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Do you have a large upgrade project around the corner?     
Do you need help with a special project?

Amtelco's Contracted Services is Here to Help!
What Services Are Available with Contracted Services?  
  • Optional discovery and assessment of your system with a detailed report that includes recommendations and timelines for the conversion process
  • Converting accounts from legacy to Contact-Based Architecture (CBA), Intelligent Series (IS), Genesis, IS On-Call, miSecureMessages, miTeamWeb, and more
  • Helping with projects such as adding new accounts, updating existing accounts, merging of departments, and any other projects
  • Provide best practices and develop a road map to follow
  • Post-cutover site assessment
  • Data conversion
  • Ongoing project support

How can AMTELCO help?

What's New

Use the new Dashboard screen in the MSM Administration Web to get a quick visual overview of message traffic, user roll-out progression, and database size, as well as device and app version statistics.

Email Registration
Email Registration is an optional type of registration that is initiated via e-mail. Using this method, only users who receive an e-mail invitation from the administrator will be able to register their app.
The Email Registration process does not require users to know or input a license key, and skips other steps that usually are necessary to register the miSecureMessages app.

Fingerprint Scanning
Fingerprint scanning has been added as an alternative
to the standard alphanumeric passcode to securely access the app.

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Genesis Service Level Reports Improve Customer Satisfaction

Amtelco's Genesis Service Level reports provide reporting on service level statistics for each Agent ID, Agent ACD Skill, Agent Skill Group, and client account. There is also a Service Level report that is grouped by interval. Service Level reports include color-coded indicators of thresholds that have not been met or have been exceeded. Benefits of these reports for the call center include improved customer satisfaction and better business management.
The Genesis Service Level report shows how well Skill Groups are handling calls assigned to that group along with calls the Skill Group are not assigned to but answered anyway. This report also shows information about abandoned calls including system abandons and agent abandons.
The Genesis Service Level Agents report shows how well individual agents are handling calls assigned to them.
The Genesis Service Level Client report shows which client accounts received calls, how many Quick Calls they received and if a Quick Call was assigned. 

AMTELCO Introduces Text Enable Landlines

Amtelco's Intelligence Series software and MergeComm platform integrate with Infinite Convergence Solution's (ICS) Text Enabled Number Service to allow enterprises to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages to their customers using existing and new landline numbers. Enterprises can use the same toll-free and landline numbers for their messaging and voice customer communication, providing a better user experience.
Amtelco partners with ICS to provide SMS aggregator services to send and receive SMS text messages using a secure web connection to the Internet. Amtelco customers that have already purchased ICS's SMS aggregator services can text-enable landlines for no additional charge. ICS provides SMS messaging to landlines based on a per message fee.

Considering Hosted or 
Premise-Based Soft Switching?

Genesis Spectrum has many benefits for call centers including:
  • Increased call handling capacity without adding hardware
  • Improved backup and recovery options
  • Superior audio quality and faster call set up
  • Routing flexibility to any outgoing signaling format or device
  • Powerful call routing features by station, client group and skill level
  • Real-time monitoring and activity logs
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