Special Needs Arts Programs, Inc. News & Updates
February 2022 | Issue No. 84
New and noteworthy in February:
Special Artists: last class this Saturday
Due to the Nor'Easter snowstorm last Saturday, the final class of our winter Special Artists session will be held this Saturday, February 5th. We will hold both classes as usual, at 10am and 11:30am. The project is called "Pour Over Abstract." We hope you enjoyed the beautiful snowfall, see you on Saturday!
Special Artists Winter Ceramics: Feb.1st
Special Artists Winter Ceramics Session begins on February 1st and runs for six weeks. SNAP Art Instruction Donna Pioli will run this exciting and hands-on class. Donna describes the class this way, "Our winter clay session will be spent learning how to transform clay into beautiful works of art, both functional and decorative. Utilizing hand-building techniques such as slab formation and pinching, students will spend their first four classes creating various projects. We will glaze during the fifth class, and during our last class we will make paper floral arrangements for our finished vases." Ceramics is full. Donna will teach Crafts this summer.
Sing Along Chorus: Spring Session
SNAP Sing Along Chorus wrapped up our Fall session with a dance party! The Spring session will run through June 8th. The cost is $250. If you currently attend Sing Along Chorus, you don't need to register again. You can pay online or send a check to SNAP PO Box 598, Lexington, MA 02420. If you have not attended a SNAP program this fall/winter, we would love to have you join us! Please fill out a registration form.
Watch our Lexington MLK Day video!
SNAP Sing Along Chorus is very grateful to have been invited by the Lexington MLK Day of Service committee to participate in their opening ceremonies. The event was virtual and SNAP submitted a video, created and edited by LexMedia, of a recent rehearsal. Thanks to LexMedia and the organizers of the Lexington MLK Day of Service for showcasing SNAP during this important day of remembrance and social action!

SNAP Art Exhibit at Cambridge Trust
Special Artists recently hung a new exhibit at Cambridge Trust, 1609 Mass Ave in Lexington, called Brush As I Can Be. This fun art project allowed students to use their creative imaginations with a most unusual starting point...a house painters brush! Fun images evolved using paint, beads, google eyes and other embellishments. The exhibit is on view at Cambridge Trust during normal business hours.
SNAP has returned to in-person programming this fall at the Lexington Community Center. SNAP has developed a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Everyone attending SNAP programs will need to have read and signed this policy prior to the start of fall programming. SNAP is required everyone attending programs to be vaccinated. This includes anyone attending the program with an artist or singer, that person also need to have their vaccine card on file with SNAP.
If you have any questions, please contact Heidi O'Mara
SNAP has developed guidelines for ensuring a safe program environment. Please click here to access our COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures. These protocols are subject to change as new guidance becomes available.
You will need to submit your vaccination card by email to the SNAP Office to attend in-person programs.
If you have any questions, please contact Heidi O'Mara
Lexington Indoor Mask Mandate
The town of Lexington has an indoor mask mandate. This means that people who are inside of a building in Lexington need to wear a mask covering both their nose and mouth. This is to prevent the transmission of COVID and the Delta variant that is currently circulating.

This is a friendly reminder that everyone attending SNAP programs needs to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth. This is also outlined in our Health and Safety Measures. Thanks for your efforts to keep our programs in-person and everyone safe and healthy.
Looking for a great and fun volunteer opportunity? Consider volunteering for SNAP! Volunteers are a crucial part of providing our music and art programs. We have several program sessions in art and music throughout the year. For more information on volunteering, email us. To fill out a volunteer application, please click here.
SNAP Singer Profile: Dan W.
Dan recently started in the fall with Sing Along Chorus in the Monday rehearsal group. In that short time, he has made a big impression! Dan is a very talented young man and a good friend to all of the singers.

Dan's loves pop and rock music. His favorite song is Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Dan especially likes 80's old-school music. He plays the drums and recently took up the ukulele.

Socializing with friends, chatting with the singers, Marisa and Harley as well as singing songs are Dan's favorite parts of Sing Along Chorus. Dan loves to sing karaoke-style. He sang a solo in our October concert.

Dan also participates in an adaptive music class called Amplifi at the Real School of Music in Burlington. Dan takes drum and ukulele lessons and performs vocals there as well.

Dan enjoys Friday Night Happenings at Northeast ARC and started Saturday evening social through ECHO. He loves to spend time with friends, listen to music, browse in toy stores and eat mac and cheese. We are so happy Dan shares his love of music with SNAP!
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Sending Big Birthday Wishes To:
Scott B. on February 2nd

Simon S. on February 3rd

Ben W. on February 6th

Jonathan F. on February 9th

Debbie L. on February 10th

Marie P. on February 11th