Mission Advancement Egram | February 28, 2018
running with purpose and passion
while supporting a healthy lifestyle 

The Sisters of Notre Dame are deeply grateful to all who participated in the 4th Annual Nun Run on Februrary 3 as a runner/walker, sponsor, volunteer, cheerleader or exhibitor.  Truly an intergenerational event, participants ranged in age from 6-weeks-old to 88 years! 

More than 1,000 people came from throughout Southern California to support the ministries of the Sisters of Notre Dame.  The Community Service Fair included 29 exhibitors and it expanded to include a new focus on Fair Trade products and advocacy.  Families and children, SNDs, SND Associates, non-profit representatives and business partners joined to make the Nun Run a success and a unique experience of community.  One teacher specifically wrote, "Thank you for supporting a healthy lifestyle among our youth."  And special thanks to several generous donors who underwrote the registration fees for 150 deserving families. 

Congratulations to
Overall female finishers
#1 Fiona Hawkins (Newbury Park)
#2 Audrey Cunningham (Oxnard)
#3 Aililsh Hawkins (Newbury Park)
Overall male finishers
#1 Mark Gonzales (Fullerton)
#2 Tyler Garces (Santa Paula)
#3 Carl Stromberg (Santa Clarita)

Top team rankings
 Our Lady of Guadalupe School Spartans, Oxnard
 Sierra Linda School, Oxnard
 La Reina Regents tied with Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool, 
Thousand Oaks
 SND Associates
 Horan Sisters & Friends
 Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles
 Hanson Family tied with Italian Catholic Federation
 St. Catherine of Siena School, Reseda

Special thanks to all of the Event Sponsors and Community Service Fair exhibitors and to the staff and students of La Reina High School & Middle School.  

The funds raised will support SND outreach to thousands of people through prayer, education, faith formation, spiritual development, eldercare, health/pastoral care and social ministries--to victims of human trafficking, immigrants, and the homeless.  Thank you again! 
Light a Candle. 
Receive the Word.  Be Still.  Deepen Hope. Be Loved.

Join Sr. Rose Marie Tulacz for an open gathering at the 2018 Religious Education Congress on Saturday, March 18 at 8:30 p.m.  This annual feature at Congress is a mystical choreography of light and sound, incorporating her newest liturgical and fine art photography and reflections.  It will bring participants to encounter the love and power of the Father's love in a deeper way, transforming the realities of daily life. 
new opportunities for Ugandan women

The Sisters of Notre Dame gratefully announce the construction of A-level buildings at Notre Dame Academy in Buseesa, Uganda.  A-level is the final step in secondary schooling, and passing the A-level allows students to continue their education at a university.  Adding the A-level will provide a complete academic path at St. Julie Mission--young women will have access to an education from preschool through A-level.   Beyond construction costs, the mission will need funding for 90 additional students and 6 live-in teachers.   The Sisters of Notre Dame wish to gratefully acknowledge the hundreds of donors whose sacrifices are making a transformative education possible for more than 600 students at this time. 
ARNIE LARA, inspired and inspiring  

As Arnie Lara reflects on the moments of personal discipleship as an Associate of the Sisters of Notre Dame, he summarizes it as "Love of neighbor through the spirit and mission of the SNDs. Dare to dream it, dare to do it, dare to find yourself!"

Read more. 
The "Where are they now" feature of the SND Mission Advancement Egram will give updates on our colleagues and former students--anyone entrusted to our care.   We want to share how they live the SND mission by serving, leading, and giving hope within our diverse society.  To submit information for this column, please email Sarah Marcuse at smarcuse@sndca.org .  
THE LENTEN JOURNEY, a call-to-action

Dear Friends,

These days of Lent find us bombarded with contemporary pictures of human suffering, suffering caused by gun violence, corporate corruption, physical and emotional abuse and the need to find freedom from economic/political chaos.  Amid these blink scenarios, we also are hearing the Spirit's calls-to-action in the Lenten Gospel readings.

Last week, I participated in the local homeless count, a HUD survey of  homeless individuals and their personal characteristics.  This year, we were accompanied by local sheriffs.  We climbed hillsides and ventured into gullies to check out current and former encampments.  The photo to the left was taken in a storm drain that has become a temporary shelter.  The graffiti-covered walls provide some respite from the elements, and the scrap of metal, a place for a sleeping bag.  As our partner on mission, I shared your gift of hope  and compassion as we chatted with each homeless person.  They gave us ready smiles in appreciation for this hope--that someone cares for their troubled hearts.

Lent will conclude with Easter Sunday, but the Spirit's calls-to-action will certainly continue.  Your prayer, your personal actions for a more just world, and your financial support for our various ministries--each of these steps are indeed responses to the Spirit's call-to-action.   Since you are bringing hope to troubled hearts, we are confident that you will also feel the peaceful presence of the resurrected Jesus.

Blessings always,
Director of Mission Advancement Services 
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