Resource Newsletter
2020 Vol.III
A Focus On SNAP
Dear Partner Agency-

For many Americans who are living at or below the poverty level, accessing healthy foods
for a fair and reasonable price is challenging. This places a strain on an individual or family's limited budget compelling them to make sacrifices between food and other critical needs, such as prescriptions housing, transportation, daycare, etc. As a Partnering Agency of the Mid-Ohio Food Collective this is not news to you.

Aside from grants, donations, and general public generosity to step-up and help our neighbors one of the greatest tools we have to help those in need is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly called the Food Stamp Program. Today SNAP serves more than 46 million Americans but that is not all of those who are eligible for it. Connecting our customers to SNAP comes with its own hoops and hurdles in order to receive the benefit.

Thankfully here at the Mid-Ohio Food Collective we have a dedicated team of Food Assistance Outreach Coordinators available to you and your customers. Each team member is fully trained in navigating the regulations of Jobs and Family Services and understands how to get people enrolled and accessing these important benefits. Read on to see how you can connect with the SNAP team who are here for the sole purpose of helping customers and neighbors successfully obtain all the benefits for which they qualify. 
Meet the Food Assistance
Outreach Team
Juanita Burden
Food Assistance Outreach Manager
Ashley Mowery
Food Assistance Outreach Coordinator
Chiimeh Dowdell
Food Assistance Outreach Coordinator
Debera Diggs
Food Assistance Outreach Coordinator
Demetria Peacher
Food Assistance Outreach Coordinator
Duck Bardus
Food Assistance Outreach Coordinator
The Food Assistance Outreach Team helps people eligible for SNAP (food stamps) enroll for benefits. Individuals and families with household incomes less than 130% of the Federal Poverty Level are eligible for SNAP benefits.

SNAP benefits are available based on eligibility guidelines for people with children and people who are elderly or have disabilities.

Benefits are also available to able-bodies and young adults (ages 18-50) who have no children. However, these individuals may be required to work at least 20 hours a week or participate in a mandatory work activity program and meet other work requirements in order to receive food stamp benefits. If adults without dependent children do not meet work requirements, they’re limited to three months of benefits in any 36 month period. These requirements may vary county to county within the state of Ohio.

These eligibility requirements and benefits could change upon passage of new federal funding decisions.

In the state of Ohio, the SNAP Program is called Food Assistance. The benefits are distributed on an EBT Card, called the Ohio Direction Card.

Click on the individual short videos below to hear directly from members of the Food Assistance Outreach Team to learn more about how to connect your customers to the services they provide in all 20 counties that Mid-Ohio Food Collective serves.

Click the video PLAY button to hear directly from Duck Bardus regarding the importance of SNAP,The Food Assistance Outreach Team and how they can help your customers complete their applications for ODJFS; as well as checking to see what other benefits they may qualify for.

Click the video PLAY button to hear directly from Demetria Peacher. Learn how easy it is to connect with the Mid-Ohio Food Assistance Outreach Team as well as the range of benefit services, beyond food, the team can connect and offer to your customers.

The History of SNAP
If you are filled with curiosity or a lover of history or perhaps only interested in the origins on SNAP "A Short History of SNAP" as set forth by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service website offers a comprehensive look. Click on the individual dated links below, hunt and peck freely about for a self guided quick trip through time or head directly to the website here: https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/short-history-snap#1939 and journey past to present in sequential order.
Click the photo to download and print the flyer to post and share with your customers.
Click the photo to download and print the flyer to post and share with your customers.
Click the photo to download and print the flyer to post and share with your customers.