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New Look and Mobile Friendly
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  • Remember field acres
  • Credit status from accounting passed into SOILMAP
  • Release to blender (Kahler, Murray, Junge) directly from blendsheet
  • Bug fixes and updates to Zoom/Search feature
  • Multiple fleet & dispatch updates
  • Multiple fleet & dispatch bug fixes
  • Electronic Log Books
  • Fixed bug with grid sampling signup where mapper had no active e-mail address
  • Added additional SOILMAP reports
    • Kahler direct web orders to Control accounting
    • Kahler Web SOILMAP blendsheets to Control accounting
    • Kahler web blendsheets to completed
    • Credit reader last run time
Remember Field Acres

We heard your requests at the user conference and this is now a new feature of SOILMAP.  When you use the Over-ride Flat Rate acres feature in SOILMAP the keyed value will be saved and remembered.  The next time you make a blendsheet those acres you entered will be there if you choose to use them.

Remember Field Acres Release Notes
Credit Status

If your accounting package is capable of sending SOILMAP a customer credit status we can display that information to you. This does not prevent you from being able to create a blendsheet or VRT file, but the status color(blue) will imply that there is a possible credit concern.

Additionally, other colors you may see in the SOILMAP tree:
SOILMAP Dispatch

SOILMAP Dispatch is in the field. The beta team has a full Harvest season under their belts, and the feedback has been fantastic!

Take a look at the screen grabs for a brief overview on workflow. It's really that simple! The time to look at this is now to ensure you can be ready to go for Spring.

Fleet Dispatch - How Do I know If Equipment Is Available?

A new update in this last release was the ability to see what application equipment is running.  This is an extremely useful feature for planning your day. Plain & simple, you need to know if the equipment is available that day. 

This can easily be determined by the color coding on the schedule page.

Fleet Management

Wow! Big changes to the Fleet Management user view. Take a look at the screen captures below.  You will see speed, VIN, Fuel %, Odometer, Engine Status, Air Temp, Battery Voltage and Coolant Temp just to name a view. With this solution we can connect to the on board diagnostics (OBD2) to give you this valuable information. In the bottom screenshot we can see a reckless driving notification that came from harsh braking. 

Electronic Log Books or Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

Did you know that Carriers and drivers who are using paper logs or logging software must transition to ELDs no later than December 18, 2017. This will affect you if you are crossing state lines, or traveling 150 miles from home. 

The great news is we now have a solution for you! In addition to the driver app, which we will cover in a future newsletter, SOILMAP can create DOT hours of service inspections. These can be initiated easily with one click from the Driver app, as shown below. The inspection officer can review the last 7 days of driver logs while performing an inspection. 

Fleet Management Helicopter View

Take a look at this quick 1 minute video of a new view in Fleet called "Helicopter View"


Trade Shows  
Thank you to everybody who stopped by the booth at the Minneapolis crop show and a reminder we will be in Madison Wisconsin and Sioux Falls in the upcoming weeks. 

Minneapolis, MN - December 6-8
Madison, WI - January 10-12
Sioux Falls, SD - January 17-20

It's always a pleasure meeting new people and catching up with old friends in the Ag World.

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