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The Art Gallery of Ontario is currently running an incredibly high quality photo exhibition called 'Outsiders'. This is a huge,  and rare, exhibit showing some of the outstanding photographers from the NYC scene of the 50s through the 80s. A rich period. For me, the Diane Arbus selection alone would be worth the trip to see. This show isn't for the prudish - Nan Goldin's work is hard hitting and raw.

Unless you want to pay the 25.00 fee for this show, I'd suggest going on a Wed. night after 6pm - total admission 12.50. This is really quite a deal for such a rare show. 

The  Contact Photography Festival is around the corner - a treasure of inspiring work is shown every year. Make sure to check out Now Magazine for a printed schedule of the festival and be sure to see something during the month of May.

For you Karsh fans, Metivier Gallery is showing his work until the end of the week. If you've never been to Metiviier, this is a good reason to do so now.

from the 'Two' portfolio
Maui, Hawaii
photo courtesy of Mellissa Ann Pinney

Melissa Ann Pinney
Featured Photographer
(born 1953 - )

Melissa Ann Pinney's series Feminine Identity and Regarding Emma established her as a clear observer and creator of documents that showed the everyday life of women and children in a small town in the U.S.A. where Pinney lived. Her subjects are shown in familiar rituals such as the beauty salon, women dressing, or a bride preparing for her wedding. She is a master of colour, light and time. Each image is like a quietly intense, self-contained revelation that continues to unfold with each viewing. Her photos seem to rest on an unshakeable foundation of patience and trust. For me, her work manifests the promise inherent in colour photography.

The pictures in her recent book TWO explore relations between friends, lovers, spouses, and others. The images, while being luminous and probing, seem to leave the subjects room to be themselves. I was struck by this artist's ability to somehow create natural images of people who are close to each other.

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The Structure of Beauty

The topic of 'structure' came up in a recent conversation. That is, how important it is to have structure in one's life, especially through times of transition. Structure  means different things to different people and needs to be unique to each individual.  It seems like one person's structure is another's prison. As i was mulling over the subject of unique structures, another good friend out in Vancouver shared a recent discovery. W ith forensic attention  to detail, s he'd been poring over an art auction catalogue I sent her when she discovered a collection of these precious vintage photographs shown below:

WILSON A. BENTLEY (1865-1931)
Gold-chloride toned microphotographs from glass plate negatives
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I was moved to see that even in the short-lived, brilliantly designed structure of a snowflake the Universe saw fit to lavish exquisite detail and beauty onto each flake. Maybe we do the same, thriving in structured situations even if they are as fleeting as a snowflake.

We have Keith Carter and the maker of this video
Jean Paul Caponigro to thank for this jewel

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