March 1st, 2021 Vending Technology News
By Michelle Brisebois

Smart vending technology is growing briskly as many sectors seek ways to innovate operationally during the COVID-19 pandemic. SMRT1 Technologies, a Canadian-based smart vending technology company recognizes that many of these operational shifts have been developing for some time, are being accelerated by the pandemic challenges, and will continue to develop post-pandemic. SMRT1 Technologies’ roll out of SMRT1 POD (Personalized On-Demand) intelligent vending solutions in the fresh food and public health sectors are already making a positive impact. 

Smart Vending and Food Service

SMRT1 Technologies worked closely with Vancouver-based UpMeals to customize the software for a refrigerated delivery system delivering healthy, fresh meals. UpMeals product lines can be found in retail and office locations, and will soon be in condos and apartment buildings in the Vancouver, BC, area with more locations set to roll out soon. The intelligent vending software allows the operator to remotely direct creative, production, inventory management, and delivery processes.

VICKI AI-Powered Smart Stores Provide Extra Layer of Protection
Nurses and healthcare workers across the United States (and worldwide) have been on the frontlines fighting Covid-19 for the last 12 months so it makes sense for hospitals and healthcare sites to do everything possible to stop the spread of Covid-19 and other viruses. 

Thanks to a recent partnership between ViaTouch Media, creator of VICKI AI-powered smart stores, and M.M. Hayes, nurses and healthcare workers are getting an ‘extra layer’ of protection in hospitals. 

Gone are the traditional cash and coin vending machines from the past as more hospitals and healthcare sites nationwide are opting for VICKI AI-powered smart stores that also have Quickcharge, a frictionless payment platform that eliminates the need for anyone to touch the vending machine. 

Mobivend’s cashless payment solutions and touch-free dispensation that helps with supply chain optimization, increased business visibility and advanced consumer insights. Their contactless vending solutions can transform existing vending machines to automated, intelligent, smart, unmanned, digital, cashless retail micro stores and self-service kiosks.

Since the start of Covid-19, more consumers want to have cashless payment options regardless if they are buying foods or beverages from their favorite vending machine, or local restaurant. If you’ve been thinking about investing in cashless payment vending machines, you may want to consider the technology solutions that Mobivend can offer you.

Thanks to Mobivend, the company’s software makes it possible for operators to track their machines daily sales and stay on track of how their machines are performing so that they never run out of the products that consumers enjoy. 

Operators seeking to use MDB and DEX capable vending machines in limited spaces can turn to Seaga’s Infinity 5-Wide Combo machine. The Seaga machine allows operators to sell different categories of products, such as beverages and food products, in a single machine, eliminating the need for multiple machines.

This health and safety compliant vending machine is manufactured in the state-of-the-art facility and is equipped with the ability to hold five trays (Six trays in Latin America). This means that an operator can fit a lot of options in their vending machine including 165 candies, 110 potato chips, and 96 beverages. 

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