Please check the website for more updates between these email communications and especially the FAQ.

Good News!

After a turbulent ten days, we have some exciting news to share: SOAR will continue after all!

Read on for more details about the current status and the future of SOAR.

Customer Data Access

This has been the priority all week. For the majority, once they have their site’s URL they are able to access data using their site’s username/password.  

It has taken a lot of time to work with those that didn’t receive an email (outdated contacts) or couldn’t remember username/passwords. These were a manual process of verifying contacts to securely provide access to data. Pleased to report that only a handful of these requests are left.

If you are still having issues accessing your site data, please send an email to with as much information about your SOAR website as you have.

It’s now time to turn the focus to what comes next.

SOAR Has Value

This has been a clear message from customers this past week.

A communication platform that has the following:

  • Website with content features - announcements, calendar, custom pages.
  • Accessible via a domain name, including vanity domain support.
  • Email on that domain including aliases and groups.
  • Scouting specific features such as roster and event registration.
  • Integration with other scouting services, including Scoutbook.
  • Simple to use.

The Future of SOAR

First my apologies for not being able to provide a firm answer to this question before now. It has taken time to talk with customers, evaluate all the options, find the proper path for SOAR to continue, and get the base structure in place to make that happen.  

I am pleased to announce that SOAR will be coming back!

This is not something I should be doing alone though. A plan is being finalized to transfer ownership of SOAR to Meridian Computing who has the resources and skill sets to ensure SOAR will serve scouting units for the next 20 years. I will move into a consulting role to transfer knowledge and help with planning.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Chistopher and Scott this week as this plan was put in place. They are exactly what SOAR needs.

Michael Kabot

Owner, SOAR

Meridian Computing

We are experienced software engineers and are also Scouters and longtime SOAR customers.

We feel the pain of this outage just as you do, and that is why we have decided to jump in and make this happen. Work is already underway to restore your websites. Our goal is to bring the service back as quickly as possible while also laying the groundwork for new features and improved stability.

We want to take a moment to thank you for your loyalty and patience while we work through this transition. We understand that your Troop or Pack website is essential to your organization. Our pledge is to provide another 20 years of excellent service, and we truly appreciate your continued support.

Scott & Christopher

Owners, Meridian Computing

What Comes Next?

  1. By Tuesday: A credit policy and incentives for continuing through the transition.
  2. In the next couple weeks: A detailed timeline for existing services and additional features. We understand you want the details now. We simply need some time to be able to commit to dates.
  3. Later this year: A beta program for customers who want to be more directly involved with feature definition/priority.