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Southerners on New GroundAugust 2011 Updates



Some exciting changes are underway as SONG deepens it's work in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia. SONG board and some staff met in Little Rock, Arkansas this past weekend for a board meeting to vision for this growth. As always, thank you for your support and your southern LGBTQ love.




Southerners On New Ground (SONG) staff


Political Education at Charis Bookstore in Atlanta Organizing 101: Land, Body, Work & Spirit

Wednesday, September 7 � 7:30pm - 9:00pm

What is community organizing? What is the difference between organizing and advocacy? What are some widely used and effective organizing models? Come out to learn and share about the ABCs of organizing, as well as some helpful frameworks we use to understand the inter-connectedness of race, class, gender, sexuality, land-based struggles, our spiritual survival & economics. Facilitated by Paulina Hernandez, Co-Director of SONG

This Event is part of Charis Circle's Founding the Future of Feminism Programming. It is Co-Sponsored by SONG.

Click here for the Facebook Event Page.


The 3rd Annual Dick, Dyke & Drag Derby - Atlanta Sunday, September 25th

Food, fun and games on a beautiful Sunday at a local Atlanta park! Everyone is welcome! Bring your kids, your family, your queer / trans / gay / straight friends, co-workers, comrades and favorite competitors!!


Teams will come from all over Atlanta & beyond to compete in the homo-relay with new versions of your favorite old school relay games, with the winning teams going head to head in a kickball tournament for life! There will also be spades & dominoes! Followed by fabulous trophies and prizes for the winners!!

[$5/individuals, $25/team of 6, $100/organization rate for a team of 6]

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Click here for the website post with full details and fliers.

We need volunteers! Please email!


Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia: Take the SONG Survey!

SONG is Doing a Survey of LGBTQ People in AL, SC, VA, GA and NC to listen & lead up to new Projects and Campaigns!

Filling out this survey means YOU have a voice in the future of SONG's work to build stronger and more whole LGBTQ communities in Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia & North Carolina!


Please take a few minutes and do it TODAY and encourage other LGBTQ people in Alabama, South & North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia to do it TODAY. There are so FEW opportunities that LGBTQ folks of color, rural people, immigrants, people with disabilities, and working class and poor folks get to speak for OURSELVES, so let's get this opportunity out to as many people as we can!


Please click on Links in English and Spanish Below!


Take the Survey in English | Take the Survey in Spanish



Take the Survey in English | Take the Survey in Spanish  



Take the Survey in English | Take the Survey in Spanish    



Take the Survey in English | Take the Survey in Spanish    



Take the Survey in English | Take the Survey in Spanish   


Georgia Campaign Update

An estimated 30,000 people descended upon Georgia's state capitol on July 2nd for the March for Justice. This is people power! Visit SONGs flickr page for photos of the rally and visit for more information.

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