I went into the hospital thinking I had appendicitis. The preliminary CT scan showed it was not that but could be diverticulitis and that there was a suspicious-looking mass there also. A second CT scan showed a definite mass about the size of a small deck of cards. The first two doctors I saw after that both confirmed the mass and advised they thought it was probably cancerous. Scott and I cried and tried to make some plans. Then came a GI doc who said he did not think it was cancer! When asked what he thought it was, he said he did not know. Then came an Oncology GI Surgeon who also said he did not think it was cancer. Again, we asked what he thought it could be, he said he did not know. The only way to determine what it could be was to do the dreaded colonoscopy. I had that done yesterday. When the doctor reported his findings to us, he said he did not think it was cancer, but took a biopsy just to verify. When asked what he thought it was, he said he did not know! It could be a whole bunch of various things - an abcess, a lipoma, a fatty tumor, an infection, diverticulitis, lymphoma, the list seemed to be endless. We will get the results of the biopsy in about a week. In the meantime, I have contacted my regular gastroenterologist, whom I trust implicitly, and he is going to request all the information and then he and I and Scott will sit down and he will advise his findings. How did all of this happen? In talking with a dear friend who works for an Oncologist, she advised that what I just went through is standard procedure! The radiologist who reads the CT Scans will ALWAYS go to the worst-case scenario. The reason for this is twofold. One, it is a basic cover yourself move, and two - this is the interesting one - by coding it this way - worse case - all following procedures will be covered by the insurance companies. If they do not, the insurance company can refuse payment for say, the second CT scan, and the colonoscopy as not medically required since there were no indicating factors for performing those procedures. The first two doctors are employees of the Hospital and they too are quite adept at the cover yourself policy.

So, we are in limbo until my GI Specialist has the biopsy report. In the meantime, I am home, on meds, and grateful to be here, and OH SO THANKFUL FOR ALL OF THE PRAYERS AND WELL WISHES FROM THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF OUR CONGREGATION!  There is no doubt in my mind and heart that GOD heard all those prayers and He answered them.