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August 2016
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Construction Builds a Strong Community
When I was a young Oregon kid, any guy could go to work right out of high school and do just fine.  He could afford to get married, get a house mortgage, buy a car and go out to eat once in a while.  But that just isn't the case anymore is it?  Please read these excerpts from a recent Bend Bulletin article by Taylor Anderson:
"Oregon's lack of housing supply and its new home construction that's similar to the slow pace of building in the 1980s threaten to undercut the state's ongoing blistering economic growth, state economists told legislators...."
 He then reports: "Rep. John Davis, a Republican member of the committee and outgoing legislator from Wilsonville, said he's been surprised to watch housing become a central focus of the revenue forecasts."
"We've never had a housing affordability section of our economist forecast," Davis said. "I think the affordability has completely altered the discussion."
Amid dramatically low vacancy rates and rapidly climbing housing costs, paired with low housing supply, the issue of building more units has become a central focus in Oregon."
All of us know these 3 things:
1. Construction is one of the most important economic engines there is for a growing community.  It's a sign of health and a powerful job creator.
2. We know we need construction to be strong because of the years of economic weakness that we are still recovering from.
3. Our young people (and our not so young people) need affordable housing, remodeling and commercial building services and infrastructure improvements.
Many of us have never seen a more difficult time than the last 8 years and the challenges ahead are not well understood.  What we do know is that the Building Industry is one of the strongest partners a community can have.  There is no faster or better way to grow our local economy than with well planned and well executed construction activity.  The building industry is truly the rising tide that lifts all ships.  There has never been a stronger local demand for building services than right now and our industry is responding as never before to the challenge.
You won't find a better example of the benefits of a robust construction economy than our upcoming Southern Oregon Tour of Homes just around the corner.  The best builders, the best projects, the best sub contractors and the best products and services all on display for you!  Come Take the Tour, and see all the latest developments in housing technology.   As we travel up the road of economic recovery, Construction is leading the way to better jobs and stronger property values that help us afford the public services we all need and rely upon.  Look around and see your construction professionals building a better community for you and your family every day.

To your success,

Brad Bennington,  Executive Officer
Southern Oregon Builders Association
Membership Mixer - Thurdsay, August 25 at Dancin Vineyards
The NAHB is Coming to Town!
 Come learn about how the  
National Association of 
Home Builders
benefits YOU, its members!

Tracy MacMaster is here to help us understand the products and services that NAHB provides its members. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the benefits of your SOBA membership through its affiliation with both the state and national organizations.  We would love to see you there!
Join us at DANCIN Vineyards for 
Wine, Hors d'oeuvres, and NAHB
Thursday, August 25
6:00pm - 7:30pm
at DANCIN Vineyards
Dancin vineyard
Dancin vineyards
SAVE the DATES: Sept: 16 -18 & 23-25

September 16-18 and 23-25 
Tour of Homes  
The Southern Oregon Tour of Homes is just around the corner!  
Mark the dates on your calendar and come out and see some fabulous new homes.
This is a scattered site new home tour from Eagle Point to Ashland! We are very excited for you to see the amazing work that is being produced in our valley.
Look for the Tour Guide in the Mail Tribune on Sept. 16 or
on our website the week of the Tour
Sponsored by
Technology Design Associates  
New $6 billion tax on Oregon sales threatens Oregon's
consumers and home builders
By John Tapogna, President of ECONorthwest
In late May, the Secretary of State certified that sponsors of Initiative Petition 28 (IP 28) had submitted more than enough petition signatures to qualify their $6 billion tax on Oregon sales for the November General Election ballot.
Like virtually every Oregon industry and every Oregonian, there's good reason for home builders to take a close look at IP 28 and how it will affect them.
The language of IP 28 is simple. It modifies the corporate minimum tax rates passed by voters in 2010 for C-corporations with total annual Oregon sales of $25 million or more, requiring them to pay "$30,001 plus 2.5% of the excess over $25 million."
According to economists in the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office (LRO), that change will increase state tax revenues about 25 percent, or more than $6 billion per biennium. Read More.
(Oregon Home Builders Association opposes IP 28 and has joined the coalition working to defeat it. If you and your company have not yet joined, we encourage you to please add your name and your company to the coalition at .)
NAHB now
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation have  finalized standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles in an effort to improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon pollution.
The standards, which apply to trucks built in model years 2021-2027, are expected to lower carbon dioxide emissions by 1.1 billion metric tons, save vehicle owners $170 billion in fuel, and reduce oil consumption by up to 2 billion barrels over the lifetime of the vehicles sold.
Heavy-duty trucks account for about 20% of greenhouse gas emissions and oil use in the transportation sector, according to EPA.
The standards apply to semi-trucks, large pickup trucks and vans, and all types and sizes of buses and work trucks.
And for the first time, the agencies are finalizing fuel-efficiency and greenhouse gas standards for trailers. Cost-effective technologies for trailers - including aerodynamic devices, lightweight construction and self-inflating tires - can significantly reduce total fuel consumption by tractor-trailers, while paying back the owners in less than two years due to the fuel saved.
Recognizing that many trailer manufacturers are small businesses, EPA has included provisions that reduce burden, such as a one-year delay in initial standards for small businesses and simplified certification requirements.
Today's final rulemaking builds on the fuel efficiency and emissions standards already in place for model years 2014-2018, which are expected to result in carbon dioxide emission reductions of 270 million metric tons and save vehicle owners more than $50 billion in fuel costs, according to EPA. Truck sales were up in model years 2014 and 2015, the years covered under the first round of truck standards.
For more details on the new standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, visit the  EPA website.
nahb logo
NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz, Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Chief Economist Anirban Basu and American Institute of Architects (AIA) Chief Economist Kermit Baker predicted continued growth for the construction industry in 2017 during a joint economic forecast today.
"Non-residential construction spending growth will continue into the next year with an estimated increase in the range of 3-4%," said Basu. "Growth will continue to be led by privately financed projects, with commercial construction continuing to lead the way. Energy-related construction will become less of a drag in 2017, while public spending will continue to be lackluster."
"Our forecast shows single-family production expanding by more than 10% in 2016, and the robust multifamily sector leveling off," said Dietz. "Historically low mortgage interest rates and favorable demographics should keep the housing market moving forward at a gradual pace, but residential construction growth will be constrained by shortages of labor and lots and rising regulatory costs."
"Revenue at architecture firms continues to grow, so prospects for the construction industry remain solid over the next 12 to 18 months," said Baker. "Given current demographic trends, the single-family residential and the institutional building sectors have the greatest potential for further expansion."
Each economist discussed leading, present and future indicators for sector performance, including ABC's  Construction Backlog Indicator, AIA's latest  Architecture Billings Index and Construction Consensus Forecast and the NAHB/Wells Fargo  Housing Market Index.
Archived versions of the  presentation and  web conference are available.

Stay tuned for more information. 
Gene Sperling NAHB
Gene Sperling, a top economic advisor to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, today said that housing will play an important role in a Clinton administration.
"For Hillary Clinton, growing middle-class jobs and middle-income security is the single lens in which she will judge economic policy," Sperling said in an address to the NAHB Board of Directors at their Midyear Meeting in Miami. "What better helps the middle class than housing? Housing creates jobs in the United States. There is probably no other sector that creates jobs throughout income levels - from construction jobs to professional and servicing jobs." Read More.
Trump Vows to Cut Burdensome Regulations in Address to Home Builders
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today vowed to cut regulations that are hurting the housing and economic recovery. Speaking before the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Board of Directors at their Midyear Meeting in Miami, Trump said that overregulation is costing the economy $2 trillion per year.
"No one other than the energy industry is regulated more than the home building industry," said Trump. "Twenty-five percent of the cost of a home is due to regulation. I think we should get that down to about 2 percent."
Laying out his plan to create more jobs, lower taxes and reduce burdensome regulations, Trump said: "We will impose a temporary moratorium order on new agency regulations. Read More.  
Do You Know the Most Popular Home Styles?
Iconic Home Styles
Daily Real Estate News
Do you know a Georgian from a Greek Revival? Brush up on your home architecture knowledge with this infographic below spotlighting the features and differences between some of the most popular home styles today: from Tudor, Queen Anne, Craftsman to Tradiiton Ranch. Check out this infographic to see. 
One vs. Two-Story Homes: Which Dominates?
Single Family Housing Completions 2015
National Association of Realtors
Most people prefer a single-story home, one study reports. But home shoppers may have a more difficult time finding a one-story home in some regions of the country. The greatest shares of single-family homes with two or more stories are in the Northeast, Pacific and Western regions of the U.S., according to a new analysis of Census Bureau data by the National Association of Home Builders. Read More.
NEWS from the CCB: 
Exemptions from continuing education
ccb logo
As of July 1, this is a summary of all contractors that are now exempt from continuing education. 
This list applies to both residential and commercial contractors.
* Architects (if an owner or officer is a licensed architect)
* Developers
* Engineers (if an owner or officer is a licensed engineer)
* Electricians (if an owner, officer or employee is a licensed electrician)
* Plumbers (if an owner, officer or employee is a licensed plumber)
* Boiler contractors
* Elevator contractors
* Renewable energy contractor
* Pump installation contractors
* Limited sign contractors
* Landscape contractors who are construction contractors
* Home inspectors (must still complete continuing education for the home inspector certification but no longer for the CCB license) `
* Master builders (if actively licensed as such through the Building Codes Division)
Next Lead Based Paint Classes:
8-hr INITIAL Lead Based Paint Class
Need to become RRP Certified?
Do you work on structures,pre 1978, where you would be disturbing paint? If so, sign up now for this EPA-Certified class!
8-Hr INITIAL Course:
September 7
Cost: $175 for Members and $225 for Non-Members
Qualifies for (8) Series B Credit Hours
Click here for Registration Form or call 541-773-2872
Space is limited to register today!
4-hr REFRESHER Class
Need to become RRP Certified?
Do you work on structures,pre 1978, where you would be disturbing paint? If so, sign up now for this EPA-Certified class!
4-Hr REFRESHER Course:
October 5
Cost: $150 for Members and $00 for Non-Members
Qualifies for (8) Series B Credit Hours
Click here for Registration Form or call 541-773-2872
Space is limited to register today!
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One great way to meet your fellow members is to attend a membership mixer. One great way for members to see who you are and what you do, is to host a membership mixer!
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Online Education FREE to Members!!
Home Builders University  features online courses designed to help professionals in the residential building trades receive industry-specific training, meet continuing education requirements and improve building and business skills.
Read More


Master Builder Program Description
by  Carol Myers
The Certified Master Builder (CMB) program was created in 1997 as a pilot program in Marion County and the City of Salem. In 2001 the Legislature expanded the program statewide, allowing building officials around the state to grant certain privileges to Certified Master Builders with regard to plans review and inspections. A certified master builder may perform portions of plan ... Read more
 New DEQ rules require survey prior to demolition
The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) asked that we share the following information with contractors.
Temporary rules that became effective Jan. 1, 2016, require an asbestos survey prior to demolition of residential properties. Specifically:
An accredited surveyor must conduct the asbestos survey before demolition (removal of a load-bearing wall) at any residence constructed before Jan.1, 2004. The surveyor should supply his credentials upon request.
A copy of the asbestos survey must be kept on site and provided to DEQ upon request.   Read More
Unlock The Value of Membership: NAHB


The National Association of Home Builders
exists to serve its members.


Fighting for housing on major policy issues, providing excellent educational programming, and creating outstanding networking opportunities are just some of the ways that NAHB fulfills that mandate.


And the proof of its success is in the numbers. In 2014, NAHB's actions on the legislative, codes, regulatory and legal fronts, as well as in other arenas, provided members an estimated savings of $6,882 per housing start as the association resolved numerous issues affecting home builders.


NAHB urges members to take advantage of the many resources that it offers.They are designed to help you build a better home, build a better business and work in a policy environment that enables your business -- and those of your associates in the home building industry -- to thrive.

Don't leave money on the table!
National Member Benefits -
NAHB Member Benefits
Membership... So, what's in it for me?
We get this question all the time!
Here is one great benefit that has been available to builders and remodelers: The Member Rebate Program. 
For Subcontrctors and Associates, we are now starting a Member Rebate Program Associate Member Directory! 
Builder & Remodeler Members:
It's simple: If you use these products - you can get a rebate check. Cha-ching!

Check out the:  Quick and easy registration and learn about the quarterly claiming process to earn back valuable rebate money - this one benefit can cover the cost of your annual membership dues!
Associate Members:
We are introducing the new
Member Rebate Program
Associate Member Directory
This is exciting news because now your company can get exposure to the builders and remodelers who use these products .
If you Supply or Install any of our 50+ participating Manufacturers, register for a free listing on our Associate Member Member Rebate Program directory.
To be included in the  Associate Member Directory fill out the  registration form 
All Associate Member Directory listings will be hyperlinked to your business w ebsite.
Remember: The MRP Associate Member Directory is brand new - be the first business to be listed and help builders and remodelers find you!
Check out your NEW OHBA Member Rebate Program Website:

If you have any questions about the Member Rebate Program call (541-773-2872) or email us and we will be happy to go over it with you!
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Green builders, remodelers, developers and verifiers have all heard the news: The ICC/ASHRAE 700-2015 National Green Building Standardâ„¢ has been approved by the American National Standards Institute. But maybe you haven't heard the equally great news: The standard can be downloaded as a PDF from the NAHB BuilderBooks site. And it's absolutely free.  Read More

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