SMP Increases Gantry Grinding Capacity
Specialty Metals Processing (SMP) has expanded its Gantry Grinding processing capabilities with the addition of two new gantry grinders. These versatile machines are capable of grinding slab, plate, billet and sheet. When it comes to size, these impressive machines can handle thicknesses up to 2 feet, widths up to 12 feet and lengths up to 100 feet.

All materials that SMP processes – titanium, high nickel alloys, stainless steel and other specialty metals – are excellent candidates for gantry grinding. Slabs can be processed for further rolling and testing. Plates and sheets can be processed for gauge removal, defect removal and pit free surfaces. The gantry grinders can also process material that is not flat – a distinct advantage over other grinding methods.  

SMP offers the largest belt grinding/polishing service in the U.S.  Our latest investment in adding to our gantry grinding capacity is a commitment to our customers and the industries they serve.

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Whether it is coil polishing or buffing, cut-to-length or slitting, polishing or grinding of sheet, plate or slab, and now waterjet cutting and machining, the SMP team is ready to serve!
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