1977 Ferrari 308 GT4
3.0L, 240 HP V8 Engine
5-Speed Manual Transmission
Serial Number 13264
37,541 Miles
The 308 GT4 was presented at the 1973 Paris Motor Show, first as a Dino (named after Enzo Ferrari’s son) then, in 1976, as a Ferrari. The bodywork was by Bertone, even though Ferrari’s coachbuilding had been carried out by Pininfarina for nearly 20 years. At the introduction, the car was called the Dino 308 GT4. In the middle of 1975, the word came down from Maranello that henceforth the 308 GT4 would be a Ferrari in name as well as fact. So the early cars are “Dino 308 GT4,” and the later ones are properly called (and badged) “Ferrari 308 GT4.” This car is such an example.
It is particularly significant in Ferrari folklore that this is the first Maranello production car to adopt a V8 engine. It has a genuine 2+2 seating configuration within almost as compact a total area as its two-seater 246 predecessor. The area behind the mid-mounted, transversely-directed, all-aluminum V8 contains a thoroughly practical luggage boot (wide enough and deep enough for several sets of golf clubs!). It is a nimble sports car with excellent handling and performance, e.g., 0-60 in 6.5 sec. with a top speed of 154 mph.
This 308 GT4 is finished in classic Rosso/red over tan. It is a three owner car and original, with the exception of a modern audio head unit with a multiple-disc CD changer in the rear trunk. Wheels have been refinished, with new tires. A book of records, the owner’s manual and more are included, with detailed service records since 1998 - and yes, the major service (including timing belts, etc.) was last done in Sept. 2016 by a Ferrari dealer, at 37,281 miles . It has also seen more recent dealer service in the past two years/ few hundred miles.
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