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Looking Ahead
Tom Curtin - President, American Tel-A-Systems (Amtelco) 
Tom Curtin
Welcome to 2017.
Amtelco prides itself on its history of innovation, and we resolve that innovation will continue in 2017 as we get new ideas out into the field, in the form of proven products from which our customers will reap definite benefits.

At the very core of Amtelco is our reputation for innovation. Many great products come from Amtelco, and many of these products or features are the result of listening to our customers. The practical experience as to what features have benefits and what features are just window dressing is derived by listening to our customers. When a new feature is ready for testing, Amtelco puts the feature through our quality control processes, but the real test comes from implementing the feature at Amtelco's beta test sites. It is the review and testing in varied real-life environments as each beta site uses a feature in a slightly different manner that serves to validate the success or failure of an idea.

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NAEO logo
Join us at the 2017 NAEO Conference

You are invited to beautiful San Antonio, Texas, for the annual NAEO conference.

March 12 - 15, 2017 | Hilton Palacio del Rio Hotel

This year a large portion of NAEO members shared their voice and they were heard loud and clear! It is in keeping with that, that the Conference Committee is pleased to announce the addition of a new and exciting Intelligent Series track to the Annual Conference for 2017.

Amtelco will demonstrate call center innovations including: Genesis, miTeam Web, and miSecureMessages Server Version 6.5.

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Back in Time
Amtelco's own Steve Bormett designed and built this amazing cabinet to display one of the original ring detection concentrators. 

The ring detection concentrator was a system made up of three interconnected units, built in wooden cabinets. Each was lightly refinished, while still maintaining the small characteristic signs of their years in operation. The original electrical components of each of the three units were cleaned and maintained in their exact state for historical accuracy. A small amount of supplementary wiring was added to provide a basic working simulation of the system for display purposes.
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