SOJC updates/changes due to the Coronavirus
This Shabbat will be a new experience for our SOJC community. Since we put the highest regard for our community's health and well-being, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel live Shabbat services.
Instead, we will gather together to celebrate Shabbat and come together for prayer via Zoom, a live-stream app. We will now stream Friday night and Saturday morning services until further notice.
We know that we have a resilient community, and we will learn how to come together to learn and pray while maintaining a safe distance during this time of crisis.
We again reiterate the advice we’re hearing from health professionals and the CDC: 
  • Stay home as much as possible, and if you need to go out, avoid gatherings large and small! 
  • Not only if you are in a high-risk category (over 60 or immunocompromised). Even young and healthy people can become unwitting vectors for the virus, which can be present in your system even with no symptoms.
  • The children and adults in our community are understandably going to want to interact with their friends in the coming weeks. We recommend avoiding as much in-person contact as possible. Have play dates for kids via FaceTime or Skype and call friends on the phone.
  • Stock up on groceries, medications and necessary household goods.
  • Avoid touching frequently touched surfaces in public, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (or use hand sanitizer if that's all that's available).
Below is some information about how we will remain connected for the foreseeable future. Please bear with us as we work as fast as we can to move our physical gatherings into a virtual space. We’re all learning a lot very quickly and we appreciate both your patience and your willingness to explore new and unfamiliar technology.
In light of the rapidly changing situation, we are going to change the format of our Shabbat services to involve no physical gathering whatsoever. To prevent any incidental passage of the virus, we will instead transition to an entirely “virtual” experience, beginning this Shabbat.
Interacting with each other digitally on Shabbat will feel strange for all of us. As we begin exploring this new and temporary way of forming our Shabbat community, we ask that you consciously try to differentiate the way you interact with your technology on Shabbat from the way you interact with it during the week.

Please join us on Friday evening beginning 7:30pm and Saturday morning beginning 9:30am.


Go to the SOJC calendar at
click on the Shabbat service you will be joining, either LIVESTREAM Erev Shabbat or LIVESTREAM Shabbat morning.

When you click on Livestream a box will appear. You may be taken to the page with the URL link to join the meeting. If so, click on the URL under "Join Zoom Meeting" and you will be taken to the Shabbat service you chose.

If you are not taken to the URL directly, click on Livestream event and a box will pop up. Click on more details and you will then be taken to the page with the URL "Join Zoom Meeting" to enter the Shabbat service you chose.

If you are having technical difficulties contact Please do this before 6:00pm on Friday night.

Thank you for participating in our virtual Shabbat service.
The Rabbinical Assembly has made their Shabbat and Festival siddur available online as a free download in this  et tzarah  (time of trouble). Please fill out this form to access the  siddur directly from their website.

All classes, youth services and youth group events are cancelled thru Sunday April 15, 2020. This will give our staff and teachers time to convert to virtual classes. Cantor Ramsay will be in touch directly with our Religious School families and teachers in the next week.

Adult learning will continue with Rabbi Orrin via Zoom. Continue to look for more information on the Zoom link to attend virtual classes.
Rabbi Orrin, Cantor Doug and the SOJC Board of Directors wish you and your families a safe and healthy Shabbat!