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From your MBEIC Chair

Letting us find our Success in this Past Year!
Hope everyone had a Blessed Thanksgiving, I found out that my children are amazing cooks as they prepared Thanksgiving dinner for their family. As for we all stayed home and kept everyone safe. Now I will have 4 places to visit for thanksgiving dinner in 2021. 
All of us have a success story for 2020 we just have to sit back and reflect on the past few months. Now with a few days before Christmas and then finally saying good bye to 2020!!! 

New and promising things are in the horizon for 2021. We are beginning a the New Year with a New President, our first female Vice President, possible COVID-19 Immunization & vaccines on its way . Looking back and being able to know that being involved in events that SMSDC staff put together via Zoom or other virtual platforms, we continue to help promote MBE’s. SMSDC and NMSDC have worked hard keeping everyone connected. Some MBE’s pivoted and grew their business to the next level. MBE’s had to restructure just to survive the last few months. During Primer Face Time, SMSDC put an amazing event together that allowed us to participate in meeting with corporate members. We had virtual opportunities to visit their virtual booths and introduce our company while meeting with other MBE’s at their virtual booths. The success of 2020 could not have been possible without technology. Meeting MBE’s that you could collaborate with is crucial in growing your business. I ask how can I and Beatriz Fernandez with DataXport help you as your MBEIC Chair and Co-Chair answer your question on WHY, WHAT and WHEN is it important to get involved in your growth for 2021. We can guide you and show how being involve with SMSDC help us grow our business.

This is the time to set goals for 2021. Will things be different in 2021? We still do not know the answer to this question but we can assure that our MBE businesses can continue to grow strong by staying involved with SMSDC. SMSDC will continue to have schedule events so please register and attend. Now, more than ever, it is crucial all MBEs attend the virtual events. There is no need to book travel, incur hotel, meals, and all costs associated with traveling to in-person events, when you can attend in the comfort of your home office! The coronavirus will still have an impact on us in 2021 it is here for the long haul. We will need to still stay safe and wear our mask wash our hands and social distancing. Working from home when we can or until offices open up again keeping our employees safe will not prevent us from continuing to grow for ourselves and our business.

Happy Holidays and see you again next year!

Your MBEIC Chair,

Debbie Trevino
Treco Services
NMSDC announces SMSDC as the "Council of the Year"
 The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) recently announced the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council (SMSDC), one of its 23 affiliated regional councils as the Regional Council of the Year.

SMSDC is very proud of all our accomplishments in 2019-2020! We, at SMSDC, continue to remain focused on certifying, developing, connecting and advocating for our minority-owned businesses. The SMSDC is positioned to reflect the needs of our Corporate Members and assist them diversify their supply chain, enabling our certified minority business enterprises to grow through positive business relationships.

It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award.

SMSDC celebrated receiving this award during the 2020 NMSDC Conference & Business Opportunity Exchange virtual event on October 29th.

CONGRATULATIONS to MBE Rosa Santana, Founder & CEO of Santana Group, for being named to the list of 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry for Automotive News. This list is published once every 5 years, so we’re thrilled that Rosa was selected for 2020!

Rosa Santana, a recognized outsourcing solutions expert, is the Founder and Chief Executive of Santana Group, a top-tier minority- and woman-owned outsourcer whose transformational solutions differentiate industry-leading companies through more efficient, effective, and competitive service. Santana is a fearless leader who harnesses her passion to successfully create and develop companies through impeccable client service and innovative business solutions. Santana also positively impacts each of the communities she serves through participation on several business and nonprofit boards. Under her direct vision and strategic development, each company under the Santana Group, including Integrated Human Capital, Workforce Management Mexico, Diversa, Forma Automotive, and Oveana, continues to achieve annual profitable growth. 

Applause App Quality, Inc - Austin, TX
Ann Shenethia Manuel, LLC - Norman, OK
Capital Filtrations, Inc - Austin, TX
Cheddies, LLC - San Antonio, TX
Cross-National Resource Partners - San Antonio, TX
E&V Powerwash and Lube, LLC - Midland, TX
Global Containers & Custom Packaging, Inc - El Paso, TX
Goodman Telecom Holdings, LLC - Fredericksburg, TX
Mobile Vroom Pack - San Antonio, TX
Sweets By Justus - Oklahoma City, OK
Traclabs, Inc - San Antonio, TX

Albor Homes, LLC - San Antonio, TX
America Samkwang, Inc - McAllen, TX
AppMeetup - Austin, TX
CeCe Jones-Davis, LLC - Edmond, OK
Curativo Enteprises, LLC - San Antonio, TX
LNZ Enterprises, LLC - Carlsbad, NM
Specialized Court Services - Lanton, OK
Suncrest Staffing, LLC - Cibolo, TX
Yudell Isidore, PLLC - Austin, TX

Axis Point Solutions - Austin, TX
Commodities Integrated Logistics, LLC - McAllen, TX
Exp. Design, LLC - Round Rock, TX
Hoover Office Supplies - San Antonio, TX
JKL Directional Drilling, LLC - San Antonio, TX
KOI Distribution, LLC - San Antonio, TX
Maud' Dib LLC - Oklahoma City, OK
Native Air Solutions, LLC - Owasso, OK
Solid Structures, Inc - Brownsville, TX
Spectrum Paper Co., Inc - El Paso, TX

A.C.T. Cooling Towers Inc.
Acero Construction Services, Inc
A alta Engineering Group, LLC
Alamo Environmental, Inc.
ALIS Software LLC
Amerimex Air Charters, LLC
BLGY, Incorporated
Brinqa, LLC
C&D Utility Consulting, LLC
Cocolevio LLC
Cordova Contracting & Development, LLC
Dailey and Wells Communications, Inc.
Eagle Pride Supply LLC
Griffin Food Company
J. R., Inc.
J.L. Industrial Machine Shop
JA Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc.
JV Painters of Texas, LLC
LatinWorks Marketing, LLC
Mikaila & the Bees, LLC
PCR International Inc.
Ramon Worthington, PLLC
Reyes Automotive Group II, LLC
Reyes Hayashi Automotive LLC
Ross Molina Oliveros, PC
Sauceda's Precision Grinding
SensisTX / K. Fernandez & Associates
SIM Industrial Supply
Strategic Consulting Solutions
TBD Post Production LLC
Texas Rubberized Roof Coating, LLC
Three Frontiers Express, Inc.
Tolbert Enterprises Inc.
Venkel LTD
Xyant Services, Inc.
Xyant Technology, Inc.
ZTEX Construction, Inc.
Effective immediately, due to the current pandemic, the SMSDC will extend all MBE recertification dates and waive late fees if your company expired or will expire in 2020.  

You must participate in the session prior to the Certification Committee reviews your application. 
All new MBE's must attend a Pre-Certification & Post-Certification session. The sessions will be held by conference call several times a month. Please make sure to attend one pre-certification & one post-certification session in order to complete the certification process. Please contact Alana Ortega, Certification Manager, at alana@smsdc.org to register.
The following are dates available for December:
Wednesday, December 7th
Wednesday, December 14th
Wednesday, December 21st
Wednesday, December 28th
Trainings are available from 10am – 12pm CST on the dates listed above for the month of June. Training may take about 30 minutes however please allow additional time depending on your company structure and questions you may have.
Do Not Let Your MBE Certification Lapse

The ADAPTONE Application Portal sends an auto-generated reminder to each MBE 90 days, 60 days and 30 days before your expiration date to advise you as a COURTESY to apply for your Recertification. It is sent to the email that you signed up with at the start of your MBE Application. Please note that depending on various email protection settings that the notice may be sent to your SPAM Folder. It is your responsibility to keep your MBE Certification current. Allowing it to lapse longer than 30 days after the expiration date may lead to Recertification Late Fees or even the possibility of starting the process over in its entirety as a NEW MBE.
If this is a New Application, and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Alana Ortega at 512.297.6478 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to alana@smsdc.org.

If this is a ReCertification, and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at 512.386.8766 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to gabrielle@smsdc.org.
To obtain a copy of your MBE logo, please follow the steps below:
  • Login with email/password associated with your SMSDC Certification
  • You will see options such as applying for recertification or viewing/printing current certificate
  • To obtain logo select “NMSDC Logo Pack” from the bottom right-hand corner and press the download button
The MBE logo is available for use on your company’s marketing print and electronic material. The MBE logo will only be available for your use as long as your company has a current & active MBE certification.
In alignment of SMSDC’s four pillars, Certify. Develop. Connect. Advocate., education continues to be fundamental. Launched in 2012, SMSDC continues to offer the PLUS+ Platform classes: Benchmarking Plus & Capacity Plus. These signature programs are a mix of in person & online courses presented by supplier diversity expert Reginald K. Layton, Vice President, Supplier Diversity & Supply Chain Sustainability for Johnson Controls’ Inc and Ralph G. Moore, CPA, president of Ralph G. Moore & Associates (RGMA). Moore is recognized as one of the world’s foremost thought-leaders in the area of supplier diversity and minority business development.
Reginald K. Layton
Ralph G. Moore
For CORPORATE MEMBERS ONLY is a process to accelerate supplier diversity initiatives based on real world experimentation. Benchmarking Plus delivers the tools and management perspective to help your corporation strengthen your supplier diversity processes. 
For CERTIFIED MBEs is a process to enhance sales and marketing processes and build their capacity to work with Fortune 500 corporations. 

Benchmarking Plus & Capacity Plus are led by Johnson Controls Inc, a world leader in supplier diversity, with more than 600 diverse suppliers and $1.8 billion in diverse spend. 

  • Corporate Members: The annual cost for Benchmarking Plus is $999. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the BENCHMARKING PLUS PLATFORM here.

  • Certified MBEs: The annual cost for Capacity Plus is $499. The registration fee includes access to all webinars, featured courses, online & onsite classes. If you are interested in signing up, please register for the CAPACITY PLUS PLATFORM here.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Mayra Pena at  mayra@smsdc.org or call 915.433.0612. 
2021 Virtual Annual Stakeholders' Meeting
February 25, 2021
Get to know SMSDC! Network virtually with SMSDC's Board of Directors, Corporate Members, Certified MBEs and Staff. 
As an SMSDC stakeholder, 
this meeting is your opportunity to collaborate, discuss barriers & successes and plan for a better 2021.  

Attend the virtual Corporate & MBE Plus+ Program classes: Benchmarking Plus & Capacity Plus, led by Reginald K. Layton, VP Supplier Diversity & Supply Chain Sustainability - Johnson Controls Inc and Chairman of SMSDC.

Join us for the first annual virtual reception following the annual meeting.


Access to SMSDC's past virtual events, please click on the link below or visit www.smsdc.org, click on events and scroll to the bottom of the webpage.

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