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Rutgers University Signs Academic Agreement, Hosts Study Tour as Part of Obama-Singh Initiative Grant 
Rutgers signs an MOU
Watch the video.

RU-IndiaAmbassador Consul General of India Dnyaneshwar Mulay hosted a reception at the New York Indian Consulate on June 19 to inaugurate the study tour of visiting Indian researchers from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences to Rutgers University and commemorate the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Rutgers and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). Together, the university and ICCR will establish the ICCR Chair, a visiting professor from India to Rutgers.


The MOU's signing was attended by Rutgers students, academics, members of the business community, representatives from the New Jersey departments of education and labor and workforce development, and political dignitaries. The event recognized Rutgers as one of only four U.S.-led partnerships to receive funding, out of more than 100 applicants, of the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Grant.


"Our participation as a recipient of the Obama-Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative Grant is just one of several exciting developments that allow us to build stronger ties between the two nations," said Rutgers Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Richard L. Edwards.


"The partnerships offer an exciting opportunity to unify many of the University's efforts with Indian institutions and raise our visibility," said Dr. Edwards. 

Ambassador Mulay believes that the partnership between Rutgers and India is greatly significant. He says, "It's absolutely important that we cross-check our notes and have more exchanges of views and opinions ... and I think education provides the most important and interesting platform."

Following the MOU's signing, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations hosted the delegation from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for a week in which they shared information and research on education and skills training in the U.S. and planned for the next two years of the grant.


While at Rutgers, delegation members visited Freehold Biotechnology High School, which integrates life sciences into a rigorous curriculum. In addition, they met with several faculty and staff members at Rutgers to learn more about the ways in which the American education system is evolving to meet the rapidly changing needs of tomorrow's workforce and how India can strengthen its educational institutions and help prospective students access a higher education. They also met with New York City and New Jersey officials, community leaders, and faculty at Columbia University to share success strategies and address current educational issues.  


Above: Rutgers SMLR hosts a delegation from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.
"The MOU and tour was a special opportunity for Rutgers to strengthen its ties to the world's largest democracy, a country to which many Rutgers students and a large number of NJ residents have personal ties," says Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations Dean Susan Schurman. 


Almost 1,000 Indian students currently study at Rutgers. India is one of Rutgers' five focus countries for strategic international engagement.

For India, the most pressing need is to reform its skill development system with scalable solutions that can rapidly enhance educational opportunities for 550 million Indians age 25-and-under. For the U.S., the goals are to expand the number of American students and faculty with experience in India-the world's largest democracy and one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing economies-and to help meet India's educational needs by expanding programs for the world's largest pool of high potential, English-speaking students. Both nations are struggling to create enough good jobs for their growing number of graduates.

The funds from the grant support collaborative efforts between the two institutions to develop the education and training system in India and forge strong and sustainability links between Rutgers, TISS and other institutions in India. The grant will also support study abroad opportunities for American students through new programs, international service learning, internships, and dual degree opportunities. It will develop programs that foster a new generation of leaders for India's rapidly growing higher education capacity.

Heather McKay, a SMLR staff member who assisted in organizing the study tour, says, "This study tour was a great opportunity to share ideas and research on skills development and education practices and policy with our colleagues from the Tata Institute on Social Science. As we move forward with the grant over the next two years, we will continue this process of sharing and work to develop lasting relationships for Rutgers in India."


Read coverage of this event in MSN, Zee News, Hindu Business Line, India Education Review, FASS News, and Business Standard

Issue: # 14     
October 14, 2013

In this issue of the SMLR Update, we celebrate the start of a new academic year. Take a moment to read about our many events, publications, awards, and developments. Check out the ways in which we've been highlighted by the press and, as always, feel free to share our news! 

Presentations & Events
Above: Ambassador Consul General of India Dnyaneshwar Mulay (left at table) signs a MOU with Rutgers Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Richard L. Edwards. They are joined by Rutgers SMLR Dean Susan Schurman (farthest right) at the New York Indian Consulate. ...

On April 18, executives within the Global Executive Master's Program in Human Resource Leadership (GEMHRL) received their academic degrees. The graduates celebrated their achievement with their family, corporate sponsors, and SMLR professors at the Affinia Manhattan Hotel Ballroom in New York. ...View photos.


On April 26, SMLR held a Social Media for Labor Activists workshop. Approximately 40 unions from across New Jersey participated in discussions with social media experts, including Kenzo Shibata, who led the usage of new media during Chicago Teachers Union's strike in 2012. ... Read more.  


Dr. Michael O'Donnell, the keynote speaker at the Labor and Management Conference, talks about why employers should embrace workers as whole beings. 

On May 8, SMLR held its 8th annual Labor and Management Conference at the Labor Education Center. Several leading experts within the fields of health care and wellness facilitated discussions on the health and well-being status of workers and its relationship to work. ... Read more and view the slideshow


On May 22, SMLR honored 30 members of the Public Sector Labor Relations Certificate Program and seven members of Union Leadership Academy as they received certificates for completing their respective programs. ... Read more.  


On June 10, Professor Dana Britton, director of the Center for Women and Work (CWW), testified before the New Jersey State Legislature Assembly Women and Children Committee on the earnings gap between male and female workers in New Jersey. She also shared CWW's research and outreach efforts to increase the sustainability of female workers and their families.

On June 25, Professor Janice Fine attended the Comparative Research on Trade Unions and Migrant Workers Conference, where she chaired the panel, "Including Migrant Workers Voice, Representing Migrant Workers Rights: Between Trade Union Action and Self Organization."  

Professors Dana Britton and Dorothy Sue Cobble

From July 30 - 31, Professors Dorothy Sue Cobble and Dana Britton attended a conference sponsored by the Solidarity Center on Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality and Labor Rights: Transforming the Terrain in Sao Paulo Brazil. The conference hosted nearly 100 labor union women, labor rights organizations, academics, and rights practitioners from at least 20 countries around the world who described, shared, and analyzed a wide variety of efforts to expand women workers' rights and to promote gender equality within unions, at the workplace, and in broader society. Presentations and discussions focused on the overarching theme of transformational leadership and the particular ways in which women are bringing demands for inclusiveness, new ways of building power, and a broad vision of social change. The two sectoral themes for the conference were agriculture and light manufacturing, chosen because of the large proportion of women workers in these sectors and because of their strategic significance in the global economy. Professor Cobble's paper "Gender Equality and Labor Movements: toward a global perspective" was one of the background papers for the conference.


On August 8, Professor Lisa Schur gave testimony on reducing obstacles to voting for people with disabilities to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration in Denver, CO. Watch Professor Schur's testimony, which begins at the 23-minute mark under "PCEA Denver Public Meeting (4 of 5)." ... Read more and view Professor Schur's white paper


On September 10-15, Janice Fine attended the AFL-CIO's 2013 convention in Los Angeles. As part of a panel, No workplace? No problem! Building the union movement in the new economy. Professor Fine presented an overview of the research she, along with Professors Adrienne Eaton and Susan Schurman and other colleagues have conducted on Trade Unions and the Changing Global Economy.  



Professor Adrienne Eaton (farthest left) was a plenary speaker at the British Academy of Management's 3rd annual conference.

On September 13-14, SMLR Dean Susan J. Schurman and Professor Adrienne Eaton, chair of the department of labor studies and employment relations, attended the British Academy of Management's 3rd Annual Conference on Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Work at the Toulouse Business School in France. Dean Schurman and Professor Eaton, a plenary speaker, presented their research on "Union Organizing of Workers 'Informalized from Above." 


Dean Susan Schurman speaks with the Swedish LO.

On September 16-17, Professors Adrienne Eaton, Paula Voos and Sue Schurman traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to finalize plans for a Senior Leadership Institute that will be held at Rutgers in March 2014. A group of 25 Swedish union leaders are scheduled to participate in the program which is organized by the Swedish Landsorganisationen (LO - one of three Swedish Central Labor Federations). The program will involve cooperation among Rutgers Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, Uppsala University's Department of Economic History, and the University of Stockholm's Leadership program. During the visit, Professors Eaton and Schurman conducted a seminar for Swedish union leaders based on their recent research report, "Trade Unions organizing workers 'informalized from above."


On October 14, Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble gave a talk at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy's Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. On Oct. 30, she will give a talk about the future of labor at Harvard University, celebrating the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers' 25th Birthday. The union gained recognition on May 17, 1988.


Professor Emeritus and first SMLR Dean John F. Burton Jr., a leading authority on workers' compensation, recently gave several presentations of his work. They include: 

Professor John F. Burton Jr.
Professor John F. Burton J
  • April 26, 2013: Presentation on a panel examining "A Century of U.S. Labor Management Relations" at a symposium on One Hundred Years of U.S. Labor and Employment Relations: A Look Back, A Look Forward, and A View from a Comparative Perspective. The event was held in Washington, DC and sponsored by American University.  
  • June 7, 2013: Chair and speaker on a panel examining "Workers' Compensation: Recent Developments" at the 65th Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association in St. Louis, MO.  
Awards & Achievements
Professor Joseph Blasi

On May 15, Professor Joseph Blasi was the keynote speaker at the E*TRADE Financial Client Conference, leading a discussion on stock ownership and stock option plans for employees. He recently attended IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany as a research fellow. 

On May 30, SMLR received an award for hosting the New Jersey HR Leadership Summit in Princeton, NJ. Professor Dave Ferio accepted the award in the school's honor. The summit brings together top human resource leaders in the greater New Jersey area to collaborate on pressing HR challenges, share best practices, and network with fellow chief human resources officers.

On June 10, Professor Terri Boyer and her husband, John Cashman, welcomed a baby daughter, Genevieve Ann. Professor Boyer and baby are well, and her older daughter, Charlotte, has taken well to her role as a big sister. 

RU SHRM members with Professor Dave Ferio (center)
On June 15, Rutgers Society of Human Resource Management (RU SHRM) received the Outstanding Student Chapter Award at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)'s annual student conference in Chicago. This is the second consecutive year in which RU SHRM has received the award, accepting a total of three Outstanding Awards in the past four years. ... Read more.
Professor Patrick McKay

Professor Patrick McKay, chair of the Department of Human Resource Management, was named a fellow by The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Society fellows are distinguished industrial and organizational psychologists who have made an unusual and outstanding contribution to the field.
SMLR has appointed 18 new research fellows to study the impact that enabling employees to have a financial stake in their company can have on the success of firms. They will also delve into the evolving social and economic structure of the corporation and the future of American business. You can view the list of fellows
Research & Publications

Distinguished Professor Emeritus John F. Burton Jr.'s new publications include:   

  • "Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry Underwriting Results in 2011." Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report, Issue Five, December 2012.  
  • "Workers' Compensation Costs for Employers: National and State Data." Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report, Issue Six, May 2013. 
Bill Castellano
Professor Bill Castellano

Professor Bill Castellano recently published his first book, Practices for Engaging the 21st Century Workforce: Challenges of Talent Management in a Changing Workplace. Drawing on more than 30 years as a pioneering HR practitioner and researcher, Professor Castellano identifies what really drives engagement and specifies the achievable strategic outcomes of engagement. Through powerful new research and case studies, he shows how to engage today's multidimensional and changing workforce, in an environment that's as complex as today's workers. ... Read more

Dorothy Sue Cobble's recent publications include "Pure and Simple Radicalism: Putting the Progressive Era AFL in Its Time," in Labor: Studies in the History of the Americas (winter 2013), 61-87. This is part of her new book project, Restoring America's Lost Egalitarian Democracy, under contract with The New Press. Professor Cobble is finishing a co-authored book with Linda Gordon and Astrid Henry. The book, Feminism Unfinished: A Short, Surprising History of American Women's Movements, is due out next year from W.W.Norton & Company, Inc.   


Professor Barbara Lee, an expert in employment law and higher education law, recently published the following items:  

  • William A. Kaplin and Barbara A. Lee. The Law of Higher Education, 5th edition. To be published by Jossey-Bass Publishers in July 2013. This is the leading treatise on higher education law in the U.S. and globally.  
  • Barbara A. Lee. "Judicial Review of Student Challenges to Academic Misconduct Sanctions." Journal of College and University Law, to appear in Vol. 39 no. 3, June 2013.
Professor Doug Kruse
Professors Lisa Schur and Doug Kruse have published a book through Cambridge University Press with Peter Blanck of Syracuse University as a co-author. The book, People with Disabilities: Sidelined or Mainstreamed?, provides an overview of the economic, political, and social inclusion of people with disabilities in the U.S. and around the world, reviewing hundreds of studies and presenting new evidence from population surveys along with in-depth interviews with 21 disability leaders. The book is written to be useful not just for scholars but also for policy-makers, students, and disability organizations and advocates.   

SMLR Dean Susan J. Schurman and Professor Adrienne Eaton, chair of the department of labor studies and employment relations, released the second working paper from their five-year study aimed at documenting the effects of globalization on the nature of work and on labor and employment relations around the world. View all the papers.  

UMDNJ Integration Update


Rutgers and legacy UMDNJ faculty and staff can continue to find integration information on the Joint Rutgers-UMDNJ Integration website, which has been renamed as the "Medical and Health Sciences Restructuring" website. Visit the official website. 


In The News 
Inside the Teacher's Studio - Jessica Methot
Inside the Teacher's Studio with
Professor Jessica Methot
On April 26, Professor Jessica Methot was interviewed by Tisha Bender from Rutgers' Office of Instructional and Research Technology for the YouTube series, Inside the Teacher's Studio. The show highlights Professor Methot's teaching approaches, including her usage of technology in the classroom. Watch Professor Methot's interview. 
On May 5, Karen White was quoted in Philly.com's article, "Praise for New Jersey's Family Leave Insurance." White shared her personal story on her mother's health issues and research on family leave insurance. "What we found is that a majority of people - about six in 10 - had not seen or heard anything about the program," said White, who coauthored a report. ... Read more 
Professor Terri Boye
On May 8, Professor Terri Boyer was interviewed on NJ101.5, during which she discussed how the "Growth Of Women-Owned Businesses Lags In N.J." Professor Boyer says, "New Jersey still has a significant number of women-owned businesses, which is good, but the lack of growth is a little concerning." Listen to the interview.


On May 31, Dr. Padma Arvind was featured in Rutgers Today. During the question-and-answer session, Dr. Arvind discusses her goals for the New Jersey Health Care Talent Network. ... Read more


On May 31, Professor Adrienne Eaton discussed Sallie Mae and student debt on The Rick Smith Show. The radio show features a 10-minute segment on the success of student and worker power at Sallie Mae's shareholder meeting. Listen to the interview 

On June 4, Dean Susan J. Schurman was quoted in an NJSpotlight article on the Meadowlands Hospital's labor practices and the National Labor Relations Board. ... Read more
On June 12, Professor Jean Phillips was quoted in the Human Resource Executive Online article on the retirement rates of baby boomers. "The boomer migration can both hurt and help employers," says Professor Phillips. "It will create more opportunities for career advancement for younger workers, who sometimes feel thwarted by their older colleagues."... Read more
On June 28, Professor Patrick McKay was quoted in a Bloomberg News article on diversity in college and at work. "Not all companies are equal on inclusiveness," says Professor McKay. "Decisions are made in the boardroom, and there's gross underrepresentation of women and minorities in the upper echelons of companies."... Read more.  
On July 17, Professor Dana Britton was quoted in Marketplace's article on why women stay in jobs longer than they should. You can listen to the audio or read more.   


On August 26, Professor Fine was quoted in an article on "Bringing the law to the factory." The article addresses the workplace standards in Bangladesh and also on a global scale. Read more.   

Dean Susan Schurman
Dean Susan Schurman
On August 29, Dean Schurman gave an interview for  Rutgers Today, during which she discussed the issues facing fast food workers as they fight for living wages and the right to unionize without retaliation. The interview was also featured in The Star-Ledger (print), Bergen Record, and NJ Today 


On September 1, Dean Schurman's op-ed on the state of union membership ran as the lead story in the Asbury Park Press, Daily Record and Courier Post. "Labor unions are already making a comeback. They just look different from what we're familiar with," says Dean Schurman.  
On September 6, Professor Janice Fine was quoted in a New York Times article on the A.F.L.-C.I.O.'s plans to increase their union membership by adding millions of nonunion members. "There's a general understanding that something major needs to be done," says Professor Fine. ... Read more.  
Janice Fine
Professor Janice Fine


On September 7, Dean Schurman was interviewed by classical music radio station, WWFM, during its show, A Tempo. Dean Schurman discussed the ongoing collective bargaining dispute between the Minnesota Orchestra's management and employees.Listen to the interview.  


On September 8, Professor Lisa Schur was quoted in a New York World article on disability and voter turnout.  "An inaccessible site sends the message to people that they are not fully welcome in the political sphere," Professor Schur says. "And it can discourage people from voting at all." ... Read more.   


On September 19, Professor Emeritus John F. Burton Jr. was quoted in the New York Times article, "Mets' Harvey Is Covered Like Any Other Employee With a Workplace Injury." The article addresses workers' compensation insurance for major league players. ... Read more              


On September 29, Dean Schurman was quoted in the Cincinnati Chronicle, which ran a story about leading supermarket chain Kroger Co.'s labor contract negotiation. ... Read more 



Professor Paula Caligiuri has accepted an exciting new position at the Northeastern University Business School. During her time at SMLR, Professor Caligiuri has developed into one the most highly respected scholars and teachers in the important area of international human resource management.


In May, Professor William Castellano was appointed executive director of Rutgers' Center for Management Development (CMD). Professor Castellano, who has served as Acting Executive Director for CMD since October 2012, brings an extensive background in both the corporate and higher education worlds. ... Read more. 


Professor Niki Dickerson von Lockette and her husband, Paris, recently joined the faculty at Pennsylvania State University. Professor Dickerson von Lockette proudly represented SMLR as an expert in the structural features of the U.S. labor market that enable or hinder access to employment opportunities for black and Latino workers. She will continue to lend her expertise in her exciting new position and happily resides with her family in State College, PA. 

Professor Ingrid Fulmer
Professor Ingrid Fulmer


Professor Ingrid Fulmer has been appointed as the new director of the SMLR doctoral program. Professor Fulmer joined the Department of Human Resource Management as an associate professor in fall 2012 and has quickly demonstrated her leadership abilities. ... Read more about Professor Fulmer's background and achievements.  


Professor Doug Kruse has stepped down from his position as Ph.D. program director and agreed to serve as a senior economist on the White House Council of Economic Advisers in Washington, D.C. from September 2013 through August 2014. Professor Kruse will provide input on economic policy through research and writing on a variety of policy topics, and he will help prepare the "Economic Report of the President, 2014." When he returns he looks forward to sharing his experiences with interested members of the SMLR community.

Julie Moscinski, director of the James B. Carey Library


Julie Moscinski has been appointed as director of the James B. Carey Library. Julie will collaborate with SMLR's teaching faculty to integrate library services into the research, teaching and learning environment of the school. Previously, Julie spent the last 9 years working as a librarian at Raritan Valley Community College. Her most recent appointment was as Raritan Valley's director of library services. She brings with her a strong background, including a master of arts degree in leadership and public administration from Centenary College and a master of library and information science degree from Rutgers. ... Learn more about Julie Moscinski 


NJ PLACE, a statewide program creating pathways from high-skill technical training to college, has announced a major expansion to integrate several nationally-recognized green credentials into its program. This expansion is part of a larger $6 million state and federal initiative to train and educate the workforce in emerging energy efficiency and renewable energy skills. ... Read more.


In Memoriam

On March 27, Professor Emeritus Jack Chernick, a former SMLR faculty member, passed away at the age of 97. Professor Chernick played an integral role in the history of SMLR at the time when it was formerly known as the Institute of Management and Labor Relations (IMLR). ... Read more

Save The Dates

2nd annual Jim Chelius HR Case Competition sponsored by Dow Jones (SMLR student competition): 
  • October 18-19 - First Round
  • November 18 - Final Round at Dow Jones in Princeton, NJ
HR National Student Competition at Ohio State University: Early 2014   MHRM team members include Joe Redlitz, Maham Mukhtar, Deboleena Rose, and Rathin Radhakrisan.     

SHRM Student Case Competition (undergraduate and graduate): April 2014 

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