1979 Porsche 924
Serial No. 9249207175
4-cyl. 1984cc/110 hp Bosch FI Engine
5 speed Manual Transaxle
104,567 miles
Here is your entry level Porsche, a reasonably priced reliable German sports car. The 924 was the first front engine Porsche sold and was intended to replace the 914 as the brand's entry level model. They are known for their excellent handling and balance, and are still affordable. With fully galvanized bodies after 1977, the 924 can be a durable, simple, fun first Porsche. The remaining few good ones are considered worth seeking out.
Automotive journalist Rob Sass bought this very car in Seattle, WA in 2017, took it to the Porsche dealer there for new tires and brakes, then drove it 2,200 miles from Tacoma back to Ann Arbor. He then sold it to its current owner (he and his daughter have driven and cared for it since), then wrote articles about it, e.g., one excerpted here:

Why You Need to Buy a Porsche 924 Now
By Rob Sass, for Hagerty Media
26 October 2017
“You need to buy a Porsche 924 this week. Yes, a 924, the car that 9 out of 10 Porsche geeks will immediately finger as the worst Porsche of all time. The fact of the matter is, the 924 is actually not crap. Far from it. And in a sure sign of the end times, prices are starting to rise. ...I’d tell you to buy my 924 in splendid UPS brown (actually Mocha Schwarz), but immediately upon my arrival home, I was inundated with offers for it. I sold it to the upholstery and trim guy who rents space in the same building that the Hagerty content team calls home. He’s thrilled with it. You would have been, too. …While you won’t be able to come within a 40-mile radius of Luftgekühlt (air cooled) in one, the woefully misunderstood 924 proved me and my (previous, critical NY Times) piece wrong. It is an ideal first classic.”
Here is what has been done to the car since then, and recently: new bushings, from shifter to transaxle; a new dash pad, sunroof latches, starter, battery and timing belt; the front valance panel has been repaired and it, and the bumper have been refinished. The driver’s seat and headliner have been repaired.
This 924 comes with a modern Kenwood 40W AM/FM/CD audio unit with removable face plate, its original tool kit, owner’s manual, and the original protective bag for the removable sunroof. With the entire bodyshell zinc coated and its west coast history, there is no rust. Overall, it’s a nice driver, ready for many miles and smiles by its new owner.
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