From your MBEIC Chair
As we come to a Year End close…
As 2019 draws to a close, we can look at what we have accomplished so far this year and what is still waiting for us to complete it. Where we see we could have perhaps done a little more and the steps we should have perhaps not have taken. They all for sure will still help us learn, make better decisions, and be better persons, better leaders, and more impactful MBEs.

If we look at all the opportunities SMSDC/NMSDC events and resources helped us afford and other industry specific or vertical target markets where we deal throughout the year, I invite you to see not only your ROI, but also what our DIMD score is. Do you know what a DIMD score is? It is the points you can assign yourself with a D id I M ake a D ifference point system, asking ourselves if we attended the events in our area 1 pt.; how about out of town? + 5 points; did I make new meaningful connections? +1 pt. for each one, did I get a new opportunity? +1 pt., did I learn anything new? + 1pt. for each new thing; did I share knowledge, expertise or helped others make connections + 1 +1 +1 pts., and so on and so forth.

This is an objective measure to determine based on what we are able to manage, how effective we are at using our MBE Certification. If we are falling short; well, there is always the opportunity to improve next time around.

With Thanksgiving leftovers maybe still in the fridge and looking at our calendars, we may be asking ourselves how we will accomplish everything we need to do in just a few short weeks. As winter storms impact more than flights, with gloom news in many spheres troubling us, being pressed for time to complete all of our business year-end activities; and, not smallest of all to-dos, our time and self-giving list for others, for friends and for our family. It is no wonder we may feel overwhelmed and loose focus of what really matters most.… Let’s stop for a moment and recognize and be grateful once again for how blessed we truly are.

Let us not forget what many of us celebrate this season and join in a spirit of hope, of joy, of sharing and loving. Let us be kind to each other, lift those who need a hand and share of the blessings we have received. For it is in this measure that we truly receive and fully experience joy and lasting happiness. When we make a difference around us, specially for those who can’t give back.

Many blessings to you and everyone around you this Holiday Season and for 2020. 

Beatriz Fernandez

CS Cargo USA, LLC - Laredo, TX
James & Luther, Inc - El Paso, TX
Petal Caddie, LLC - San Antonio, TX
RAC Industrial Supply, LLC - Hidalgo, TX
RB Trading Company, LLC - McAllen, TX
Snack Jack, LLC - Austin, TX
SHI Government Solutions, Inc - Austin, TX
Texas Rubberized Roof Coatings - El Paso, TX

Advanced Health Systems of America - Lawton, OK
Avanza Loop - Laredo, TX
Liza's Tovar Electric - El Paso, TX
Opifex Central Texas, LLC - Austin, TX
Villagomez Engineering Company - San Antonio, TX

Avenir Mission Solutions, LLC - San Antonio, TX
Blue Star Integrative Studio, Inc - Tulsa, OK
Cvent, Inc - Austin, TX
Encast, Inc - Austin, TX
Redding Technologies, Inc - Austin, TX
Robinson General Contractors, Inc -
. San Antonio, TX
Spray-Rite, Inc - Pocola, OK
Super Transport International - Laredo, TX
Top Tier Service, Inc - Bosque Farms, NM
Wuel, LLC - San Antonio, TX


Arise Solutions, Inc.        
BLGY, Incorporated        
Bright Lighting, Inc. dba BL Tower Construction  
Carmen Pacheco Transportation LLC       
Cesar-Scott, Inc.               
Cocolevio LLC    
Danrick Industries Inc.   
Diversified Textile Services, LLC. dba
R3 Industrial             
Escamilla & Poneck, LLP
For Positioning Only LLC
Frontline Support Solutions, LLC
Griffin Food Company   
Infection Controls, Inc.  
Interload Forwarding     
International Academy of Tax and
Trade Law, LLC             
J. R., Inc.              
J.L. Industrial Machine Shop       
Limon's Road Service     
Lopez Scrap Metal Inc.  
Marc A. Rodriguez           
Mikaila & the Bees, LLC 
New Mexico Food Distributors, Inc.         
Plastic Giant, Inc.             
Prodisa Industrial Group               
Ramon Worthington, PLLC           
Reyes Amtex Automotive LLC     
Reyes Automotive Group II, LLC
RFL Consulting Solutions, Inc.     
RODCO Enterprises, Inc.
Rose Systems Corporation           
Ross Molina Oliveros, PC              
Russell Transport Inc      
S.E. Transport, LTD          
SensisTX / K. Fernandez & Associates      
SIM Industrial Supply     
TBD Post Production LLC              
Venkel LTD
Requirement for All New MBEs: 

You must participate in the training prior to the Certification Committee reviews your application. 

All new MBE's must attend a Pre-Certification & Post-Certification training. The training will be held by conference call several times a month for each session. Please make sure to attend one pre-certification & one post-certification training in order to complete the certification process. Appointment is not necessary. 

The following are dates available for December:
Wednesday, December 4th
Wednesday, December 11th
Wednesday, December 18th

Each training is from 10am - 11am CST
Conference call number: 641-715-0700
Access Code: 372354#
En Español:
La llamada requerida para poder obtener la Certificacion de Minoria esta disponible cada Miercoles del mes de 11am - 12pm CST. Esta conferencia es requerida para todas las certificationes nuevas. 
Porfavor marcar al 641-715-0700, codigo: 372354#
Frequently Asked Questions


To obtain a copy of your MBE logo, please follow the steps below:
  • Login with email/password associated with your SMSDC Certification
  • You will see options such as applying for recertification or viewing/printing current certificate
  • To obtain logo select “NMSDC Logo Pack” from the bottom right-hand corner and press the download button

The MBE logo is available for use on your company’s marketing print and electronic material. The MBE logo will only be available for your use as long as your company has a current & active MBE certification.
SMSDC Certification Expire!

Check the expiration date on your SMSDC certification. As a courtesy reminder your certification is about to expire, you will receive an e-mail notification from the AdaptOne portal which looks similar to the image above. DO NOT ignore this e-mail. It may to your spam or junk mail. 

Once your SMSDC certification expires, ALL MBEs have to complete the entire certification process from the beginning. For those MBEs in the STATE OF TEXAS, in addition to completing the entire certification process all over again, the HUB certification, which enables you to bid on contracts, is no longer valid.  The HUB certification process is only done once a month. This means for those MBEs in the State of Texas, they will now have to wait an entire month for their HUB certification.  
Please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at  gabrielle@smsdc.org  for assistance on your SMSDC ReCertification.
If this is a  New Application , and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Alana Ortega at 512.297.6478 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to  alana@smsdc.org.

If this is a ReCertification , and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at 512.386.8766 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to  gabrielle@smsdc.org .

Whether you are new to supplier diversity or an industry veteran, increasing diverse supplier participation in your corporation’s supply chain can be difficult. Subscribe today to get more done in less time.

  1. Strategic Vision
  2. Process Design
  3. Establishing Impactful Supplier Diversity Steering Committees
  4. Opportunity Assessment 
  5. Second Tier Program Strategies 2.0 
  6. Supplier Sourcing and Development: Current Requirements
  7. Supplier Sourcing and Development: Future Requirements 
  8. Diverse Supplier Capacity Building 
  9. Program Measurement and Reporting
  10. Internal and External Communication Strategies
  11. Education and Training
  12. Process Improvement 

Crack the Corporate Code
Selling to big corporations is tough. You have to be able to make a difference, grow demand, create value with knowledge and expertise. It’s no easy task, but we are here to help. Subscribe today to get a year’s worth of success tools:

  1. What Only CEOs Can Do
  2. Establishing and Maintaining a Strategic Partnership with a F500 Corporation
  3. Managing the Four Most Undervalued Functions in Business
  4. The MBE Value Proposition 
  5. Why MBEs Must Excel at Marketing AND Sales 
  6. The Role of Relationship Management in Your Growth Strategy
  7. Responding to Corporate RFPs
  8. Capacity Building fuels Your Growth Strategy
  9. Leveraging Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Acquisitions to Grow Your Business
  10. The Anatomy of Two Big Deals: One Worked, One Didn’t WorkLeveraging Second Tier Opportunities to build your Business 
  11. Establishing an Impactful Advisory Board
Benchmarking Plus  & Capacity Plus  are led by Johnson Controls Inc, a world leader in supplier diversity, with more than 600 diverse suppliers and $1.8 billion in diverse spend. 

  • Corporate Members: The annual cost for Benchmarking Plus is $999. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the BENCHMARKING PLUS PLATFORM here.

  • Certified MBEs: The annual cost for Capacity Plus is $499. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the CAPACITY PLUS PLATFORM here.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mayra Pena at   mayra@smsdc.org  or call 915.433.0612. 

Save the Date!
*(click on each event name to register)
December 11, 2019
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Lily's Greenville, 1160 E. Commerce St.,
San Antonio, TX 78205

 December 13, 2019
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Trail of Lights @ Zilker Park
2100 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

February 20, 2020
8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas
Visitors Center
One Lone Star Pass, TX 78264


December 11, 2019
Bexar County Business Conference
7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Freeman Expo Hall, 3201 E. Houston St.
San Antonio, TX

*Dear Community Partners,
If you would like to submit an event to post on our monthly newsletter, please submit all of the event details to Mayra Pena via email at mayra@smsdc.org . Events will be reviewed to make sure the information & content will be beneficial to our Certified MBEs and/or corporate members before posting on our newsletter and/or website.
2019 MBE "Idol" Winners!
MBE "Idol" Oklahoma Winner
Kara Maxwell
Director of New Business Development
Global Scaffolding & Insulation
How has being named Oklahoma MBE Idol of the Year – added value to your SMSDC certification?

Being named Oklahoma MBE Idol of the Year really elevated our presence and brand. It provided a platform to help expand our portfolio and create relationships with new business prospects. Companies who didn’t understand our services walked away understanding what we do and why we should be their best choice.
Have you incorporated this into your website or any of your marketing materials?

We used this to expand our social media presence and highlight our support for SMSDC.

As the inaugural winner, what suggestions would you have for next year’s participants?

Have a conversation with the audience, make them feel engaged with your product or service. Take a deep breath and have fun! That engagement will encourage your audience to either use your company or recommend you to someone who will. Relationships last when you show you are invested in building those connections long term.

As this year’s winner, you will have the opportunity serve as Judge in 2020. What will you be looking for in the finalists?

I will be looking for excitement and passion for their industry. Passion motivates and when the audience sees that passion, they will walk away feeling motivated and inspired. Plus, wanting to support your brand! 

Any final comments or reflective thoughts?

Although it was out of my comfort zone, participating in MBE Idol helped me grow as a professional and expand our business portfolio. I am extremely grateful for the experience and hope that everyone takes advantage of this opportunity.
MBE "Idol" Texas Winner
Juan-Pablo Pimienta
Vice President
How has being named Austin’s  MBE   Idol  of the Year – added value to your SMSDC certification?

Being named MBE Idol of the Year was a great and fulfilling achievement, but the real value came throughout the process of the competition. Not only has it given me various opportunities to introduce myself and Universal to the community, but it has been the perfect platform to develop relationships with the SMSDC team, its mentors, and fellow MBEs. It has allowed me to broaden my network, and receive invaluable feedback from experienced professionals that has helped me develop an effective way to represent Universal and its core competencies.

Have you incorporated this into your website or any of your marketing materials?

I’ve added the achievement to all of my personal marketing materials, but the competition has helped me customize Universal’s marketing material by showing me exactly what are the "attention-grabbing” attributes and how to best make them stand out to ensure that they are most effective in our material. Although the achievement itself is not listed, the competition has had a significant influence in all of the material. 

Have you had the opportunity to meet with Dell and if so, can you share your experience with us?

We had a very enjoyable lunch with the Dell team and I was then able to give an introductory presentation to a Dell VP. I was able to give a confident and effective presentation thanks to the experience from the competition, and I strongly believe that it has served as a great starting point as we hope to continue to grow our relationship with Dell in the near future. 

What suggestions would you have for next year’s participants?

The competition is a great opportunity to grow. Take advantage of the resources available and think of it as an opportunity to grow your business and to grow professionally regardless of the outcome. Do not be afraid to ask for help from the SMSDC community and make sure you are presenting what is on the judging criteria. The competition will help you meet more people in the SMSDC community and will give you the opportunity to tell everyone about your business. If you “do your homework”, the judges will notice and you will be rewarded down the line. 

Any final comments or reflective thoughts?

I would like to say thank you again to the SMSDC team and to Dell for hosting the competition and for providing an opportunity to the SMSDC members to put themselves in the best position to succeed. It is a wonderful opportunity and has already showed benefits as it has led us to advanced talks with a potential customer. There are many people to thank for the support along the way, but a special shoutout to Carol Thomas, Max Rutherford, and Nippy Betz for their kind words and continuous support throughout the entire competition.  
Join us in welcoming our newest corporate member...
Federal Home Loans Bank of Dallas
The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB Dallas) is a part of the Federal Home Loan Bank System, created by an Act of Congress and signed into law by President Herbert Hoover on July 22, 1932, to provide capital for mortgage funding during the Great Depression.

The System has 11 banks around the United States, serving as an affordable, flexible source of funding for some 7,000 financial institutions. FHLB Dallas is one of these 11 banks. Each of the 11 Federal Home Loan Banks is organized as a cooperative, owned by its member institutions and operating independently, receiving no taxpayer assistance. Several types of financial institutions are eligible for membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank System:
  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Community development financial institutions
  • Thrifts
  • Insurance companies
Vision: Our trusted employees enrich our member-owned cooperative through strategic thinking, smart implementation, and embracing our shared communities.

FHLB Dallas serves approximately  810 members   and associated institutions  across our five-state District of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas. FHLB Dallas provides financial products and services including  advances  to its members with low-cost funding and access to credit to support their lending activities. FHLB Dallas supports the creation of affordable housing and homeownership by offering various grant programs through its members.

FHLB Dallas expects its potential suppliers to offer a better product/service at a better price. Quality, price and service are inseparably interconnected functions. FHLB Dallas is completely dedicated to the fulfillment of its own demanding goals in order to ensure the success of its performance.

The vendors can register themselves at the Vendor Diversity page,
FHLB will reach out to these registered vendors when any opportunity arises.

For more information, please contact Mahak Ereyi, OMWI and Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager at mahak.ereyi@fhlb.com.
SMSDC is proud to announce Karen Box , President & CEO, received the Excellence in Leadership Award at the 2019 Greater Austin Business Awards.

The awards, presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, recognize businesses and organizations for achievements, community contributions and milestones. It is the largest business event in Central Texas, bringing together 1,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, government officials and regional chambers.

Have a recent achievement or new development in your organization? We'd love to share your story too! Click the "SHARE YOUR STORY"link below to leave your name and contact information and we'll reach out to you.