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June, 2020
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  So how are you doing with all these challenging days?    
Who would have ever expected 2020 to be like this?  But now as things begin to open up, we get to see some light on the horizon and hope springs eternal, yes?
Each of us have daily choices to make, so this inspirational quote seems appropriate as the opening thought for the June issue of our monthly newsletter.  Discover your purpose and make daily decisions based on that insight.   
We offer the opportunities shared in this issue to support you in living that life direction of hope and daily purpose as we face these challenging times together.
  Yes, live your life on purpose, today and every day!

Start here by registering for next Tuesday's unique webinar where four TRIO transplant patients, each with their different organ experience share 'secrets' that have supported each in achieving 20+ years of survival with their gift, thriving in fulfilled living we can all learn from . . .
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This is one of many ways our TRIO chapters are creatively offering patient support within the safety guidelines of the COVID-19 environment (more examples below) 
As communities struggle to reopen, TRIO urges everyone to be careful and offers concern and support for those affected by the COVID-19 virus . . .
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'We're so thankful': Baby receives life-saving liver transplant amidst pandemic

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New in-home blood draw service launched by CareDx

     In response to the COVID-19 crisis, CareDx launched RemoTraC: Home-based blood draws for transplant patients. RemoTraC is available to all patients who want their transplant monitoring lab tests to be drawn from the comfort of their home by trained mobile phlebotomists. 
RemoTraC includes AlloSure and/or AlloMap, CareDx's surveillance tests, along with a panel of routine tests.
     Patients can sign up for RemoTraC through an easy to use webpage:
     Once enrolled in RemoTraC, a CareDx Patient Care Manager will coordinate with your transplant center and contact you by phone to schedule an appointment. Prior to the appointment, we will mail you a test kit. A licensed mobile technician will then come to your home, take a blood sample, and deliver the sample to the lab for processing.
     CareDx will fully cover the cost of the mobile phlebotomist, and will ensure you pay no additional out-of-pocket expenses beyond what you typically pay for these tests.

TRIO Kansas City chapter's annual MerleJam adjusts to the COVID-19 world
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The chapter's annual fund raising event was moved from May 2nd to June 26th. They will have a live web stream of some of the music and to get their message out and to allow people to support the event without being there in person.
UNOS: Transplants bounce back to near pre-COVID-19 levels
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UNOS reports:
COVID-19 has indeed impacted transplant, like all other sectors of healthcare. In the first few weeks, we saw the number of transplants nearly cut in half from normal numbers. But because of the tireless efforts of a community of people, in the past few weeks the number of donations and transplants have returned to pre-COVID levels. Lives are still being saved and you are a part of that.  

TRIO Scholarship applications are due by June 30th!

Each year, TRIO's Scholarship Program gives thousands of dollars in academic grants to members and their families. In the past 23 years TRIO has awarded approximately 149 scholarships to deserving students who are transplant candidates, recipients, donors or their family members. These scholarships are generously funded by several TRIO chapters, individuals and interested organizations. Each recipient receives $1,000 toward their education at colleges and universities throughout the United States.

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In 2019 five scholarships were made possible by the the generous contributions of  TRIO chapters Akron/Canton, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Ventura County and San Francisco Bay. Help support your own chapter in contributing to this program.  Several individuals and members of the TRIO Board of Directors also contributed to the scholarship program.
Click here to download the "TRIO scholarship program information" guide that further explains Who can apply, the Qualifications, the selection process, the scholarship award process and how to ask further questions

  Learn more on TRIO web site's Scholarship page  
TRIO Long Island offers link to their
"Gifts of Life Profiles in Courage" video
You can now view on-line our TRIO Long Island chapter's posting of their recent film 

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TRIO PTC Website Update
(PTC: Post Transplant Cancer)

All pages on the PTC website now have content  and are ready for use.  There is still much to be done - adding videos, more engagement quizzes, etc. but this is a major milestone achievement.

Opportunity to share your kidney story

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Donor to Donor is honored to announce an exciting new opportunity to help kidney patients waiting for a kidney donation. Donor to Donor is assisting with the production of Abundant, a documentary series exploring living kidney donation.
Abundant's producers are looking for kidney patients to tell their story for the series. Please see the link to the application form below, and tell us about your journey to receiving a donated kidney. This will give you the opportunity to be considered for an audition and inclusion in the series:
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Transplant Games Rescheduled to 2021
Team USA Update: 2021 World Transplant Games

The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority and the World Transplant Games Federation recently announced  that the 2021 World Transplant Games scheduled for May 29-June 5, 2021 in Texas have been cancelled.

The media announcement can be found here:

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