SOMB Adult and Juvenile Standards Update
November 2020
Greetings –
This is an update regarding the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board’s work on the Standards and Guidelines for the Assessment, Evaluation, Treatment and Behavioral Monitoring of Adult Sex Offenders and the Assessment, Treatment and Supervision of Juveniles Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses.
Included in this bulletin regarding the Adult and Juvenile Standards and Guidelines:
  1. Ratifications Approved by the Board
  2. Solicitation for Public Comment
  3. Board Meeting Agenda Items
  4. Any other changes or important updates

On November 20, 2020, the Board approved the following:
  • SOMB Bylaws.
  • All bylaws were approved by 2/3 vote
  • SOMB Conflict of Interest Policy
  • SOMB Committee Charters
  •  Executive Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Sex Offender Registry Legislative Work Group
  • Victim Advocacy Committee
  • SONICS Workgroup

On November 20, 2020, there are no items requiring public comment

  • Presentation by Dr. Apryl Alexander on Cultural Considerations in Sex Offender treatment.
  • Presentation of the Female Sex Trafficking White Paper by Kyle Jones, SOMB Treatment Provider with DOC, and Yuanting Zhang, SOMB Statistical Analyst. Paper will be brought back to the Board for a Decision Item in January.
  • Dr. Colton McNutt provided an update regarding the Sex Offender Needs Integrated Classification System, or SONICS Work Group. The Pilot group is continuing to use the SONICS and provide feedback. The work group has also met with several stakeholder groups and integrated their feedback as well.
  • A new Appendix was brought to the Board for review to replace the current Lifetime Supervision Criteria.
  • Discussion determined more detail was needed to clarify who the criteria applied to through the statute. This item was tabled until the January Board Meeting.  
  • Marina Borysov provided an update regarding compliance with Audit Recommendations


Want to become an SOMB Board Member?? The Board will be soliciting for additional nominations for a Juvenile Treatment Provider/Evaluator

  • Training Opportunity: Introduction to the Adult Standards Trainings are now available on the SOMB Website: SOMB Training Events.
  • Currently available: Introduction and Guiding Principles, Definitions, Section 1 & Section 2, and Section 3. All Sections of the Adult Standards will be available by January 2021. Stay tuned for information regarding the Juvenile Standards.

  • The Next SOMB Provider LUNCH AND LEARN is scheduled for December 3 and will be on NAVIGATING CST/MDT DYNAMICS AND THE STANDARDS.

  • Teletherapy Variance: Extended until APRIL 1, 2021 – STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION! No Requirement for Additional Variance request at this time!

  • Please ensure you are using the updated applications (June/July 2020) when applying for move up, add on or renewal. AFTER JANUARY 1, 2021 OLD APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

As you review this updated information and questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact a Standards Coordinator via email or telephone.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

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