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IS Web Chat generates calls from Web pages!

IS Web Chat feature provides Web browser users with the ability to communicate directly and immediately with IS operators. The Web Chat feature enables Internet and intranet users to click a hyperlink on a Web page to send a request for an immediate chat session to an operator.

The IS Web Chat feature enables a call center to offer people browsing the Internet or an intranet the ability to communicate directly with an operator. This is accomplished by placing a chat widget on the call center customer's Web page.

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IS Web Services

Web Services is fully integrated into your Intelligent Series.

Web Services standardizes the integration of Web-based applications. 
A Web Service allows the Intelligent Series to talk to a web page. Agents do not have to open a browser to interact with a client's web site. The interaction (inbound/outbound) is via an IS script set with web service programming.

IS Web Service Element in a script

IS Web Service properties

IS Faxing

Fax messages from Scripts and the Intelligent Series Directory with the IS Faxing Feature. Take advantage of IS Contact-Based Architecture to give your operators direct faxing from IS Messaging Scripts and the IS Directory.

The IS Faxing feature uses Fax Contact Methods to fax messages from Intelligent Messaging scripts and the IS Directory. This eliminates the need to open another peripheral application or save the IS message to Infinity and forward it to UltraComm in order to send a fax.

miSecureMessages now includes attachments!
Users can include attachments when sending messages to each other. The following attachment types are currently supported:
* Audio
* Photos
* Video
Infinity 2-Way SMS

Amtelco Infinity's SMS has received rave reviews from users.

"Simply the best" "Worth every penny!" "Amtelco has produced a real winner!"

Amtelco SMS is more than 2-way paging. Amtelco SMS offers an array of inbound/outbound SMS handling, better than the rest with more ways to satisfy your customers, and more ways to make money!

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TUNe Conference Report

This year's TUNe conference was a big success with 23 locations and 60 attendees.

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