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Pulse of the Community
How do you rise to the occasion to help the community in time of crisis? To change all your plans, collectively come together, and use opportunities and resources of partner organizations to fight food insecurity during a time more needed than ever?

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¡Vida saludable para todos!

Clemson SNAP-Ed ha ofrecido clases de salud en español en el norte del estado durante muchos años. Ahora, ya por fin se puede acceder a nuestra información y a los recursos educativos a través de nuestro sitio web. Agregaremos más a medida que pasen los meses. ¡Revise con frecuencia! 
Healthy living is for everyone!

Clemson SNAP-Ed has offered classes in Spanish across the upstate for many years. Now, our information and resources can finally be accessed through our website. We will be adding more as the months go on, so check back frequently! View and share or contact us to set up a class.
Fresh Food and Physical Activity in One
Big or small, indoor or out -
there are so many reasons to start a garden today at your home, school, or organization.
-- Working outside is more enjoyable as the days get cooler.

-- There's still so much delicious food you can grow this year. Plug in your location here and see what to plant now.

-- Plant bulbs now to enjoy beautiful flowers in the spring.

-- Most SC students are studying plant life. Growing a few of their own plants is a great science project!
-- Many herbs are in season right now. They are delicious, healthy, and much cheaper to grow than purchase.
November Newsletter:
Healthy Holidays