SMP’s Coil Polish Process Will Get You to the Finish Line 
Specialty Metals Processing (SMP), is an industry leading toll processor and provides coil to coil polishing of stainless steel, aluminum and high nickel alloy steels.  As a toll processor, SMP does not buy or sell metal, we process our customers’ metal and provide them a competitive advantage in their markets. At SMP, we are your partner, not your competitor.
Stainless Steel – Coil to Coil Polishing
SMP provides a variety of finishes in stainless grades 200, 300 and 400. #3 and #4 finishes are the most common and are widely used for kitchen/restaurant equipment, food processing and dairy equipment. Custom finishes that require specific Ra ranges or particular grain lengths have been developed by SMP or can be developed through sample matching and trialing.
What is Ra and how does it relate to finishes?  Ra is an industry recognized measure of the roughness of the surface of polished material. Using an instrument called a profilometer, the peaks and valleys of closely spaced irregularities in the surface of the material are measured. The average of these measurements result in an Ra reading. Generally, the lower the Ra reading, the smoother the surface; and the higher the Ra reading the rougher the surface. Using developed “recipes”, where parameters such as belt type, belt grit, speed and pressure are carefully controlled, SMP can achieve consistent results for both standard and custom finishes.

For more detailed information or questions related to SMP’s coil polishing process, please contact one of our customer service professionals.  Also, you are welcome to arrange a visit to SMP to view all of our coil, sheet, plate and slab processing capabilities.
For quick turnarounds, consistent quality and competitive pricing – SMP is your toll processing partner!
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