May 1st, 2022 Vending Technology News
Powered by Intel processors, the SMRT1 POD Cloud Platform, offers high-performance computing, graphics and real-time data collection that feeds to the cloud and can be easily accessed through their all-in-one cloud platform. 

SMRT1 POD stands for “Personalized On-Demand”.

Each and every interaction on these smart vending machines are recorded via event logs, touchscreen clicks and product dispensing requests.

Grow your vending operation with the product you have.

Gimme’s VMS predicts if you are likely to run out of a product before the next delivery with Warehouse Rationing. Rationing intelligently redistributes inventory to reduce the probability of stockouts in your markets and machines. Rationing is recalculated daily and automatically adjusts based on actual sales instead of forecasted sales. Users may also temporarily replace a product. This is automatically reverted once the warehouse either has enough of the product or the rationing is deactivated for a product.

(Beijing) Co., LTD. (“Jingpin Hitech”) was founded in 2013, through continuous R&D dedication and with abundant industry practices, it has become a leading technological company that brings innovation for VM intelligent management systems.

As a total solution provider in the intelligent retail sector, Jingpin Hitech proudly developed Smart Retail AIoT Cloud Platform by integrating AI, big data, Internet of Things as well as cloud computing technologies. The platform provides intelligent and comprehensive system services for vending machines, humanizing the vending machines with a smart brain. 

With gas prices on the rise nationwide, operators are more aware than ever before of the impact of rising fuel costs on their bottom lines. 

Thankfully, Malvern PA-based Cantaloupe, Inc. is doing something about that by partnering with Vendors Exchange, to integrate their Universal Control Board into Cantaloupe’s Remote Price Change solution. 

This partnership will make it possible for operators to easily identify which machines need price changes and then those changes can be made remotely.  

Alex Vaserman, VP of Technology at Nayax LLC, sat down with the Nayax team to talk about the future of micro markets, and what he learned at NAMA.

“Technological advances are being made to micro markets at a surprising rate, improving user experience exponentially. The process of purchasing items at a self-checkout is becoming more natural for the end user, with an intuitive interface and endless options to choose from.

More and more people are flocking to these micro markets because they are quick, convenient, and can offer a larger variety of high-quality products as they are not limited by space.

Micro markets are a low-cost and high-return way of breaking into the unattended market. The cost of a good combo vending machine that allows for several products to be bought at once is upwards of $10,000, while a micro market POS costs about $2,500.  

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