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  • GMO & DriftWatch
  • SOILMAP Release Notes Version 9
  • Batch & Dynamic Blendsheets
  • Billing Dashboard
  • MVTL & Oakland Corp Integration
  • Grower Notifications
  • Dispatch - Set Last Task of the Day
  • New BlendSheet Types
GMO & DriftWatch 
SOILMAP is ready to give you GMO and DriftWatch registry information for the 2018 growing season.  SOILMAP allows you to map your GMO fields, as well as mark neighboring fields. When integrated with SOILMAP Dispatch, you will receive notifications if within proximity of a GMO trait field. These layers, in conjunction with DriftWatch, increase visibility to hazardous misapplications saving your organization from hefty claims.

SOILMAP Release Notes Version 9.0.0
WOW! What an update we have in store for you. Download the release notes to find out more.

Included in this will be:
  • Batch & Dynamic Blendsheets
  • Billing Dashboard
  • Grower Notifications
  • Dispatch Updates

Download release notes here - Spring 2018 Update  

Batch & Dynamic Blendsheets 
Batch BlendSheets:
Gone are the days of going field by field to create a blendsheet. While this functionality still exists, we've now given you the ability to do this for multiple fields at one time. 

Dynamic BlendSheets: 
This means you can modify a blendsheet after it has been created. No need to recreate, go ahead, edit that blendsheet!

Billing Dashboard
The Billing Dashboard assists users with billing blendsheets more efficiently. For customers integrated with Dispatch and/or Automated Blender(s) this is the tool that allows you to track variances created by various stages of product modifications, additions, and removals. Example: an applicator added some products at the field gate, that information can easily be seen here. 

SOILMAP announces integration with Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories, Inc. This partnership with the New Ulm, MN based company will ensure a seamless transfer of MVTL's soil analysis to SOILMAP, providing customers with a near-real-time view of their soil data.
SOILMAP and Oakland Corporation
SOILMAP announces a new web service integration with Oakland Corporation, the accounting software provider based in Story City, Iowa.  The web service enables customers using both systems access to a near-real-time transaction of data from bookings, customer accounts (single & split), products, etc.  This new integration will improve the user experience for current and future customers. 
Grower Notifications 
A new feature, now live, will allow your growers to get e-mail and/or text alerts when field events occur. See SOILMAP v9 Release notes for more details!

Dispatch Feature - Set last Task of the Day
The dispatch schedule page follows logic that looks at machine & field location, efficiency factor, field acres, products, and more to estimate a fully scheduled workday. Sometimes the early evening jobs may be intended for the following day. Now you can schedule those for the next day. Simply right click on a blendsheet from the schedule page and select Set/Reset Last T ask for Day. Everything after that will be moved to the next day.

NEW BlendSheet Types 
Take a look at the new SOILMAP Blendsheet types just added. VRT-NH3, FlateRate-NH3, and more!

Dispatch Reports
Track your progress.  As a salesman, you can run the Company Dispatch - Agronomy report to view your progress at anytime throughout the season.  Below, we see that 1,428 acres have been completed and 1,398 acres are in queue.   

Help & Support   
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