August 28, 2015

St. Margaret Mary
School Newsletter
Forms   Forms   Forms

Last call for all forms.  Please submit these to your homeroom teachers as soon as possible.
Throughout this week, we have continued to add to our After School offerings that are posted on our school website.
Please click here to see the latest additions
that include History Club and Chess Club. Please note that an edit has been made to the
Reading Reinforcement class - it is being offered to 1st & 2nd grade students, not Kindergarten.
We will be publishing each trimester's options on our website this year instead of sending notices monthly via email. 

Boot Camp
Saturday, August 29
1:30 - 3:30 pm
Hospitality Room
Grades 4-8

The purpose of the boot camp is to determine aptitude and interest in the SMM children's hand bell choir. Please RSVP to Brenda Harrison at
Coffee & Tissues

Thank you to Susan McLoughlin-Cortes for organizing the Coffee & Tissues event for our Kindergarten families on the 1st day of school. Thank you to her awesome helper, Stephanie Pacanowski, too!

A huge thank you to Susan McLoughlin-Cortes and the many volunteers she recruited to assist our Littlest Mustangs with navigating the cafeteria this first week and a half of school! 

Susan Andriot
Christie Blincoe
Maeghan Breunig
Patricia Caudill
Jill Clark
Ann Fore
Brandan Holbrook
Shelley Jennings
Tammy Moorman
Erin Norrenbrock
Stephanie Pacanowski
Lisa Pelle
Audra Rich
Ann Showalter
Amy Stephenson
Alexandria Watson
 Grandparents Day
September 8
Grades K-4

8:30 am  Grandparents gather in the PAC/Gym

9:00 - 9:30 am Open House - classroom visits
Grandparents should attend their youngest grandchild's classroom first

9:30 am Prayer Service - Church

10:00 am Dismissal
The date s for 6th-8th grade KYA this year is Sunday, December 13 - Tuesday, December 15. 

The first meeting of the year for both students and parents will be on Monday, August 31 in the Hospitality Room from 2:45-3:30 pm.
Parking News

Please be watchful of where you park. The Foxwood parking lot will tow cars during normal business hours. Also, please only park in designated parking spots on the SMM property. 

SMM Parent/Student Directory

At the Open House last night, the homeroom teachers distributed the aqua blue-covered 2015-16 Parent/Student Directory to the youngest or only child in each family. If you did not receive this valuable resource, please contact your homeroom teacher. This directory should be kept on-hand throughout the year as it lists parent contact information including email addresses. 
PTO Open Positions

SMM PTO has a few open positions to fill for the 2015-2016 school year. If interested, please contact Erin Haynes Reed at
  • Fall Festival Outside Events Coordinator
  • Fall Festival Neighborhood Baskets Coordinator
  • Box Tops/Labels for Education Chair
  • PTO Assistant Treasurer 
Do you LOVE to paint?
Are you Artistic?

We are looking for adults that are artistic and creative to design and paint classroom pottery for the Fall Festival. This is a wonderful opportunity to use your talents to help raise money for SMM.  All pottery is auctioned off on October 23 at the Fall Festival. Call Jenny Nichols at (502) 643-1939 to learn more!
Cub Scout Parent Information Meeting
Grades 1-5

Please join us for a Parent information meeting on Thursday, September 3 at 6:30 pm in the Hospitality Room. Questions? Please call Rick Gallahue at (502) 773-8834.  The boys will also be attending a meeting during the school day on Tuesday, September 1.
PE Shorts

Uniform PE shorts are required for all 4th-8th grade students. Please place your order as soon as possible. If you are waiting on the PE shorts to arrive, please make sure your student has appropriate shorts (girls' shorts = 7" inseam, boys' shorts = 9" inseam) and send a note to Mrs. Iceman that the shorts have been ordered. Note: PE shorts that were recently ordered may not be in until late September. Please click here for the order form. 


Please click here to read important information and view the list of room parents for the 2015-2016 school year. There will be a meeting on Friday, September 4th at 10:30 am to discuss responsibilities for the coming year.

Confirmation Dates

* Parents Meeting, Tuesday, September 8 at 7:00 pm  in the Hospitality Room.
* Confirmation Rehearsal, Thursday, April 21 at 6:00 pm in the church.
* Confirmation, Saturday, April 23 at 11:00 am in the church.
Internet & Social Media Safety for Your Child

To learn more on this important topic, a special session will be offered on September 22 at Sacred Heart Model School. Please click here for complete details.

U of L Soccer

Come join the University of Louisville men's soccer team for their opening game on August 28th at 7:30 pm. Ten + group tickets are only $5.  The team always visits our SMM Field Day each spring, and this is a great opportunity to support them.
Tickets can be purchased, in advance, with (502) 852-0120 or the Papa John's Cardinal Stadium ticket office. Click here for more information.

SMM Holiday Boutique

The St. Margaret Mary Holiday Boutique is looking for vendors and exhibitors for the 25th Annual Holiday Boutique on Saturday, November 7 from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Please email  for more information.  
Living Rosary

Click here to learn more about the Living Rosary that will take place on Sunday, October 4 at St. Xavier High School. This is open to any school age boy or girl. 
  Daily Mass Schedule 
Tuesday, September 1 - 5th grade
Wednesday, September 2 - 2nd grade
Thursday, September 3 - All School Mass (5B)

Friday, September 4 - Jr. High
News from Mrs. Sims

We have been blessed by the presence of your children this week!  They help bring focus to the staff of why we are here and how much we love our work.  There was a great turn out for our annual PTO Open House on August 27th, which further shows your support and faith in St. Margaret Mary School and the mission we uphold.  Open House is a time to learn about the new school year, get familiar with the teachers and schedule, and enjoy the company of old friends.  We also take the time to welcome the new PTO Board, hear about the great things they were able to accomplish the prior year and learn about future plans.  For this year in particular, Open House also gave our families and staff a sense of normalcy and community.
As your children transition into the new school year, there are many things that you can do to support them and the school mission.  Embrace their learning with enthusiasm.  Ask specific questions about what they are learning.  Regardless of what some children may say, we never do "nothing"!  Communicate with the teachers and staff in a positive and supportive manner and work as a team to assist the students.  Help your children get organized; for some it isn't an innate skill and can be difficult to learn.  Celebrate your child's strengths and help them work through their weaknesses.  Some of our best lessons come by how we manage our setbacks, and everyone has them.  Encourage some unstructured time for play and just "being" to allow for creativity and problem solving skills to develop. Together, we can make great things happen this year!
May God Bless You,
Wendy Sims

Spirit Wear Store now ONLINE!

You can now purchase SMM Spirit Wear through our new online store. We have new inventory and will continue to add new items such as white NIKE hats and Volleyball shirts! Orders will processed weekly. Orders placed by Monday will be delivered on  Thursday . Click here to check out our newest additions!
The new pricing for school lunches this year is  $2.65 per student lunch. You can find complete details about lunch and how to utilize  to place money on your child's account on the school website, or  you can click here .
We are now serving YoDots Ice Cream for $2.00 per 3 ounce bag. As with all the snacks, if you are not wanting your child to purchase snacks or ice cream please inform them. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to monitor who is allowed to purchase snacks. Only grades 3rd through 8th grade are able to purchase snacks.

Grandparents Day 
Volunteers Needed!

The Grandparents Day Committee is in need of some parent volunteers to help at the event on Tuesday, September 8th. Volunteers are needed from 7:30 am to approx. 10:30 am to help with greeting, setup, directing and clean up. This is a wonderful event and we need your help to make it a success. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mary Agnes Hayden at 
After School Activities

If your student will be staying for any after school activity or practice, please read the following information carefully:
Children of grades K-4 :  The parents must write a note daily (this may be done in the assignment notebook) stating that your child will be staying for the activity/practice.  If there is no note, your child will go home by their main mode of afternoon transportation.
* Children of grades 5-8 :  If your child has an activity that occurs weekly, you may write one blanket note to the teacher with all practice dates that will allow your child to stay after school for these events.
As written in the handbook, if the child forgets his/her note, they will not be allowed to call home to receive permission to stay after school.  Thanks for your attention to this matter. 
School Office Reminders
  • Items brought in for students after the school day has begun will be left on the cart outside the school office with the child's name on it. Parents should email the homeroom teacher about what was left for the student.
  • Transportation changes should be reported to the school office by 2:00 pm at (502) 426-2635 or
  • Students may not be signed out/ dismissed from the school office after 2:20 pm.
1st Meeting of the School Year
The MenT.O.R.S. Program (created by SMM fathers) kick off the year with a meeting on September 13 from 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the Church - following 5:00 pm Mass. This program is for 4th - 8th grade Fathers and Sons, however our first meeting in September is open to all family members (moms and daughters, too).
This will be our most important MenT.O.R.S. meeting to date! 
How Adversity Can Create  Opportunity!
We'll discuss moving forward and how we can turn our concerns and fears into a defining moment for our families, our community, and our parish.  It's time to talk about being part of the solution. It is time for the next step towards positive resolution.
This is our moment!  Now we must use it to become better than we've been!  It starts with fellowship and participation.  Be present!  We need you!  This Parish Needs You!
*Snacks will be provided
RSVP by emailing:
Contact Eric Thomas with questions at (502) 718-1776.  
School Volunteers

As we begin the school year, please remember that if you would like to volunteer your time in any capacity (such as cafeteria, room parent, field trip chaperone, etc.) you must have completed a background check and the Safe Environment Training Honor Thy Children workshop.  If you have any questions, please contact the parish office at (502)  426-1588 .
Kroger Cards

Enrolling your Kroger Plus Card allows our school to earn money every time you shop or fill your gas tank.
Last year we earned over $18,000 for our school with less than 40% of our families enrolled.

Please take the time to re-enroll (or enroll for the first time). All accounts will automatically be cleared  from Community Rewards after August 30. You must go into your account and add SMM again between now and August 30.To do this:
  •  Go to and log in or create an account. If you are creating an account for the first time, you need your Kroger Plus Card number. (This is the card you scan at the register to get the discount).
  • Once you are in your account, click on Community and then Community Rewards. When you are prompted to add a school, our school code is 10085.
Each child will receive 5 free dress passes with each family enrolled. You need to send a screen shot of your account with SMM listed. Do not send a link to your account; this requires us to have your password. Please send the screen shot to or text it to Julie (502)419-7949. (Be sure your family name is visible so I know who to credit). Dress passes can only be used on Fridays.
Supernova Auditions
In grades 3 - 6, there is an auditioned choir (Supernova) that meets at 7:15 am on Tuesdays and at 7:40 am on all-school mass days [usually Thursday].  {A Supernova is a stellar happening with great energy}. Students are chosen based on their singing audition with Mrs. Harrison. Approximately 40 students are chosen to be a part of this special group. Students choose one of the remaining two options to come to school for their audition. 
Please choose one day to audition: 
Tuesday, September 1  
Wednesday, September 2  
All auditions are at 7:15 am in the music room.   
SMM Kids

SMM has a new program for the children in our parish. Pope Francis recently said, "It is very important to reaffirm the family which remains the essential cell of society and the Church." Introducing...SMM Kids which will be launched this fall. There will be a shift in programming as a parish with the goal to purposefully keep the family together while providing excellent formation opportunities for all family members. On Sunday and Wednesday evenings, SMM will be filled with activity as men, women, youth, and children gather across campus to connect and grow in their Catholic faith.
SMM Kids will offer Nursery (0-2 yr. old), Pre-School (3 yrs. - Kindergarten) and Elementary (1st grade - 5th grade) classes.

 Coming Soon  . . .


Saturday, August 29 
1:30-3:30 pm
Youth Handbell Boot Camp - Hospitality Room

Sunday, August 30
Please register your Kroger Card as a SMM Rewards Recipient by August 30

Monday, August 31 


Tuesday, September 1

7:15 am
Supernova Auditions - Music Room
8:15 am
Daily Mass - 5th Grade
2:45-3:30 pm
KYA Parent/Student Meeting - Hospitality Room
3:00-4:00 pm
Math Mania - 1st & 4th grade & Jr. High 
Jazz It Up 
3:00-4:30 pm
Ready, Set, Study 

Wednesday, September 2

7:15 am
Supernova Auditions - Music Room
8:15 am
Daily Mass -2nd Grade


Thursday, September 3

8:15 am
All School Mass (5B)
3:00-3:45 pm
History Club Parent/Student Information Meeting - 7G classroom
3:00-4:00 pm
Math Mania - 1st grade & Jr. High
Jazz It Up
3:00-4:30 pm
Pottery Wheel Class
6:30 pm
Cub Scout Parent Information Meeting - Hospitality Room
6:30 pm
Parent Band Information Meeting - new band families only

Friday, September 4   

8:15 am
Daily Mass - Jr. High
10:30 am
Room Parent Meeting - Hospitality Room


Looking Ahead  . . . Save the Dates!


September 7
No School - Labor Day
September 8
Grandparents Day - grades K-4

Confirmation - Parents Meeting
September 9
Chick-fil-A Spirit Day - fundraiser
September 13
MenT.O.R.S. - 1st meeting of the year
September 16
Early Dismissal at 1:15 pm
Flu Shots offered by Kroger in the
Hospitality Room
October 10
2nd Grade Day of Reflection
October 23
Fall Festival
November 18, 19 & 21
6th Grade Musical - Peter Pan
November 19
First Reconciliation
December 7
K/1st grade Christmas Musical
December 13-15
March 5, 2016
SMM Gala
April 23, 2016
April 27, 28, 29, & May 1
7th & 8th Grade Musical- Guys & Dolls
April 30, 2016
First Holy Communion
May 18, 2016
8th Grade Graduation