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Issue #15                                                                                                                                          December 11, 2013
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SMLR Career Fair Showcases Leading Companies, Provides Networking Opportunity With Alumni

On October 11, 2013, approximately 200 SMLR students networked with recruiters from more than 32 leading companies at the SMLR Career Fair. Held at the Livingston Student Center, the career fair enabled attendees to discover opportunities in a variety of industries. Companies in attendance included: Bristol-Myers Squibb, DIRECTV, and Lowe's Home Improvement. This year's event included a morning panel discussion with SMLR alumni, who also provided one-on-one mentoring with students during the day. Alumni panelists included: Melissa Daniel, BALS '00, MLER '01; Doug Duncan, MHRM '01; William Dwyer, BALS '93, MLER '97; John Castella, MLER '12; and Lynne Zahumeny, MHRM '96. See photo above.   

In This Issue
Presentations & Events

September 4:
The 70 new students who joined SMLR's master's degree program in labor and employment relations (MLER) this fall were introduced to the school's faculty and staff during the program's orientation. The new scholars, eight of whom are from out of state, comprise the largest incoming class, totaling 150 current MLER students. Jenna Hampton, a new MLER student who attended the orientation says, "I studied labor relations as a minor, while I was an undergraduate, and I knew that I wanted to attend this world-renowned program because of the caliber of its faculty and staff."...
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October 8:
Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven hosted Professor Christian Ibsen from the University of Copenhagen as the first speaker in a seminar series funded by Rutgers' GAIA Centers to bring together members of the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, the Department of Political Science, and Rutgers Business School to learn about current trends in labor relations across the world.  Christian Ibsen discussed recent changes in Danish and Swedish collective bargaining, noting that despite bargaining decentralization, both countries continue to generate very equal labor market outcomes. Ibsen also spoke in Professor Schulze-Cleven's undergraduate classes, where students were surprised to learn that in Denmark college students do not have to pay tuition and receive a generous stipend from the government for their education.


New Jersey Health Care Talent Network' s Women in Health Care Conference

October 10:
The New Jersey Health Care Talent Network and the Institute of Wonderful Working Women for Empowerment held the Access, Opportunity & Success in Health Care Conference: Breaking Barriers, Creating Opportunities, & Moving Forward for Women of Color on the campus of Mercer County Community College to help meet the needs of New Jersey's increasingly diverse workforce. M
ore than 100 people attended the event, where they participated in workshops, toured a "medical village" hosted by Princeton HealthCare System, and explored jobs available at facilities in and around the Garden State. ... Read more


Professor Joseph Blasi and Mary Ann Beyster discuss the film, We The Owners

October 11:

SMLR co-sponsored a film screening of We The Owners, produced by Mary Ann Beyster, president of the Foundation for Enterprise Development, and directed by David Romero. The film, which was presented by The Rutgers Film Co-op, was shown to a group of approximately 50 students in Voorhees Hall. Professor Joseph Blasi and Mary Ann Beyster led discussions following the screening. We The Owners captures inspiring stories of employee-owners and founders from New Belgium Brewin, Namaste Solar, and DPR Construction, including the decisions of founding companies, expansion, succession, recruitment, and layoffs. ... Read more

On October 14, Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble (third from right) gave a talk at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Kennedy's Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. She is joined by Anita Hill, famed attorney (at farthest right), and Hilda Solis, former Secretary of Labor and first Latina cabinet member (on left, next to Professor Cobble).


October 16-19:

Heather McKay presented a paper at the 27th Annual American Evaluation Association Conference,Evaluation 2013: The State of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century. McKay discussed the evaluation SMLR is conducting on the Colorado Round 1 TAACCCT grant


October 30:

Ben Fried, Chief Information Officer at Google who was not representing Google during his speech, was a guest speaker at the "Leadership and Work Organization" class taught by Professor Rebecca Givan, assistant professor of labor studies. Fried shed light on the essence of leadership and management. ...
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November 6-8:
Heather McKay presented findings from SMLR's
Lumina Foundation grant on adult college completion and the workforce investment system at the CAEL International Conference, Destination Education: Charting a Course to Degree Completion in San Diego.On October 16-19, McKay presented a paper at the 27th Annual American Evaluation Association Conference, Evaluation 2013: The State of Evaluation Practice in the Early 21st Century. McKay discussed the evaluation SMLR is conducting on the Colorado Round 1 TAACCCT grant.  


November 6-8: 

From left, Dean Susan Schurman and Annika Nilsson, general secretary of ABF. On right, Helen Pettersson, president of ABF.

Helen Pettersson, president, and Annika Nilsson, general secretary, of the Swedish Workers Education Association, ABF, visited SMLR to discuss a cooperative program with the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations. Ms. Pettersson is a member of the Swedish Parliament and Ms. Nilsson is a former member. The ABF is the largest adult worker education organization in the world. Dean Schurman has a long history of cooperative programs with the ABF.


November 8:
Rutgers University Promote Overall Worker & Employer Relations (RU POWER) held an Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) panel on employee rights. Ralph Charles, EEOC mediator; Alvin Mallette, EEOC investigator; and David Reinman, EEOC lawyer were the guest speakers at the event, which brought together more than 60 SMLR students at the Labor Education Center. Students learned about career development opportunities at EEOC, how to prevent workplace discrimination, and the claims process with EEOC. ... Read more


November 11:

Team Intelligo, the SMLR HRM case competition winners

Human Resource Management (HRM)'s Team Intelligo United won the School of Management and Labor Relations' 2nd Annual Jim Chelius Case Competition. The team, whose members include HRM students Dennis Friend, Vidhi Shah, Divya Patibandla and Chelsea Meyers, was among the four finalists selected to compete at Dow Jones in Princeton, NJ, where they were judged by the company's leading executives. As their reward, the winning team members will now have the opportunity to interview for an internship opportunity at the company. Additionally, the winning team won $200 and $50 gift cards were given to each team member. ... Read more.  


November 18-19:

Dean Schurman delivered an address to the newly created AFL-CIO National Labor Leader Initiative. The program brings senior union leaders from a broad range of unions together to examine the role of leaders in trade union renewal. Dean Schurman's talk, based on her research with Professor Adrienne Eaton, was titled "Organizing the Precariat: Unions and the New Working Class."  

HRM's Minnesota Case Finalists
Awards & Achievements

A master's in human resource management (MHRM) team comprised of SMLR students Joe Redlitz, Sheena Parimoo, Deboleena Bose and Rathin Radhakrishnan were named as University of Minnesota Case Competition finalists. SMLR's group was selected from a pool of 19 global, graduate team submissions and competed onsite at the University of Minnesota on November 14-17. The MHRM team joined five other final teams from across the globe (China and Canada) in a highly competitive and intense four-day competition. SMLR students presented a case analysis to a panel of HR executives from Eaton Corporation, Land O'Lakes, Microsoft, and the University of Minnesota HR Graduate Faculty. While they did not earn a winning rank, the MHRM team performed exceptionally well and represented the Rutgers MHRM program with pride and excellence. 

Ph.D. Student News

Sargam Garg has successfully completed her qualifying exams, making her an official candidate for the Ph.D. in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (IRHR) and allowing her to begin working on her dissertation.


Mee Sook Kim successfully defended her dissertation on November 13, completing the program requirements and earning her Ph.D. in IRHR.  


Fuxi Wang has successfully defended her master's thesis, completing the requirements for her master's degree.  She now advances to the qualifying exams, which she plans to take in spring 2014.


Dan Weltmann and his wife welcomed a baby boy, Mario Nghiem Weltmann,on October 11. This is their first child for the Weltmanns, and everyone is doing well. 


Research & Publications
CWW's brief on paid sick days


The Center for Women and Work (CWW)

released a brief on paid sick days titled,

 It's Catching: Public Opinion toward Sick Days in New Jersey, on October 30. The study finds an overwhelming majority (83 percent) of state residents of all political affiliations support paid sick day policies. Stories on CWW's brief have been featured in   

Dean Susan Schurman and Heather McKay are the co- principal investigators of an evaluation for a TAACCCT round 3 grant totaling $1.8 million from the United States Department of Labor. SMLR will evaluate the work of community colleges in Colorado on a project entitled Colorado Helps Advanced Manufacturing Program (CHAMP). The goal of the project is to increase the attainment of manufacturing degrees and certificates that align with the industry's recognized competencies, skills, and certifications to create a pipeline of highly-qualified advanced manufacturing industry workers in the state.  

Professor Mingwei Liu


Professor Mingwei Liu wrote a chapter on Chinese employment relations in Comparative Employment Relations in the Global Political Economy, a major textbook in the field of international and comparative employment relations. The book was edited by Carala Freg and John Kelly and recently published by Routledge.


Professor Lisa Schur recently completed a paper written jointly with Professor Paula Voos and Steven Abraham from SUNY-Oswego. The paper, "Changing Union Representation Voting Regimes: What Can We Learn?," was submitted to the Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations. The paper extends Professor Schur's expertise in voting access for the disabled to the study of telephone and internet voting in union representation elections.


In The News

October 4:
Professor Joseph Blasi was quoted in the weekend paper edition of the Wall Street Journal and online in Google News about the role of employee ownership in Twitter's IPO.  The huge employee stock ownership in Twitter will be a key component of the IIP and media coverage of it. ...
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Sean Rogers, 2013 Ph.D. program graduate

October 8:

Sean Rogers, 2013 Ph.D. program graduate; Professor Adrienne Eaton; and Professor Paula Voos' research on the effects of unionization on graduate student employees was highlighted in Inside Higher Ed. The research finds that professor-Ph.D. student relationships are not degraded by union representation (as opponents of representation claim) and that indeed, unionized graduate student employees report greater professional respect than do their nonunion counterparts. ... Read more.


October 12:

Professor David Bensman was quoted in the Washington Post's article, "A Trumka-to-China moment?" The article spotlights Richard Trumka as the first ever AFL-CIO president to visit China. Professor Bensman says, "The fact that Trumka is going to China could conceivably be a sign that the AFL-CIO has decided that it needs to find a way to engage with Chinese workers, even though the [All-China Federation of Trade Unions] ACFTU is not to its liking." ... Read more.


Professors Adrienne Eaton and Paula Voos

October 16:
Professors Adrienne Eaton and Paula Voos were quoted in
In These Times' article, "Could Grad Students Regain Union Rights? Some Hopeful Signs." Professor Voos says, "You can be a student and employee, just like you can be a mother and an employee-that is obvious in the real world, but the law treats them as mutually exclusive." ... Read more.


October 21:

Professor Terri Boyer was interviewed by NJ101.5 regarding new moms' practice of cutting their maternity leave short. Professor Boyer says, "They need to make sure that they keep that foothold in the workplace because there is no one else to fall back on if they lose that job or if they aren't bringing in the income that they had before."...Listen to the audio


October 31:

Professor Mingwei Liu was a guest speaker on the TV show, Voice of America. During the episode centered on "Issues and Opinions on China Politics," Professor Liu discussed Chinese trade unions and their recent reforms, union elections, and collective bargaining.


November 4:
Professor Janice Fine was interviewed by Rutgers Today regarding New Jersey's pre-election, minimum wage debate. ...
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November 5:
Professor Dana Britton, director of the Center for Women and Work, was interviewed by AMNewYork, regarding the wage gap between men and women. "Men get a wage premium for marrying and having children [but] mothers get a wage penalty. . . In general, men's wages go up across their lives from 25 to 65, but for women you see wages go up from 25 to 34-and then they flat line," says Professor Britton. ...
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November 13;
Professor Adrienne Eaton and Jill Kriesky's
 research with on union neutrality and card check case agreements was mentioned in the Supreme Court's transcript. ... Read more.

Dean Susan Schurman is interviewed for the
Fresh Outlook


November 16:
Rutgers SMLR Dean and Professor Susan Schurman was interviewed for the TV show, Fresh Outlook. Dean Schurman joined a panel discussion about Walmart's workers planned strike on Thanksgiving for higher wages. Dean Schurman says, "The global unemployment problem is what's holding the wages down. It's what makes it very difficult to raise wages here." ...
Watch the interview.  


November 23:

Professors Joseph Blasi and Doug Kruse 

SMLR Professors Joseph Blasi and Doug Kruse and Richard Freeman of Harvard received press coverage for their new book, The Citizen's Share, which highlights "broad-based capitalism," a management style that promotes employees participating in generous profit sharing or employee ownership programs. As the authors put it, "[employee ownership] pays off, at least for those firms and workers that choose it."  The book was reviewed by The Economist, Time Magazine, and PBS Newshour.


Alumni News
Harry Husbands '97, Master's in Labor and Employment Relations
Harry Husbands, MLER '97 

September 26:
Barbados Senator Harcourt "Harry" Husbands, MLER '97, shared his SMLR experiences with students in Carla Katz's Introduction to Labor Studies & Employment Relations class. ... Read more and Watch the video





November 6:

Jennifer Chiu, MHRM '13

The Department of Human Resource Management held open houses for its undergraduate and graduate programs at the Livingston Student Center. Jennifer Chiu, MHRM '13, attended as a special guest speaker and spoke to attendees about her experiences in the master's program and her career trajectory following graduation. ... Read more

In Memoriam

Kay Lynch, an instructor in the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, died this summer after the discovery of bile duct cancer, which had developed unnoticed until July 2013. She will be greatly missed both by the students who took her online writing courses, by the students she advised in the University College Community, and by the many faculty and staff members who knew her.  

Save The Dates

Democratic Capitalism Course

Winter-Spring 2014 Semester 
Mondays, 3:55-6:55 p.m.  
Guest Lecturer: Professor Christopher Mackin, Harvard Trade Union Program


Democracy and capitalism are commonly understood to be parallel ideas. What happens when democratic ideas are applied within capitalism? Can a democratic workplace meet the demands of an international market economy? The spring 2014 semester SMLR course Democratic Capitalism (37:575:377:01) will explore these issues. ... Read more

New Jersey Healthcare Industry Week  

April 7-11, 2014 

This week-long, state-wide event will promote awareness and job opportunities in mental health. You can also learn about New Jersey's growing health care industry. More details about this event are coming soon. For more information, visit

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