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Join us in Fort Lauderdale, FL, for the 2018 NAEO Conference

February 25-28
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NAEO is the largest user group in the industry and offers opportunites to interact with innovative owners owners and managers like yourself.

At this conference Amtelco will be featuring all the latest in soft agent, automated dispatching, secure messaging and more.

What's new

The New Path to Growth
The Genesis ACD is modeled after AMTELCO's Infinity with powerful features including advanced skills-based ACD, multiple call appearances, unified call logging, client call behaviors, call queuing announcements, Perfect Answer, time-of-day greetings, call parking, music on hold and call monitoring and reporting.

Benefits Include:
  • Virtualization of switching platform
  • Absolutely no proprietary hardware
  • Cloud deployment for access from everywhere
  • SIP trunking and SIP agent audio
  • Connects remote agents
  • Reduces costs and overhead
  • Amazing system Transformer is available for easy upgrade

IS Transformer
The Intelligent Series (IS) Transformer is a set of tools that make it easier to convert data into a IS system. Each Transformer tool runs in its own window within the IS Supervisor application. The Transformer tools are packaged in two optional features: IS Transformer Directory/Data and IS Transformer Client/Agent.

With MergeComm, automate your call center's notification system and reduce labor.

MergeComm adds automated dispatching scenarios to AMTELCO's Intelligent Series platform. MergeComm dispatch scenarios can run automatically based on an inbound trigger such as an email, can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis, can be initiated by an operator in a call center, can be initiated by a web user running a web script, or can be initiated by a third party application interacting with the available SOAP and REST IS API's.

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Spectrum Prism II

Thinking about soft switching?

Prism II has many benefits for call centers including:
  • Increased call handling capacity without adding hardware
  • Improved backup and recovery options
  • Superior audio quality and faster call set up
  • Routing flexibility to any outgoing signaling format or device
  • Powerful call routing features by station, client group and skill level
  • Real-time monitoring and activity logs
For More Information on Prism II
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