SOILMAP releases new features to Dispatching product

SOILMAP announces new features to the Agronomy Dispatch product helping streamline the workflow from the dispatching office(s) to the applicator in the machine.
Shared Task - (Assign multiple machines to a single blendsheet) 

Will use lime in a large field as an example, with this feature update you dispatch your machines to the field and each applicator will get credit for his/her acres applied.  The dispatcher from his PC can easily assign that blendsheet to multiple machines and visually see on the screen the status of both machines. 

Here below you can see that blendsheet 448770 has been assigned to machines 916 and machine 992.  Machine 992 has started the job because we can see the cyan color bar along the top, while machine 916 has not yet arrived to the field. (green top bar)

Multi Task - (Assign multiple blendsheets to a single machine)

Sometimes based on matching products and field location it makes sense to combine multiple fields into a single application event. In the scenario below you can can see that the applicator is going to apply both blendsheets at the same time and drive parallel across the field.  In order for that to be setup the dispatcher can utilize the Multi Task button.  This will reduce the number of button clicks for the applicator and make it a seamless process at the field. 

New Reports  

Three new reports have been added as well. In the bottom screenshot you will see the Acres by operator report. You can sort by operator, date range, and export to excel.

The new reports added are:
1. Acres by Operator
2. Blendsheet Task History
3. Blendsheet Status History


Please contact or 515-955-9004 for any SOILMAP/Dispatch questions!