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Remembering 25 years  

Dear Friends,
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This month, the Sisters of Notre Dame were grateful to publish the 25th anniversary commemorative edition of Vision & Challenge.  Since 1993, we have used this newsletter to share our Notre Dame story with thousands of our relatives, friends, ministry partners and former students.   We trust that our life and ministry, flowing from our consecration as women religious, makes God's presence visible.  

Here is an interesting paragraph from the first edition.  What are our current challenges?  We face the challenge of ministering in a world hostile to Christian values, where family life is endangered and excessive pleasure and materialism are glorified; the challenge of educating youth to accept others regardless of race, nationality or religion as brothers and sisters; the challenge of helping to transform our world into a just and loving community.   What is amazing is that these words correspond to many of the challenging realities we face as we enter 2019. 

In particular, we wish to thank our thousands of donors over the years.  You share our vision of God's love embracing the world through our SND mission and you have responded to the challenges of our times so generously.    On behalf of the Sisters of Notre Dame, be assured that we wish you this vision of the divine presence and a future full of the hope that this divine presence brings.
New Year's blessings,
Sr. Lisa Megaffin, S.N.D.
Director of Mission Advancement Services 
Celebrating a milestone in Uganda

Sr. Colette Theobald reports that in early December, St. Julie Nursery School in Buseesa had its first graduation ceremony. 
Follow this link for a unique graduation march and feel the joy of the children and their parents!  

In 2008, St. Julie Nursery School was built in Buseesa to assist children between 3 and 6 years of age. Currently over 100 children from a nearby village are enrolled in the school.  Special thanks to all of the generous donors who have helped make this program possible for the children, giving them a solid preparation for elementary school.
Encountering the needs of Boyle Heights children

Though very much aware of the hardships most of her students face at Dolores Mission School in Boyle Heights, Sr. Cristina Marie Buczkowski radiates a positive attitude as a smile illumines her face.  She says, "There is a way of looking and being in the world today which is countercultural--and that is the way of faith."

The "Where are they now" feature of the SND Mission Advancement Egram will give updates on our colleagues and former students--anyone entrusted to our care.  We want to share how they live the SND mission by serving, leading, and giving hope within our diverse society.  To submit information for this column, please email Sarah Marcuse at smarcuse@sndca.org.  
Welcoming visitors to Notre Dame Center

A rather unique combination of visitors arrived at Notre Dame Center during December...  

Through the generosity of La Reina alumna Emily Volpe Morris and her husband, Scott Morris, owners of 805Goats, a herd came to the hill adjacent to Notre Dame Center and La Reina High School & Middle School.  Feasting on the vegetation, the goats will provide a unique method of fire mitigation and weed abatement.  The SNDs hosted a Christmas party for local first-responders in appreciation for their service to the community.  Sr. Betty Mae Bienlein chats with Captain Chuck Scherrei and Fire Righter Ryan Plum. Earlier in the month, these firefighters also visited Notre Dame Learning Center Preschool to explain their work and equipment to the students.

Sr. Shawn Marie Doyle welomes Pratusha Prasad, Arathi Mary Sunder and Deepika Joseph, students from the University of Southern California.   They are also graduates of Sophia High School in Bangalore, India, a school administered by the Sisters of Notre Dame.   At USC, they met Sr. Mary Dean Pfahler at the Caruso Catholic Center.   After some conversation, they discovered a common SND heritage and so they visited Notre Dame Center during their winter break.

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NUN RUN '19,
a running start on good health in 2019!

Do you feel Nun Run fever?  Catch that fever and note that Nun Run registration prices increase after January 3.   Register ASAP for the best pricing: $25 for adults (1 mile), $35 for adults (5K) or $20 for kids (all events).

The Sisters of Notre Dame deeply appreciate the support of  so many individuals, businesses, parishes, schools and organizations.   All proceeds will benefit the Life & Ministry Fund which supports many aspects of SND outreach to those in need. Special thanks to these generous corporate and organization sponsors:

Reserve sponsor packages by January 15 to ensure prime publicity on the 1,000 event t-shirts.  Questions?  Please contact Jen Coito at jcoito@sndca.org.

#1 Horan Sisters & Friends
#2 SND Associates & Friends
#3 Tie between La Reina High School & Middle School and
Italian Catholic Federation
#5 Team Mystic
#6 Tie between St. Jude the Apostle and
Notre Dame Academy Schools of Los Angeles

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