SOAR Update - 31 Mar 10am ET

We have been working on the following, in priority order, since our last email update.

  1. Establishing communication with all customers.
  2. Creating and executing a plan to get customers access to data.
  3. Getting new server deployed and loaded with customer data.
  4. Testing standup for SOAR services in new environment.
  5. Creating and executing a plan to restore SOAR services. This step is dependent on the previous step.

Please make sure to check our website (below) for updates as we will post updates there more often.


  • SOAR website services are still inaccessible. This includes email access.
  • No estimated time for restoration of services yet.
  • New server ordered and waiting on deployment and access.
  • Working on getting customers access to data by end of weekend.
  • Working on committed plan for service restoration with details and dates.
  • We plan to have an update tonight/tomorrow morning with more details.

Customer Communications

This mailing list was created and a primary contact from each customer added at its start. That email belongs to the person that last renewed the website.

As customers reach out, forwarding these emails with instructions on how to join the mailing list.

Please contact us using the email address [email protected].

During this time we will not be answering phone calls as we want to focus on getting your service running again.

Make sure at least two unit leaders are subscribed to this mailing list using the Subscribe button below.


Customer Data

Databases - We have all the customers databases from the morning of March 28th, so only changes made that day will be lost. This includes everything on your site except files/attachments/photos. Roster, Calendar, Announcements, Custom Pages, Email Lists, etc.

Files - The files section, attachments, and photos. We are waiting for the drives to be attached to the new device to get access to theses. Same timestamp of the morning of March 28th. These are terabytes (TB) of data, so they can't be moved around easily.

Access to Customer Data

The plan is to provide access to at least the database data by the end of this weekend.

There are three parts to this:

  1. CSVs - converting the data into CSV files that you can easily access via Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Zip Files - of files, attachments, and photos. Ability to provide these to customers this weekend will depend on speed of new server deployment.
  3. Secure Access - we can't provide this information to anyone that requests for security reasons. Since the websites aren't online with administrator logins, we will provide access information via email to the last person that renewed your site. That is the only secure way we have to make sure the person receiving access to customer data is associated with the unit. We will post a list of those email addresses by customer later today. The email address will be obscured some like this g*****[email protected] for privacy reasons.

New Server

Mar 28 6:30pm ET - new server ordered from Aptum

Mar 29 10pm ET - Aptum having issues provisioning server.

Mar 30 8am ET - support ticket to escalate issue.

This is not happening as fast as we'd like and are working with Aptum to make it happen faster.

Testing SOAR in New Environment

A significant amount of time was spent yesterday loading SOAR into a new environment with updated operating system and software versions. This step is necessary to scope out the work needed to complete and create an estimated time and plan for restoral of SOAR services.

This is the primary reason we did not provide many updates yesterday. We wanted to focus on this as it's critical for plan creation.

Service Restoration

We have an outline of a plan for this. We need to complete the testing phase though to verify a lot of our assumptions and scope out timeframes.

Once that is complete we will share the committed plan with customers.