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Issue #19                                                                                                                                        December 2014
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SMLR's 20th Anniversary Celebration 

From left, Claude Richardson, GEMHRL '07, vice president of human resources, Ametek, and Actress Gabrielle Carteris, executive vice president of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, join Dean Susan Schurman at the SMLR 20th Anniversary Celebration. 


On November 24, 2014, more than 150 alumni, faculty, staff, sponsors, and friends of SMLR gathered at The Heldrich Hotel & Conference Center to honor the 20th year in which SMLR has been established as a school and the 20th anniversary of SMLR's Center for Women and Work. Guest speakers included Gabrielle Carteris, executive vice president, Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and Claude Richardson, GEMHRL '07, vice president, human resources, Thermal Management Systems Division, Ametek Inc.


Ms. Carteris was introduced by Charles Wowkanech, president of the New Jersey AFL-CIO, and Mr. Richardson was introduced by Sid Seligman, chief human resources officer and senior vice president of human resources at Barnabas Health. Wowkanech and Seligman were the co-chairs. The theme of the event was leadership, with a focus on SMLR's future. Seventeen organizations and individuals participated as generous sponsors. To learn more about the celebration, view our photos, listen to our guest speakers, and read the featured articles in the Courier News, Home News Tribune, and Daily Targum.


Presentations & Events

August 2014:

Professor and Dean Emeritus John F. Burton Jr. served as an expert witness for a plaintiff in Florida Workers' Advocates et al. v. State of Florida. The exclusive remedy provision of the Florida workers' compensation statute was found unconstitutional by Judge Jorge E. Cueto of the Circuit Court of the 11th Judicial Circuit for Miami-Dade County, Florida, based in part on his deposition.


Professor Burton presented his paper on, "Workers' Compensation Developments Since 1960 and the Future of the Program, with Particular Emphasis on the Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry," at the Annual Meeting of Workers Compensation Insurance Organizations in June 2014. He also presented "The Costs of Workplace Injuries and Diseases: How Much? Who Pays? What Policies Should be Used to Reduce the Costs?," during the 66th Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association in May 2014.


September 23:

Dr. Thomas Haipeter

Industrial relations expert Dr. Thomas Haipeter (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany) visited SMLR as a guest of the working group on "Governing Work in the Global Economy," sponsored by Rutgers' GAIA Centers. Dr. Haipeter discussed German unions' efforts to better represent the interests of white-collar workers. He also gave guest lectures in two undergraduate classes taught by Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven: "Labor & Democracy," in which he introduced students to co-determination laws as forms of economic democracy in Germany, and "Labor & the Global Economy," in which he discussed strategies for manufacturing companies to maintain profitability in the face of global competition.


September 29:

HRM and LSER undergraduate and graduate students met with more than 40 recruiters during SMLR's Fall Career Fair, held at the Livingston Student Center. The annual event is a networking opportunity in which students are able to meet with prospective employers, while honing the interviewing techniques acquired through SMLR's Career Services. Attendees also had the opportunity to take a photo

 for use in updating their LinkedIn profile. ... Read more. 

Dr. Jeannette Rogowski


October 7: 
Dr. Jeannette Rogowski, a professor at Rutgers School of Public Health, discussed the staffing and practice environments of neonatal intensive care units in the U.S. and Italy as a guest speaker at the Labor Education Center. ... Read more.  


Jeffrey Stoller, Assistant Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development gives the opening remarks during the Healthcare & IT Panel. 

October 10:

The New Jersey Health Care Talent Network (NJ HCTN) and the Technology and Entrepreneurship Talent Network (TETN) held a Healthcare & IT Panel at the Livingston Student Center to promote job opportunities in health information technology and showcase the ways in which this work is providing a higher quality of care in the healthcare industry. ... Read more 


October 16:

SMLR's newly created student chapter of the Labor and Employment Research Association, RU LERA, held its first event focused on workplace arbitration and mediation. Expert arbitrators and mediators participated in a panel discussion about their career trajectories and experiences, which was attended by more than 80 LSER students. ... Read more


October 28-29:

Marilyn Sneiderman and Dr. Dorian Warren from Columbia University at the Corporate Social Responsibility Convening.

A "Corporate Social Responsibility Convening" of more than 100 high level staff and leaders from almost 70 unions, community and worker organizations was held at the Labor Education Center for the discussion and planning for how workers' organizations can make use of  corporate social responsibility policies to benefit workers' and communities' interests. Attendees shared their organization's campaign experiences, with the goal of furthering corporate social responsibility. Marilyn Sneiderman, director of the newly created Center for Innovation in Worker Organization, facilitated the event. ... Read more


RUSHRM/Jim Chelius/Automatic Data Processing HR Case Competition finalists

November 21:
Five teams of HR students completed the final round of the RU SHRM/Jim Chelius/Automatic Data Processing (ADP) HR Case Competition in which they were judged by ADP's leading executives. All team members now have the opportunity to individually interview for internship opportunities at ADP, one of the world's largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management (HCM) services. Additionally, the winning three teams received monetary awards sponsored by ADP. Each of the five teams received a specialized plaque and additional monetary awards supported by the Jim Chelius Fund. ... Read more


November 20:
CWW's Terri Boyer and Glenda Gracia-Rivera led the first session of the U.S. Education Department's Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE)'s series, "Equity Learning Sessions," in Washington, D.C. They were joined by Marie Barry, director, and Charlotte Gray, education program development specialist, at the N.J. Office of Career and Technical Education. The series seeks to provide exemplary models for enhancing equity in Career and Technical Education (CTE) at the state and national levels. The session, entitled "DATA: The Path to Improving Equity Outcomes," focused on New Jersey's approach to equity in CTE and the Regional Equity and Access Development Initiative (READI) model, developed by CWW's Career Equity Resource Center. Johan Uvin, acting assistant secretary to OCTAE, was in attendance, along with more than 40 OCTAE staff and internal educational department guests.  


Executive and Professional Education


Register today for SMLR's Executive and Professional Education (EPE) programs beginning in January 2015. Choose among 12 one-day workshops in the Leadership Development Series or 4 two-day workshops in Essential Management Skills to enhance your professional training and development.  

  • Leadership workshops include Communication Strategies, Strategic Goal Setting, Building High Performing Teams, Motivation and Influence, Coaching, Legalities, Conflict Resolution, and more!
  • Management workshops include Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities; Managing Employee Performance; Developing Individuals and Teams; and Managing Priorities, Solving Problems, and Legalities.

*EPE provides a 10% alumni discount as well as group discounts for all courses. For more information, call 848-445-5526 or email View our program calendar with a full list of Executive and Professional Education's offerings.


Awards & Achievements
Professor John F. Burton Jr.
Professor and Dean Emeritus John F. Burton, Jr.

Professor and Dean Emeritus John F. Burton Jr. was selected as "One of the 50 Most Influential People in Workers' Compensation and Occupational Medicine" by Seak, Inc. at the National Workers' Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference in July. 


Faculty & Staff News


Professor Richard W. "Dick" Beatty

Professor Richard W. "Dick" Beatty retired from Rutgers, following his more than 30-year tenure at the university. Professor Beatty is known around the world for his expertise in strategic human resource management. As the former executive director of the Global Executive Masters in Human Resource Leadership (GEMHRL) program, Professor Beatty helped 11 groups of high potential HR leaders to obtain their degrees. Professor Beatty has helped reshape the field of Human Resource Management to focus on the strategic role of talent as a major source of a firm's competitive advantage. His research and writing has been critical in applying behavioral science to human resource management and creating the tools critical to advancing HR programs. In addition, Professor Beatty has worked with over half of the U.S.'s Fortune 100 firms.

Professor Hadi El-Farr


Professor Hadi El-Farr is a newly appointed faculty member in the Department of Human Resource Management. Prior to joining SMLR, Hadi El-Farr was a visiting assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati teaching courses in human resources and organizational behavior. Professor El-Farr earned his Ph.D. in HRM from the University of Leeds, M.B.A. from the Lebanese American University, and B.B.A. from the American University of Beirut. View his profile for more information

Ildi Koczan


Ildi Koczan is a newly appointed career management specialist in the Department of Human Resource Management. Before joining SMLR, Koczan worked at The College of New Jersey, supporting undergraduate and graduate students and alumni with their job, internship, and graduate school search and transitions. Koczan holds M.A. degrees in human resources and counseling. View her profile for more information.

Jim Terez


Jim Terez is a newly appointed faculty member in the Department of Human Resource Management. Before joining SMLR, Jim taught at New York University's Department of Human Resource Management and Development. His research interests include global total rewards strategy, innovation and the future of Human Resource Management, and the relationship between HR Management and general management. Jim earned his M.A. from Rutgers University and his M.B.A. in accounting at New York University. View his profile for more information. 

Nayana Vaidya

Nayana Vaidya is a newly appointed career management specialist in the Department of Human Resource Management. Vaidya has nine years of experience providing career counseling to university students, and she customizes her services to meet student career needs. Nayana Vaidya has a M.A. in counseling. View her profile for more information.


New Developments

SMLR's Center for Women and Work launched a new website! Learn about how CWW is addressing women's advance in the workplace, cutting-edge research on successful public and workplace policies, and technical assistance and programs for educators, industry, and government by visiting

WINGS welcomes PSEG as a new sponsor.


Women Investing In and Guiding Women (WINGSwelcomes PSEG, Avon and Covance as its new sponsors. The companies join Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson, and Accenture in providing outstanding mentoring opportunities for Rutgers undergraduate, female students. Thanks to these six companies, 60 Rutgers students are gaining valuable insights from experienced business women about how to make the transition from college to the workplace. ... Read more.   


Alumni News
Professor John McCarthy, IRHR '14


John McCarthy, IRHR '14, has accepted a job as an assistant professor at Cornell's ILR School. He will work within the HR Studies Department.


Research & Publications


Professor Emeritus John F. Burton Jr.'s article, "Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry Underwriting Results Improve in 2012," was included in the Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report, Issue Seven, in November 2013.

Professor Joo H. Han


Professor Joo H. Han's paper, "Tightening up the Performance-Pay Linkage: Roles of Contingent Reward Leadership and Profit-Sharing in the Cross-Level Influence of Individual Pay-for-Performance" was accepted for publication by the Journal of Applied Psychology. Professor Han's co-written article, "Tightening up the Performance-Pay Linkage: Roles of Contingent Reward Leadership and Profit-Sharing in the Cross-Level Influence of Individual Pay-for-Performance," is forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Psychology.


The Occupational Training and Education Consortium recently completed its second, five-year project with CPWR/Center for Construction Research and Training in which they evaluated the efficacy of safety liaisons and worker training. The research team and partners released a report on their work titled, Bending Toward Justice: How Latino Immigrants Became Community and Safety Leaders. View the report for details. 

In The News



September 3:

Professor Terri Boyer, executive director at Rutgers' Center for Women and Work, is quoted several times in SHRM's HR Magazine article on gender pay gap. 


September 23:

Professor Mingwei Liu

Professor Mingwei Liu is featured in the Quartz article,"The Company That Made Your iPhone Is Reluctantly Bringing Democracy To Chinese Labor." The article focuses on worker organizing and the development of trade unions in China.  


September 24:

Dr. Mary Gatta's published ethnography, "All I Want Is a Job! Unemployed Women Navigating the Public Workforce System," documents the experiences of unemployed women as they navigate the public workforce system and struggle to survive unemployment during the great recession. On September 30, Dr. Gatta was quoted in an Asbury Park Press article on New Jersey's minimum wage.   


October 8:

CWW's study on paid leave is referenced in Women's eNews, an award-winning nonprofit news service covering issues of particular concern to women and providing women's perspectives on public policy.


Dean Susan Schurman is quoted in the Huffington Post article, "80 Percent Of Female Restaurant Workers Say They've Been Harassed By Customers."  


Professor Terri Boyer

October 9:

Professor Terri Boyer's course, "Issues in Work: Work-Life Balance," is the subject of The Globe and Mail's article, "Course Opens Students' Eyes To Harsh Reality of Working Life."  


Professor Barbara Lee is quoted in the Inside Higher Ed article, "Right to Know Why Not," in which she discusses a professor's right to know why he/she did not earn tenure.


October 14

SMLR Professor Janice Fine is quoted in The Washington Post's article on home health aide workers' fight for higher wages.


November 10:
Professor Carla Katz
was interviewed for Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto, during which she discussed fast food workers' fight for fair wages.  

November 13:
Professor David Bensman's article on misclassified workers, "If It Looks Like Employment, It Probably Is," is featured in  Professor Bensman's dispatch from a strike, "Port Truck Drivers on Strike! A Dispatch from Two of the Nation's Largest Ports," is featured in Dissent. 

Professor David Bensman

November 26:
Professor Carla Katz "debunks Fox's myths on raising the minimum wage," during an interview with the talk radio show, The Union Edge.
On November 27, she was interviewed by Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto regarding Walmart's Black Friday protests. 


December 2014:

Professor David Bensman'sreview of David Weil's "The Fissured Workplace" will appear in this month's Working USA, and his review of Barbara Garson's "Down the Up Staircase" will appear in Working USA in March 2015.  Professor Bensman's article, "Misclassification: Workers in the Borderland," appeared in the Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics in August 2014.

Professor Saul Rubinstein

December 1:
Professor Saul Rubinstein is featured in the Los Angeles Times' article on labor-management collaboration and its effect on American education.

December 11:
Professor Carla Katz's op-ed, "It's Time We Revived FDR's 'Wages of A Decent Living' " is published in The Conversation, an independent news website. 

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April 6-10

New Jersey Health Care Industry Week 2015
New Jersey Health Care Industry Week is an opportunity to showcase the importance of in-demand careers within the health care field, highlight educational pathways, and motivate people to become part of New Jersey's health care workforce. This year's event will focus on career,  educational, and training opportunities in nursing. For more information, visit


April 25
Rutgers Day 2015
Come share in our Rutgers pride by exploring the university's research, education, and service. A list of SMLR events will be provided soon on the SMLR Rutgers Day webpage. On April 1, a complete listing of university-wide programs will be posted on the university's Rutgers Day website.


May 16
SMLR Convocation
SMLR faculty, staff, students and their family members will come together during this intimate gathering to honor graduates and present them with degrees in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Labor Studies and Employment Relations. For more information, visit


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