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challenges at every turn

Just as in any household or institution, the Sisters of Notre Dame have recently faced a number of water-related and plumbing challenges.  These needs are less glamorous than direct ministry outreach, but they are part of daily life.

The photo on the left shows a major pipe leak at Notre Dame Center in Thousand Oaks.  For almost a week, the sisters were without water and alternate plumbing options were in use.  Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool was closed for the duration.  As one of the retired SNDs commented after washing her hair in a bucket,  "I now have a new appreciation for running water.  I feel in solidarity with homeless individuals--how they must feel without the basic necessities that we sometimes take for granted." 

The photo on the right shows a water tank that collapsed at Notre Dame Academy in Buseesa, Uganda.   About 20,000 liters of water were lost and the tank will need to be replaced.

While we are unsure of the final costs for these repairs, donations to the Life & Ministry Fund will help to underwrite maintenance and improvements at Notre Dame Center, a facility nearly 40 years old.   Donations to the SND Uganda Mission Fund provide for the mission facilities' needs as well.   Thank you to our many donors who understand these challenges and whose sacrifices help to resolve difficult situations. 

determined student-athlete  

Kristen's future plans have been inspired by her years at Notre Dame Academy..."The SNDs embody God's call to serve others, especially those in need.  They are examples of what it means to do what sets your soul on fire!"

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The "Where are they now" feature of the SND Mission Advancement Egram will give updates on our colleagues and former students--anyone entrusted to our care.   We want to share how they live the SND mission by serving, leading, and giving hope within our diverse society.  To submit information for this column, please email Sarah Marcuse at smarcuse@sndca.org .  
reaching milestones

The Sisters of Notre Dame congratulate: 
  • Sr. M. Paulynne Tubick and the staff of Holy Trinity School in San Pedro and Sr. M. Leanne Hubbard and the staff at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo--for their dedication to education as evidenced during their recent school WASC accreditations.
  • Sr. Betty Mae Bienlein and Sr. Marie Julie Bruss who were recently commissioned as "Merciful Companions"  by Most Rev. David O'Connell for the By Your Side ministry.  By Your Side LA is an outreach ministry of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, providing care for women and men affected by abortion.  This endeavor is a commitment to accompany each person journeying from pain following abortion to a new place of forgiveness and peace.
  • These recipients of the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Christian Service Award:  Maya Curls-Price from Notre Dame Academy and Katherine Johnson from La Reina High School.  
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EASTER JOY, Christ is rising!

Dear Friends,

In her role as Superior General, Sr. M. Kristin Battles provides seasonal reflections for the SNDs.  Her Easter message provides powerful examples of Christ overcoming the forces of darkness and claiming the victory for God's goodness and provident care--through the ministries of SNDs around the world.  As our cherished partners in mission, I want to share several international examples she cited, examples of Christ rising in our midst.

In Tanzania, in a male-dominated community where girls and women count less than cattle...young adolescent girls have come to trust the sisters and seek protection on the convent premises.  Christ is rising!

In India, the Musahars are the most excluded and deprived caste.  The SNDs seek Musahar families and encourage them to send their daughters to Chaitanya Residential Center which teaches literacy, health care, skill development, and self-defense skills--empowering them for life.  Christ is rising!

In Germany, refugees have found welcome after fleeing violence in the Middle East. The SNDs responded to their urgent needs by providing housing for unaccompanied minors, teaching the German language, and offering children a safe place to play.  Christ is rising!

In the Philippines, many extremely poor families live on the edge of the city dump.  They survive by combing through the trash and rubble.  The children from these families lack the bare necessities and do not attend school regularly.   The SND novices have devised a simple program for them, providing faith-formation, skill-building and nourishing meals.  Seeing the novices' outreach, others have joined in the efforts to provide for these poor families.  Christ is rising!

As we celebrate Easter this Sunday, please know that we will carry each of you in special prayer.  We are deeply grateful for you as our partners in mission, providing spiritual and financial resources for these ministries and our ministries here in the United States.   Thank you for joining us in overcoming the forces of darkness and claiming the victory for God's goodness and provident care.  Christ is rising!

Blessings always,
Director of Mission Advancement Services 
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