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Edition 7
September/October 2017

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◦ Plant Spotlight 
Coastal Flowering Plant Community
A small front planter area devoted to Coastal Flowering Plants really add a vibrant touch and are fantastic for seascape, ranch, and Mediterranean-style landscapes.
These low-growing plants have color in abundance!

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  ◦ Tip of the Month 
Fall is the best time to plant!

for a helpful Planting Guide from
Tree of Life Nursery
It's time for a redesign!
What's your style?
◦ California Native ◦ Coastal Influence ◦ Cottage 

◦ Mediterranean ◦ Modern ◦ OC Friendly 
Access FREE landscape design templates for front yards and other helpful landscape resources like plant lists, irrigation plans, and more!

◦  More resources for you to check out 
Watering Native Plants

Whatever the season, watering information is always essential to your garden planning and maintenance.

for Tree of Life's watering guide.
Lasagna Gardening:
Build Soil & Get Rid of Weeds

"Healthy topsoil, or humus, is necessary for growing healthy plants. However, topsoil takes dozens of years to naturally accumulate through the slow decomposition of leaves and other organic material. For people who don't have the budget to buy those overpriced bags of garden soil sold at hardware stores, lasagna gardening is a quick and efficient way to quickly build the healthy soil you need for your garden. You can build your lasagna garden quickly and efficiently through using readily available, organic materials that are often considered waste by others."

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◦ Upcoming Classes & Events by Others 
Sage Advice Series 

September 2
Natives for Slopes

September 9
Watering Native Plants with Mike Evans

September 16
Natives for Dry Shade

September 23
Hard-working Natives

September 30
9:00am to 4:00pm
Photo Contest Award Reception
Fall Fest  @ Reata Park & Event Center

Eat, Drink, Play, Learn!
October 14th
10:00am to 5:00pm

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