June 2, 2021
New Security System for the main building
A few months ago we installed a new door security system for the church building. The grey key fobs that many of you have are no longer functional. The new system works off an app that you download to your smartphone. With this app, you will no longer need a fob to enter, you will only need to have your phone on you. (We do have a limited number of new fobs for this system for those who don't have smartphones.)

Now that things are beginning to get back to normal, some of you may need access to the church building. If you would like to get access, please email Pastor Mark at markhadley23@gmail.com. He will then work with you to get you set up.

(Please note that this is for the church building only. The security system at the Education and Office Building remains the same.)

Thank You Animated
To my SOL family,
Thank you all so much for the retirement well wishes, cards and gift cards that I have received! You have been so generous and I am touched by your kindness. It was such a blessing to be the director of Little Shepherd Children's Center and I have precious memories to last me a lifetime!
With love and gratefulness,
Kim Doege
For I am the Lord who heals you…
  • For Diana Osborn's sister-in-law, Kennessa, as she struggles mentally and physically with her recovery from Covid-19
  • For Valerie Burton's daughter, Liz who was just diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer
  • For Linda Martzall's brother-in-law, Jerry who was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
  • For Bruce & Tyna Oslie's daughter, Angie who is in treatment for a brain tumor
  • For Karen Allen who is awaiting results from a biopsy of a mass in her abdomen
  • For Kay Graham's sister, Ruth who is consulting with specialists following 2 surgeries
  • For Sandra Phillips grandson, Gabriel who has begun chemotherapy for Ewing Sarcoma
  • For Deniece Roder who is recovering from multiple falls
  • For Nancy Ruemke's sister, Marise who is now off the ventilator and back in a regular room
  • For Midge Norris who has been diagnosed with Hydrocephalus
  • For Scott Fields who is waiting to see if he needs surgery for a torn bicep
  • For David & Rhonda Banks' son in law's brother who is on a ventilator with Covid
The Lord is filled with compassion...
  • For Andrea Wolz and her family following the passing of her father
  • For Jim Rogerson and his family following the passing of his son

Frank Gomez
Julie Frank
Rebecca Wilson

Bruce Siefken

Rita Kirksey
Janet Kassabien

Brian Becker
Phyllis Hecht
Jennifer Garza
David Fox
Emma Tatum
Addison Tatum

Happy Anniversary animated

Bill & Kim Doege

Tony & Gwendolyn Jimenez

Kelly & Dyann Campbell

Adam Amland & Maria Ines Herrera

David & Rhonda Banks
Roger & Cathy Dismore
Rocky & Laura Higginbotham
Wayne & Donna Weiselogel

We want Shepherd of Life to be the best it can be. The best way for that to happen is by working together. If you have ideas or concerns, our Church Council is here for you. Below are the names and email addresses of our council members. Feel free to reach out to them any time.
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