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October 30, 2020 


..."surrounded by a great crowd of witnesses..."

Dear Friends,

This weekend's celebration of the Feast of All Saints will be a time of incredible grace for each of us.  Indeed, we are accompanied by a "great crowd of witnesses" who have traveled the human road before us.  

Whether they journeyed with Christ himself (Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Martha, the apostles and disciples) or if they coped with the challenges of our times (St. Elizabeth Stein, St. Pope John Paul II, or internet guru Blessed Carlo Acutis), they are an inspiration to us.  Whether canonized or simply cherished in our hearts, they deeply care for us and want to help us grow closer to Christ.

Since the pandemic started, we are feeling a greater connectedness with each other, despite restrictions and isolation.  May each of you find strength, courage, and abundant peace as we together carry the flame of Christ's love into our hurting world.  Indeed, with all the saints above, "we are in this together!"  

Blessings always,
Director of Mission Advancement Services | 805-917-3714
...gardening to the max and losing instructional time

Update from Sr. Mary Colette Theobald who has returned to Buseesa, Uganda after an unexpectedly long home visit in the States:

Sr. M. Scovia Nakiito working in the garden in Buseesa, Uganda
"During the lockdown that began in March in Uganda, no travel was permitted at all for two months, not even by private car. The schools, of course, were closed.

The sisters worked in the garden raising food since they could not travel to markets. They grew potatoes, sweet potatoes, maize, greens such as dodo (which is like spinach), onions, tomatoes, carrots, pineapples, etc. They enjoyed many, many avocados from our own trees. Mangoes and papayas were plentiful for a time.

Fortunately, grades P7 (the final year of primary), S4 (the final year of high school), and S6 (the final year of community college) were allowed by the government to open on October 15. These are the grades that take comprehensive government examinations which usually take place in October.  This year, the exams have been postponed until March. Hopefully in January all of the classes will be able to return."  

Note:  Since the students do not have internet access in their homes, they have lost much instructional time since March...  It will certainly be a challenge to their academic growth...  Please keep the SNDs and their students in your prayers.  
...a day to remember and cherish

Dia de los Muertos, or "Day of the Dead," is a primarily Mexican way of celebrating the feasts of A
ll Souls Day and All Saints Day. The celebration is an 
expression of Latin American culture and Catholic beliefs, which makes use of some familiar symbols to teach and celebrate the Church's teaching on the communion of the saints and the souls in purgatory.

Traditionally, the Sisters of Notre Dame have also commemorated Dia de los Muertos in our communities by displaying photos of SNDs, relatives and friends who have gone before us and touched our lives.

The photo above shows St. Dominic's Parish staff members preparing for the traditional table.  They include Ana Macomber, Christina Garcia, Sr. Joyanne Sullivan and Michelle Perez.
...a gift that keeps on giving

Are you looking for a meaningful way to remember someone special this Thanksgiving or Christmas?  Please consider a gift to the Sisters of Notre Dame, a gift that will keep on giving. This donation will enhance the life-giving services that the Sisters of Notre Dame share both locally and around the world.

* To those seeking spiritual guidance and inspiration
* To those suffering from spiritual, emotional or physical poverty--such as confused teens, trafficking victims, immigrants, the homeless, the grieving
* To pre-school, elementary, high school and community college students in Uganda, who will benefit from quality education in values development, faith formation, academics and leadership

A seasonal card will be sent to your honoree, indicating your name and the designated use of your gift (Life & Ministry Fund for unrestricted use; Retirement Fund for the care of our senior members; or the Uganda Mission Fund.   Follow this link to get started, and indicate that we should notify the honoree.  For further information, please email  And thank you for choosing to be a partner with the Sisters of Notre Dame... 
NUN RUN 2021 IS HERE! the words of St. Julie Billiart, "to heaven on foot" 

How many steps does it take to get to heaven? We don't know but it is 6,344.43 miles from California to Rome! Join our hybrid event to walk/run the entire distance. Every mile counts towards our goal. Run one day or add miles from multiple runs during the week of January 30th to February 6, 2021. On February 6, we will host a drive through event at La Reina High School & Middle School where participants claim their prizes, finisher medals, and shirts. Register, Donate, Start a Team today on The event will benefit the SND Life & Ministry Fund, underwriting our spiritual and pastoral outreach.  Thank you!


On October 2, Notre Dame Academy in Los Angeles paid special tribute to Sr. Joann Schlarbaum as a part of their Founders Day Celebration.  After 68 years of ministry at NDA, Sr. Joann is retiring. In this photo, Dean of Mission Betsy Ward gives Sr. Joann a crown while Sr. Judeen Julier looks on.  The day's festivities included a rosary and prayer service, car parade, and food drive to benefit South Central LAMP.    

Be sure to check out the fall edition of the new SND USA magazine, including California's Vision & ChallengeJust follow this link.

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