January 5, 2022

The latest surge of the Omicron variant is impacting everyone including many of our own members. Because of this, we have decided to put the following ministries on hold for the next few weeks: adult bible studies, choir, our monthly Wednesday night meal, confirmation, and children’s Sunday School.

Our two regular worship services will continue as will our preschool and food pantry. We hope that we will be able to resume all of our ministries again sometime in February. We will keep you informed and once again appreciate your prayers, understanding, and support.

Beginning in January of 2022 we are going to place a basket of our prepackaged communion cups (which contains a wafer and grape juice) on the altar. After they are consecrated during worship they will be placed in the narthex along with gift bags and a stack of our church postcards which will have the following prayer.

Heavenly Father, as we receive your blessings this day through the body and blood of your Son Jesus Christ, we give you thanks for your promise to be present in this sacrament which was consecrated by your church and then shared in love so that we as well might know the blessings of your grace and peace both now and forever. For it is in your name we pray. Amen.

We invite you to deliver communion to those who are unable to attend worship. Please feel free to fill a gift bag with as many cups as you need along with a prayer card. Thanks so much for helping others to receive the gifts which means so much to us all.
From the Director for our bell choir, Cathy Dismore

This picture was taken at a funeral this week for a friend of mine. So blessed that our bell choir was willing to ring. This was at St. Andrews Catholic Church and we used their bells to play “It Is Well with My Soul”.

We rang because the bell choir at their church has recently lost 4 members and they don’t have a choir right now.

Our thanks to Cathy and the members of our bell choir for sharing their gifts and faith in ways that provide inspiration and comfort, not only for our members but for the larger Christian community.
Little Shepherd Children's Center is turning 20 this year!
We need your help to make this anniversary really special. If you have any photos, memorabilia, or stories to share, please send them to our director, Rachel Adams at rna1976@yahoo.com 
For the safety of all, Shepherd of Life strongly encourages the wearing of masks during worship & Bible study. Thank You!

For I am the Lord who heals you…
  • For Bruce & Tyna Oslie's daughter, Angie who is experiencing unrelenting seizures, vision problems and vertigo
  • For Cathy Dismore's sister, Marti who was diagnosed with melanoma
  • For Phyllis Hecht who is having surgery for breast cancer tomorrow
  • For Delores Downard who is receiving chemotherapy
  • For Joanne Hedrick's sister, Cathy, diagnosed with cancer
  • For Shirley Porter's sister-in-law, Dee who is dealing with ALS
  • For Shirley Porter's nephew, Robert who is hospitalized with Covid
  • For Kay Glenn's friend, Marna who had a stroke and has a poor prognosis.
  • For John Jager's brother, Allen who is hospitalized with pneumonia
  • For Les Woods cousin, Dave who is diagnosed with cancer
  • For Val Hick's brother-in-law who is receiving stem cell replacement
  • For Judy Siefken's cousin, Ron who is recovering from a stent placement
  • For Marie Philips who postponed hip surgery due to a Covid infection
  • For Joe Johnson who is recovering from a heart catheterization
  • For Sharon Stewart's mother, Nina, who will be needing hospice care soon
  • For Dave Short's wife, Kerrie, who is experiencing extreme gastrointestinal challenges and seeking diagnosis
  • For Dennis Bashore's friend's son, Scott who has Covid and is on a ventilator
The Lord is filled with Compassion for...
  • Judy Siefken and her sister Janet following the passing of her brother-in-law, Jan

Tyler Hausenfluke

Reese Simmons
Judy Pfretzschner

Samuel Campbell

Craig Gober

We want Shepherd of Life to be the best it can be. The best way for that to happen is by working together. If you have ideas or concerns, our Church Council is here for you. Below are the names and email addresses of our council members. Feel free to reach out to them any time.
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