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  • Summer user conference
  • Spread files to machine - As applied information back
  • Batch Signups
  • External RX files
  • Batch VRT recommendations
  • New Quick 4 page sheet printout
  • New Grid results book viewer
  • Bug Fix - issue resolved with blendsheet not showing partial VRT set
  • Bug Fix - issue resolved when saving grid results book PDF and changing file save name
  • Bug Fix - field service dashboard refresh error
  • Update - Control Systems Software web service enabled
Summer user conference 
Thank you to everybody who could come and attend the annual SOILMAP summer user conference held this past August in Storm Lake, Iowa.  Based on user feedback the guest speaker and small group sessions were a big hit.  We look forward to seeing you again there next year!

Spread files to the machine - As applied information back 
It's here!  You can now send spread files from SOILMAP to your fleet of machines.  This is a solution that works with almost any brand of controllers with a simple hardware install  We've partnered with My John Deere & AGBRIDGE to give you multiple options.  With this technology you will also be able to receive as-applied data back.
Please contact SOILMAP if you want to learn more information on this technology offering. 

Batch Signups   
Batch Blendsheets was a hit so why not duplicate that feature with the release of Batch Signups.  You can now create a signup for multiple fields at one time.  Simply pick your grower and follow the user interface.  You will notice these screens got a facelift as well as multiple other feature enhancements such as Re-Drive Boundary, Lab Package, Bar Code, and many more.  Release notes found here - Release Notes

External RX   
For those customers who are currently using the dispatch module a new feature has been added that allows you to continue to create your blendsheet but at the same time upload the external RX file that you did not create. An example of this is when a grower has a file from an outside source that your location is going to spread.

Batch VRT    
We've given you batch Blendsheets and batch Signups over this last year. Batch VRT is currently under development.  Stay tuned for future updates.

Quick 4 Page Sheet  
Check out this new sheet we've called the Quick 4 Page.  You can choose from any of the nutrients listed in your grid results book.  Right click on a book in the tree and select Quick 4.

New Book Viewer  
You no longer have to download the book in order to print/save it.  When you double click in the tree the book will now be in preview mode. The default save location will be your computers desktop.

Help & Support   
Please remember to use as your primary address for support.

We can also be reached at:

Patrick Olmstead - 515-955-9004 or 515-835-0550
Wade Broom -  515-570-5907
Laura Thilges - 515-955-9016
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