process," says Professor Methot.   


On April 17, Jane McAlevey, who has spent half of her life dedicated to helping workers mobilize and collectively fight for their rights, was brought to campus by longtime friend and former labor organizer Professor Janice Fine to talk about her experiences and her recent publication. ... Read more


SMLR instructor Carla Katz (farthest right), SMLR student Hitesh Patel (next to Carla), and SMLR alumna Melissa Daniel (third from right, next to Hitesh) quiz attendees on the world of work. 

On April 27, SMLR held Rutgers Day activities on Busch campus and welcomed the crowd of 83,000 people who attended the university's fifth annual event. Approximately 25 SMLR students and alumni graciously volunteered to help promote our school. View the complete photo album on Facebook or look at photos on SMLR's Website. 



On March 26, the award-winning Rutgers Society of Human Resource Management (RU SHRM) welcomed more than 270 distinguished guests at its 9th annual conference, "The Business of HR." SMLR's HRM students and expert HR faculty and staff were brought together with leading HR executives to discuss ways of strengthening HR's strategic position within business. ... Read more

Roberta Reardon (second from left) and Sara Ziff  (third from right) were special guest judges in LSER's case competition.
Model Alliance member Katharine Brown, co-president of SAG-AFTRA Roberta Reardon, Model Alliance director Sara Ziff, Dean Susan J. Schurman, and Model Alliance organizer Meredith Hattam.


On April 24, Sara Ziff, founder and director of The Model Alliance, and Roberta Reardon, co-president of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) served as judges in a case competition for the "Leadership in Work Organizations" course. Two teams of students in the master's program class tied as winners of the competition. ... Read more

Awards & Achievements

Five of SMLR's Ph.D. students, who were previously on the job market, have accepted impressive offers. They are:

  • Kyongji Han has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Minnesota-Duluth's Labovitz School of Business and Economics in the Department of Management Studies.
  • Kaifeng Jiang has accepted a tenure-track position at the University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business in its Department of Management. Kaifeng Jiang successfully defended his dissertation on April 2 and fully earned his Ph.D.  SMLR Professors Dave Lepak, Susan Jackson, and Patrick McKay formed the dissertation committee along with Jason Shaw, a professor from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. The title of Dr. Jiang's dissertation was "Bridging The Gap Between Reality and Perception: Managers' Role in Shaping Employee Perceptions of High Performance Work Systems."    

    From left, Professor Dave Lepak, Professor Patrick McKay, new doctoral program graduate Kaifeng Jiang, and Professor Susan Jackson. 
  • Andy Kim has accepted a postdoctoral position at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management in its Department of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. 
  • Sean Rogers has accepted a tenure-track position at New Mexico State University's College of Business in its Department of Management. 
  • Anne-Laure Winkler has accepted a tenure-track position at CUNY-Baruch's Zicklin School of Business in its Department of Management.   
Research & Publications

Kaifeng Jiang, who graduated from SMLR's Ph.D. program in May 2013, co-authored the article "Missing Link in the Service Profit Chain: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Antecedents, Consequences, and Moderators of Service Climate," which was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 98, No. 2. The article was co-authored with Professor Ying Hong from McMaster University, Professor Hui Liao from the University of Mary

Professor Rebecca Kehoe

land, and Professor Jia Hu from the University of Notre Dame.


Professor Rebecca Kehoe coauthored the paper, "The Dual Effects of Star Scientist Turnover on Exploitation and Exploration" with Professor Daniel Tzabbar from Drexel University. The article is included in the Best Paper Proceedings of the 2013 Academy of Management Meeting. 

Professor Barbara Lee and Professor William A. Kaplin from Stetson University coauthored The Law of Higher Education, 5th edition, which will be published by Jossey-Bass Publishers in July 2013.  This publication is the leading treatise on higher education law in the U.S. and globally. Professor Lee also wrote, "Judicial Review of Student Challenges to Academic Misconduct Sanctions," which will be published in the Journal of College and University Law, Vol. 39, No. 3, in June 2013.


Heather McKay, director of Innovative Training and Workforce Development Research and Programs, recently completed a study of Colorado's statewide SECTORS grant initiative. The goal of the grant initiative is to create a more skilled workforce and establish new career pathways in targeted sectors of Colorado. Heather McKay presented the results of her research to the Colorado Sector Steering Committee on March 21.  ... Read more


Professor Jean Phillips, Professor Stan Gully, Ph.D. student John McCarthy, Professor Bill Castellano, and Ph.D. student Mee Sook Kim co-authored "Recruiting Global Travelers: The Role of Global Travel Recruitment Messages and Individual Differences in Perceived Fit," which will be published in Personnel Psychology. Using a sample of active job seekers and a second sample of working professionals they found certain types of global travel recruitment messages attracted people with high levels of global openness and greater willingness to travel; their findings also explain why this occurs.


Ph.D. student Sean Rogers and Professors Adrienne Eaton and Paula Voos coauthored the "Effects of Unionization on Graduate Student Employees: Faculty-Student Relations, Academic Freedom, and Pay," which was published in the ILR Review, Vol. 66, No. 2. ... Read more.


Professors Sue Schurman and Adrienne Eaton completed the second report in their five-year study of trade union responses to the impact of globalization and changes in work and work organization.


The study is part of a grant to the Solidarity Center by USAID. This year the research focused on unions' efforts to organize workers "informalized from above," that is workers who are performing jobs that were previously located in the formal economy but have been moved to the informal economy through outsourcing to labor intermediaries or by changing the terms of employment to remove the jobs from coverage by the national labor laws of the country.


This year's research produced four original case studies: workers in the Columbian port city of Buenaventure; young women who sell Cambrew beer (a subsidiary of Carlsberg) in Cambodia; low wage government workers in Tunisa; and hospitality workers in South Africa. In each case, the workers were able to regain some rights under the national labor laws of their countries through union organizing and with the help of international labor organizations. The report contains a summary of the strategies and tactics that led to successful outcomes in these union campaigns.


Also in this year's research Professor Janice Fine prepared case studies on the role of unions in organizing migrant workers in the Dominican Republic and in Jordan. For copies of the research, please contact Dean Schurman at schurman@dceo.rutgers.edu.

UMDNJ Integration Update


On February 28, Rutgers Board of Governors adopted a resolution renaming the New Jersey Dental School as the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, effective July 1. The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's name will also be retired on July 1. The integrated university will be called Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Find more information at the Joint Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration at: http://ru-umdnjtogether.rutgers.edu

In The News 
On March 18, Professor Teresa Boyer was featured on the public radio show, "The Broad Experience." The episode focused on women's tenure at work, and Professor Boyer spoke about the Pew Study on "Gender Reversal on Career Aspirations," which shows that young women are now topping young men in valuing a high-paying career. Listen to the full show.


On February 25, Professor Janice Fine was quoted in a New York Times article on Weight Watchers' low pay for its staff in comparison to its celebrity spokespeople. She says, "People feel they did everything right. They're working hard, they have higher levels of education than ever before, and they find the job market is offering them a wage that they can't live on." ... Read more.


Professor Janice Fine was also quoted in the March 11th Daily Targum, which highlighted a recent Citizenship Rutgers event to help legal permanent residents complete the naturalization process. ... Read more  

Professor Doug Kruse

Professor Doug Kruse was quoted in the Indianapolis Star's recent article on a proposal to add disabled-owned businesses as a fourth diversity category in Indianapolis' contracting program. "This Indianapolis initiative can help people see how well individuals with disabilities can do, as far as owning businesses themselves," says Professor Kruse. ... Read more


On March 28, Dean Susan J. Schurman was quoted in NJSpotlight'sarticle, "South Jersey Hospital-Nurse Standoff Stuck in Legal Limbo." The story highlights how the National Labor Relations Board's issues delayed resolving a dispute over nurses at a Salem County hospital joining a labor union. Dean Schurman said that without a functioning NLRB, the country has no system in place to deal with labor-management relations in the private sector. ... Read more 


In February, Karen White, director of Working Families Program at the Center for Women and Work, was interviewed on The NJ Foundation for Aging's TV show, Aging Insights. White joined a panel discussion on caregiver resources and the financial benefit provided by the Paid Family Leave Insurance (FLI), which permits caregivers to take temporary leave from work in order to care for a loved one or bond with a child. White recently coauthored CWW's study on New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance Program At Age Three. ... Read moreWatch the video (Karen White comes in at 12:15). 

Karen White, Director of Working Families Program


On February 19, White's 2009 study of female attorneys in New Jersey was highlighted in The Wall Street Journal. The study "found that 29% of the respondents said they left their previous firms because they had difficulty integrating work with family/personal life." ... Read moreOn March 31,  Karen White was also quoted in The Record's article, "Small Business Squabbles Over Paid Sick Time." ... Read more. 


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