Thanks to YOUR efforts, and those of thousands of others in Ohio, it is my understanding that the Committee vote on SOGI scheduled for today on House Bill 369 in the Civil Justice Committee has been CANCELLED!

However, I am being told that they are re-scheduling the vote for Tuesday, February 4, 2020. The bottom line is that the nine Republicans on this "Civil Justice" Committee - should NEVER even bring this NONSENSE to a vote. They should be embarrassed by their actions.

First of all we should not even have a "Civil Justice Committee" in our House of Representatives! There is no "Civil Justice" in our Ohio and National Constitution, there is ONLY "Equal Justice for ALL"! The "purpose" of this lefty committee is to divide Ohioans into "groups" and to give SUPERIOR rights to some of those "groups", which they define, to the detriment of the Individual. That is what they are doing with this Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) bill. The Ohio House should disband this Committee entirely since it's very purpose is not consistent with the Ohio Constitution which is designed to protect the rights of INDIVIDUALS not groups!

Second, despite what the media, and the regressive communist left, and the Gay Mafia bullies, and the Democrat/Socialist try to tell you - Transgenderism IS a MENTAL ILLNESS called "Gender Dysphoria" and is NOT a PROTECTED CLASS under Federal OR State civil rights law! This Committee is trying to force the creation of another protected class against all current law in the bogus claim that current law does not ALREADY equally protect the rights of the so called "trans-community." Instead of seeking treatment for these mentally ill people, the regressive communist Left is grossly using them as a tool, just as they used the gay community, to destroy the social order in our nation, attack religious institutions and businesses, and undermine our values - and these "Republicans" are helping them!

Third, only two-tenths of a percent (.2%) of people are diagnosed with "Gender Dysphoria" in the U.S. and 80% of the children and young adults who have this illness grow out of it by their mid-20's. So this Committee of so called Republicans, are going to take away the personal privacy rights of 50% of the population - WOMEN - so that a tiny group of mentally ill people can force themselves on women and young girls based solely on their totally SUBJECTIVE claim that TODAY they feel like a woman even though they are biologically a man! How dare YOU bring this garbage into our State House!

Fortunately, as you will see below, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has just ruled on the transgender lies in an attempt to bring some sanity back to our courts, our government, our businesses, our education system and our nation. Please read their ruling below!

Judge Kyle Duncan first observed that “no authority supports the proposition that we may require litigants, judges, court personnel, or anyone else to refer to gender-dysphoric litigants with pronouns matching their subjective gender identity.”
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