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Mission Advancement Egram
August 28, 2020 


Thank you for being our spiritual partner, loyal donor and faithful friend.

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, August 30, marks the 96th anniversary of the arrival of our 11 SND pioneers from Ohio.   As their train ambled across the country, arriving at Union Station, little did they know the future, nor the influence of the SND presence in California over the generations.  Little did they know that those they would inspire would have a grace-filled impact around the world.  Their focus was simple--to reveal God's goodness and provident care to those entrusted to them.

Today, we also face the unknowns of a global pandemic and its many ramifications.  Little do we know the graces that will unfold because of our fidelity to God's call.  What remains, however, is our firm commitment to share God's love with those in our care.  Following our pioneers' example of courage and resilience, we invite you to join us in trusting that God will provide for our every need, both now and in the days to come.   We also thank you wholeheartedly for your prayer, friendship and financial support.  As our partners in mission, Happy 96th Anniversary!

Blessings always,
Director of Mission Advancement Services
SR. JUDEEN JULIER HONORED, care and respect to those in crisis

The Sisters of Notre Dame proudly announce that on July 28, Sr. M. Judeen Julier received the Value in Action Award for Dignity Health-California Hospital Medical Center, for the Core Value of Dignity.  Dignity Health-California Hospital Medical Center serves many low income residents of downtown and South Central Los Angeles, including skid row.

Nathan Pelz, Director of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care, who nominated Sr. Judeen for this honor, affirmed: "Sr. Judeen treats everyone with the deepest respect, but goes far beyond to make all people feel safe, heard, and cared for. This includes patients who are homeless and vulnerable. She is at her best when she is giving care to those in crisis, who have a new diagnosis or a family death. For both patients and staff, she is there to listen, to hold thoughts and feelings, and in return to give the greatest amount of value and worth to that person. She shows care and respect for all-it doesn't matter if the person has no name or no family. Everyday, she is an example to me to get messy in other people's lives, because that is where the heart and healing really matter."

Sr. Judeen is an inspiring example of generous self-giving in the spirit of the SND congregational focus of ministry on the margins. She is a reassuring presence of God's goodness and provident care, upholding the dignity of some of the most vulnerable individuals - sick and suffering persons who are physically, emotionally and spiritually on the margins.

Nominations for this award were made in January, with a gathering for this annual event originally scheduled for the week the California stay-at-home order went into effect in March.  
...2020 golden jubilarian

Congratulations to Sr. M. Joan Schlotfeldt on the 50th anniversary of her religious profession this August!  The current pandemic has caused her formal celebration to be postponed until 2021, although the Notre Dame Center community recently remembered her big day.  

Sr. Joan entered the community from St. Joan of Arc Parish in West Los Angeles, after graduating from Notre Dame Academy and Mt. St. Mary's College.   In her ministry assignments, Sr. Joan is known for her loyalty and the care she shows to her many friends.  That loyalty is also seen in her devotion to the University of Notre Dame, her graduate school alma mater.

Together, we rejoice with Sr. Joan and Sr. M. Therese Kirstein, also a 2020 jubilarian.    Sr. Therese is celebrating from heaven since she passed away in early April.  The REJOICE graphic was designed by Sr. M. Leanne Hubbard for the postponed celebration.

Be sure to view this congratulatory message to Sr. Joan!

...meeting the next SND generation in East Africa 

Sr. Mary Tibahwerwa
and Sr. Mary Helen Afoyorwoth distribute a bag of daily necessities to a neighbor in Mpala, Uganda.  Food, medicine and other supplies were acquired through the kindness of international donors concerned about the effects of the pandemic.

With gratitude to God, we celebrate the 20 women from East Africa who are candidates to become Sisters of Notre Dame.  Many of these candidates, from the deprived areas of Buseesa, Uganda and Arusha, Tanzania, have a substandard education from government schools; they also have limited access to English reading materials in their rural communities. 
Because English is the official language of Kenya and Uganda, as well as the language of higher education in Tanzania, these women will need further education in English.  Verbal proficiency is essential for their study of spirituality, SND congregational materials and future professional coursework.  Native East-African Sisters of Notre Dame serve as formators and they have been teaching English classes in order to improve the candidates' vocabulary, reading comprehension, analysis and independent study skills.
Sr. Colette Theobald, California native and member of the SND East Africa Delegation leadership team, is designing an English-readiness program, to be taught by the formators.  This professional training of native African sisters is vital, in support of their efforts to make the mission self-sufficient in the future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors who have contributed to our Uganda and East Africa missions over the past 25 years. Your gifts for these and other missionary efforts will be appreciated through  
...honored on social media as featured school of the day

Notre Dame Academy Elementary has been serving the community of West Los Angeles and beyond for over 70 years through the charism of the Sisters of  Notre Dame.  NDAE is diverse, involved, caring, safe, united, connected, inclusive, and engaged, but the best descriptor is family.   Be sure to visit
...catching up on on the reruns

We apologize that last month's egram included faulty links to several videos.  Here is a link to last month's "TV Guide."  Enjoy!