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Edition 6
July/August 2017

For more details on how to use the Watering Index  and how to create a custom watering schedule using the online Watering Calculator, visit our website

July is  Smart Irrigation Month!
It's July, and that means it's Smart Irrigation Month. Not only do you save money on your water bill when you use water efficiently and wisely, but you also nurture green spaces that deliver real environmental benefits.

Efficient  sprinkler systems deliver exactly the right amount of water at the right time in your yard. Efficient sprinkler systems minimize overwatering, adjust watering automatically, and they even make maintaining your yard easy and convenient.

Below are some simple strategies for smart irrigation. Click each strategy to learn more!
Tip of the Month
Looking for a landscape professional to install a new landscape, renovate your yard, or maintain an existing site? Find and select a CLCA licensed landscape contractor at
Don't miss out on these rebates!
Purchase and install a rebate-eligible smart timer.
Check out the other outdoor rebates SMWD offers:
  • Turf Removal
  • Spray-to-Drip Irrigation
  • Soil Moisture Sensor Systems
  • Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles
  • Rain Barrels
  • Cisterns

◦ Irrigation Retrofit Made Simple 
Go from spray to drip irrigation.
All you need is this all-in-one kit!

The Rain Bird planter bed spray-to-drip retrofit kit contains everything you need to quickly and easily convert a traditional spray sprinkler zone into a water-efficient, low-volume drip irrigation zone.  View the video below to see how the system works!

SMWD offers customers a rebate for this kit! Purchase kits online or at SiteOne Landscape Supply and Imperial Sprinkler Supply.

Steps for participation in the
Spray-to-Drip Rebate Program:
  1. CLICK HERE first to apply for the Spray-to-Drip Rebate Program. Do not purchase the kit or begin any actual work yet.
  2. Receive Pre-Approval.
  3. Purchase and install rebate-eligible products.
  4. Complete an onsite Post-Inspection with SMWD staff.
  5. Receive your rebate check!
Receive a $175 rebate for each kit.
*Up to 3 kits per household.
Rain Bird 1800-RETRO: Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit
Watering efficiently means...
  1. Watering according to plant needs, soil type, and sun exposure.
  2. Purchasing a smart controller that only waters when it is needed based on weather patterns.
  3. Programming the controller you presently have to fit your needs and needs only. Turning it off when the weather permits.
  4. ...

CLICK HERE to read more! 

◦ Summer In Your Backyard 
Summer is here, and it's time to get outside!
Are you looking to spruce up your backyard? Want to create a beautiful, low water use landscape that is functional for relaxation, entertaining, barbecuing, and more? We've compiled over 50 different photos of exemplary backyards for you to browse through.

Visit  for more backyard design inspiration.
◦  More resources for you to check out 

July In the Natural Garden
t o get tips from Tree of Life Nursery
for gardening with  CA native plants
in the summer.
◦ Upcoming Classes by Others 
Smart Gardening 101:
A FREE Lecture Series

July 15
UCCE Food Preservers: Fermentation

July 29
Designing Small Container Gardens

August 12
UCCE Food Preservers: Canning Summer Produce

August 26
Creating a Bird & Butterfly Garden
'Creating a Native Garden' 
5-part workshop series in July

July 1
Mindfulness In the CA Native Garden

July 8
Remove Your Lawn

July 15
Design Basics for Small Spaces

July 22
Creating & Caring for Your Native Garden

July 29
Gardening with Pots for Small Spaces
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